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Middy please. Cheers Mate.

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posted on Aug, 22 2003 @ 01:25 PM
Ok so australias first rebelian ended before it started because all the prospecters abandoned the stockade to get on the piss up the pub. So we australians couldent give a stuff about a reblion especialy on a sunday. For any one who has not witnessed our endless beaches and summer why do you think 95% of our population live on the coast. Do you not understand we live in paradice. Why change perfection. This is why me and my mates couldent give a stuff about rebellion. We know we are part of the british empire and dont care. WHY? Because we left our old differences in Ulster. Could it be your empirial masters want a reblion so they may change the programming. We know the NWO is coming to town. They are coming because they have engineered our progamming not to change. My nieghbour earns $450 dollars a day opperating a bogga underground. Why would you want to change that. So Australia will stay united the question is will the US. Yes I handed in my semi and no I dident get a bolt. I own a Broad Sword. There are always Junkies to contend with.
In the defence of your house you must leave no evidence as protecting yourself is now ileagal.

Knowledge is Power.

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