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(STBSS) The Helpful Bombs

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posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 01:20 AM
The agent sat at the table and glaced at his watch as the door opened, right on time he thought. The young man sat down across from him. This was their third meeting, face to face.
"I trust you and the group are ready to begin the neccessary training for your mission."
"Yes" he said quietly.
"You've thought about it a great deal as well as the others." He looked the young man straight in the eye as he spoke.
"Yes, we are all against terrorism, its hurting us all, all my people. Its the right thing to do and we realize if anyone is going to be able to infiltrate the group here they have to be of our religion and descent. I think we can do it." he said it solemnly as though he were in church.
"Its a great thing you are doing for the world and we know we are asking a lot." the young man nodded in agreement.
The agent spoke with a bit more authority in his voice, "No one knows I take it, none of you have told anyone have you, secrecy is of the utmost importance."
"The young man nodded and said, "I have told no one and the others have told me they have not either, they are aware by doing so could blow our cover not to mention placing others in danger. You made it clear how important that part is."
"Yes but its my job to keep reminding you, especially since you were all handpicked by me to do this, it is a lot of responsibility for me, I feel like a den mother." he grimaced slightly showing his displeasure for having to act like a mother.
The young man laughed and cleared his throat nervously, "I've got a question?"
The agent asked wryly, "I thought it was all explained during our former meetings?"
"Oh yes I understand all of why you need us and the importance of the secrecy and training, I just wondered why you chose me to be the leader of the group?"
'You were the only option the others are followers and they need a strong leader and you were it." It was the fourth time he had to answer that question today. They were all so predictable, each one had to ask why he was better than the others.
He nodded affirmative but inside he was trembling at the thought of being a leader and such praise he was not used too.
"Alright then," the agent said, "Tomorrow morning at precisely 6:30 you will walk toward the station from your homes, You will be observed at all times and you will be contacted along the route, follow orders, the training has begun. You've got your cover stories for your families?"
"Of course, how will we know who is our contact, is there a codeword?" he asked.
"No we don't do that anymore," the agent laughed. "We are a bit more subtle these days, You'll know."
They parted ways along different routes, the young man glanced back over his shoulder at the safe house, it was their meeting place from the first time he had been contacted at school. That meeting had been even more surreal than this one, but then it was becoming more and more clear to him that his life was always going to touch on the surreal after that first meeting. Along the way he passed his friends homes and hangouts, just as he had ordered them they were all out and waiting, The first contact bounced the basketball toward him and ran out to get it passing him on the sidewalk, "Station 6:30 am tomorrow". He nodded and got the ball and headed back. He walked on confident that his contact would pass it on.
Everything at home seemed as usual, part of him wanted to share it all with his parents but another part knew that the agent was right they could not know, besides it would just worry them, what kind of agent has to call his Mom to report I'm ok. The evening dragged on so painfully, he barely slept he was so excited. But at some point he fell asleep only to be awakened by the buzz of the alarm clock. He dragged himself out of bed wishing he had been able to sleep better. He got ready quickly passing up breakfast except for grabbing a bun and running out. As he walked along he stared at the people on the sidewalk searching their faces while trying to look aloof. A middleaged man passed him and mumbled hello, a jogger passed him and handed him off a green backpack, "Put it on and don't open it!" He wondered why all the secrecy about a backpack, darn it was heavy. As he walked along he could see some of the others all carrying exact same backpacks, as he walked an elderly man handed him a cell phone, "Don't use it, but answer the call when it comes, take the 471." He nodded. They gathered around the station entrance glancing at one another nervously. As they entered the vast tunnels they went in separate directions. He glanced at his watch, 7 am, the train was coming he could see its bright lights as it passed slowing down to a halt and then he boarded it was crowded he wanted to sit down but there was no seats available.
Just across town the agent sat at his desk and dialed the number hearing it ring once let him know the call had went through, there was no rang afterwards just the deafening silence, he dialed the next number on the list. Finally his mission was complete, he walked over to the lounge and got a cup of coffee it had been a really difficult morning and he knew the days and weeks to come would not be easy but it was neccessary. The phone rang in his office, he picked up, "Oh my sweet Lord!" she gasped as he answered, "Whats wrong dear?"
"Something horrible has happened," she gasped, "I thought you might have been hurt, I was so afraid you might have took the train."
"Whatever is wrong? Why would it matter if I took a train? he asked
"They have had some sort of an explosion, they think its a bomb or something, turn on the tv."
"I will darling, you stay home today and I will try and get home early, alright?
"Yes I will." they said goodbye.
He turned on the tv, they showed the people being brought out on stretchers, the smoke pouring from the entrance to the tunnels. He turned it off and poured himself a strong drink. His supervisor stopped by, with a job well done as usual.
Later at home he and the wife watched the news while their kids played in the playroom just down the hall. "Who could do such a thing?" she asked thoughfully, he grimaced and shook his head, "Terrorists I suppose." His wife burst into tears and he held her. "I was so afraid that you might have taken the trains this morning, thank God you are alright," she said through muffled sobs.

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