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Talking trash about yourself to yourself

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 08:12 PM
I hope this doesn't violate this...

It is not intended to be a place to complain or attack other members.

I guess not because it says "other members", if it said "members" then that would include the authors of posts.

No one can, not one person can talk as much trash to you as yourself. Try it sometimes, you'll be a better person.

Call yourself ugly, stupid, loser, idiot, everything. Make cruel insults to yourself about yourself. Until you hit the brink of total insanity.

People do it because they mess up. How about doing to just for the sake of doing it?

Next is insult an inanimate object like a post in the ground, a tree, a door, a bed.. I saw that in San Diego. A mentally disturbed man cussed a lamp post, then pushed it and cussed it out again. I thought that was the most brilliant psychological event I have ever seen!
About as brilliant as the disturbed person that tied plastic trash bags around and on EVERYthing in the downtown area.

It's time.... To insult yourself.


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