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U.S. to share nuclear technology with India

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 05:54 PM
I posted this topic in the ATSNN as a news submission but it doesnt seem to get to much response. The us has made and agreement with India to share nuclear technology. This kind of thing is pretty scary when you think of it and Instead of keeping the world stable it seems like the U.S. policy and more so Bush's policy is to destablize the world with moves like allowing India to have U.S. nuclear technology.

When you set a precident like this what stops china and the russia from following suit and sharing thier technology with other nations. Doin this will increase the threat of nuclear devices being delivered into terrorists hands not by the us but possibly by the sale of technology to smaller countries that are less stable.

WASHINGTON - India's Prime Minister took a triumphal tour of Capitol Hill yesterday after achieving the decades-old goal of securing U.S. agreement to share its nuclear technology with New Delhi.

Sealing a fundamental shift in the geopolitics of Asia, President George W. Bush pledged to move to full nuclear co-operation with Manmohan Singh's government, including the sale of reactors and fuel.

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