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London Mayor Blames Western Policy For 7/7 Bombings (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 03:38 PM
The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has blamed 80 years of Western interference in the Middle East for fueling Islamic radicalism. When asked what he thought had motivated the London bombers he cited Western policy in the Middle East and early American backing for Osama bin Laden. "I think the particular problem we have at the moment is that in the 1980s ... the Americans recruited and trained Osama bin Laden, taught him how to kill, to make bombs, and set him off to kill the Russians to drive them out of Afghanistan. They didn't give any thought to the fact that once he'd done that, he might turn on his creators," he told BBC radio.
LONDON (Reuters) - Western foreign policy has fuelled the Islamist radicalism behind the bomb attacks which killed more than 50 people in London, Mayor Ken Livingstone said on Wednesday.

Livingstone, who earned the nickname "Red Ken" for his left-wing views, won widespread praise for a defiant response which helped unite London after the bombings. But he has revived his reputation for courting controversy in recent days.

Asked on Wednesday what he thought had motivated the four suspected suicide bombers, Livingstone cited Western policy in the Middle East and early American backing for Osama bin Laden.

"A lot of young people see the double standards, they see what happens in (U.S. detention camp) Guantanamo Bay, and they just think that there isn't a just foreign policy," he said.

Police say they believe there is a clear link between bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the four British Muslims who blew up three underground trains and a double-decker bus on July 7.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I love this guy, he says what he believes and damn be the consequences. I dont question his explanation for the origins of Islamic radicalism in the slightest. He was right on the money here.

The government has come out and denied that the bombings have anything to do with our foreign policy. How they figure that out I dont have the foggiest.

The government has insisted the bombings have no link to its foreign policy, particularly its decision to invade Iraq alongside the United States.

But an opinion poll this week showed two-thirds of Britons see a connection between the Iraq war and the bombings. A top think tank and a leaked intelligence memo have also suggested the war has made Britain more of a target for terrorists.

I suppose these bombers really are just the psychotic mass murderers who are hell bent on killing as many Westerners as possible
Not that I condone what they are doing but im not ignorant to the reasons these terrorists would stoop to this level.

Livingstone won universal praise for his defiant speech from Singapore shortly after the bombings. Will he now be lambasted for his latest 'Red Ken' special?

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 06:36 PM
Yeah, isn't this the same guy that condones the use of suicide bombers, as well? The same guy that thinks that "Zionist" Israel is out to manipulate and control the world? The same man that asserted that the US and Bush are the greatest threat to life on Planet Earth?
Of relevance? An attack against us all

Personally, I am waiting for him to slip up and say that Hitler's use of terror bombings on London by the Luftwaffe were justified due to Great Britain's foreign policy towards Hitler in 1938-40.

Do me a favor? Can you tell me if my tinfoil hat is on straight or not? Thanks.


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