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National Alliance

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 01:11 PM
The National Alliane brings up a lot of interesting arguements in this article.

Ethnic Cleansing computer game:

If you play video games yourself and are familiar with some of the more
popular games, then you immediately will recognize the hypocrisy in this
Jewish response to our game. Nearly all video games are combat games.
They're all violent. That is the nature of video games. One of the most
popular video games now on the market is called Grand Theft Auto. It has
sold more than 2 million copies since it came out four months ago. It's
a cop-killer game. It's ultra-violent. It gives the player a chance to
be an auto thief and to machine-gun policemen wholesale. It also gives
the player a chance to have sex with prostitutes and then to kick them
bloody afterward.

The Anti-Defamation League never has expressed any concern about Grand
Theft Auto. The Jews aren't worried about what it teaches the kids who
play it. Stealing cars, killing cops, and beating up prostitutes is
good, clean fun as far as the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish
media are concerned: no outrage, no denunciations, despite the fact that
Grand Theft Auto has sold more than a hundred times as many copies as
our Ethnic Cleansing. Grand Theft Auto is available in video game stores
all over the country. You have to order our game, Ethnic Cleansing, from
Resistance Records, because the game stores are afraid of it. They are
afraid of the Jewish media.


My point here is that when Jewish organizations and the media say that
they are concerned about exposing our kids to violence, they aren't.
They're lying. When they say that they're concerned about teaching the
wrong values to kids, they aren't. They're lying.

Well, let me refine that statement. The Jews are concerned about some
types of violence: not about stealing cars, machine-gunning White
policemen, and stomping women bloody; that sort of violence is all
right. The sort of violence that sends them into a screaming frenzy is
White people sticking up for themselves, White people fighting back:
that's bad violence, so far as the Anti-Defamation League and the mass
media and Mr. Lowenstein are concerned.

Social values:

And as for values, Grand Theft Auto teaches kids the same sort of values
that Murray Rothstein's MTV does. It teaches them anti-social values. It
teaches them alienation. From the Jewish viewpoint that's good. Ethnic
Cleansing teaches kids White solidarity, White community, White
self-respect, White self-defense. That's not good. Oh, my goodness, no!
The media do not approve of teaching kids those values.

My point is that the media are in fact destructive of our values and our
society and our civilization. My point is that the media, because they
are dominated by Jews, work to advance the Jews' interests, not our
interests, and their interests are opposed to ours. That's supremely
important. That's the most important thing of which our people should be

And let me tell you something, the Jews are aware of it: not just the
big-shot media Jews and the Jews at the Anti-Defamation League. They all
understand that they thrive only when we have been demoralized,
alienated, and atomized. It's a tribal instinct for them. The thing they
all fear most is our racial solidarity, our sense of racial
consciousness, our willingness to stand together for the things that are
important to us. And basically that's why they prefer that young, White
Americans play games like Grand Theft Auto, and we want them to play
Ethnic Cleansing instead.


Now they're pushing hard for "speech crime" legislation, so that people
can be punished whether they do anything or not. The general rationale
they use is that as our society becomes more and more "diverse" and
multicultural, we all have to be more careful what we say or write, lest
we offend someone. If we offend someone there may be a public
disturbance, perhaps even a riot. If we want our society to be peaceful
and prosperous, then we all should be careful what we say; we all should
be careful not to say something that may offend a homosexual or a
feminist or a Jew or a Black or what have you. The real threats to a
peaceful, prosperous society, they would have us believe, are the
dissidents, the people who insist on expressing Politically Incorrect
ideas or exposing Politically Inconvenient facts, the people who
deliberately offend other people. They're as bad as terrorists. We need
laws to protect society from them. We need "speech crime" laws, they
tell us.

That's their rationale. They're pushing it slowly and carefully. Every
time they complain about something I've said or something I've
published, they are careful to say, "Well, there's nothing we can do to
stop him, because of the First Amendment." And the implication is that
it's too bad there's nothing they can do to stop me. There ought to be a
way to stop me. After all, this is the 21st century, and we need new
laws. The First Amendment was written more than 200 years ago by a bunch
of dead, White males who owned slaves. It's still around, it's still the
law of the land, but it's about time to make some changes. At the very
least, the police need to keep an eye on Pierce and other Politically
Incorrect dissidents.

Just interested in having your opinions on this.


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