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Richard Jones - Witness?

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 04:56 AM
I am curious. I can't remember what path led me there but I have been reading what I can about Richard Jones who is apparently a witness to the bus bomb in London on the 7th.

There seems to be two different versions of his description of events with a couple of interesting sidelines. I am just curious if anyone has come across some supporting evidence about this guy. Some suggest he might be a plant which is possible I guess.

Google search on him

Theare a couple of very similar articles on and regarding his testimony.

"I'm just feeling unbelievably lucky. I had just stepped off the bus when I felt a huge explosion and heard a huge noise...I kept saying to people, 'I just got off that bus'." - Bus Blast Eye-witness RICHARD JONES

A bit of the article discussing the differences in testimony:

Some background is in order here. The explosion did NOT occur at a bus-stop. According to the majority of eye-witness accounts available - the driver had stopped to ask for directions from a parking attendant who was talking to someone else on the curb, in Tavistock Square, near "77" Russell Street *, after the bus was diverted and please note well - could not possibly have arrived at any passenger's legitimate destination.

* "77" Great Russell Street was the first headquarters of the World Zionist Organization that preceded the Counterfeit-Jewish State in (but not of) Israel and is where the Balfour Declaration was issued, which led to the now 57 year-old illegal occupation of Palestine.

In the first article I will quote from, Richard Jones makes it a point of stressing over and over again that the "bomber" was annoying him and that his fidgeting with a ruck-sack was responsible for making him and eleven other passengers get off the bus seconds before the blast even though they had not arrived at their destination. He did not think it was a bomb the “man” was playing with but an i-POD.

But marvel of marvels... Richard Jones also claims in another article, which I will also quote from, that he got off at his destination on his own, at Tavistock Square, which was not on any legitimate destination list since the bus had been diverted from its normal Route 30, and was exactly where the bus blew up seconds afterwards.

I searched here for his name but he doesn't seem to be mentioned on ATS previously. Anyone know any more? "Why only one witness?" seems to be the most pertinent question to me. Sounds like there were others, lets face it there must have been.


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