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Collection of all the videos

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posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 01:12 AM
Here's a one stop shop for some of the videos, I did this because I have a hard time locating my favorite ones in this forum. I'll try to post more later.

Alex Jones - Martial Law: 9/11 and the Rise of the Police State All 3 parts, excellent find.

John Pilger - Breaking the Silence

CNN / Naudet Brothers - The First Plane Hits WTC

MSNBC - Ground Zero...12 Hours Later A note here- may support theories of demo charges in the basement. Reporter snuck in to take the pictures.

MSNBC - The First Collapse

MEMRI TV - How Islam Sees Us

911 Loose Change - Part 1 Poorly voiced but informative movie.

911 Loose Change - Part 2

Alex Jones - WTC7 Collapse CLOSE UP

Underside View of Flight 175 hitting WTC2.

Wolf Blitzer Presents the Pentagon Crash it's down the page and on the right.

Pentagon Flash Lots of pictures and eyewitness accounts*[1].Pentagon.Jamie.Mcintyre.swf

WTC1&2 Collapsing

WTC7 Collpases (Wide View)

Naudet Brothers - Firemen Discuss "Bombs" in WTC1&2

Another fireman heard "explosions"

A reporter hears "explosions" and no, she's not talking about the impacts of flights 11 and 175,

Painful Deceptions part 1

Painful Deceptions part 2

Painful Deceptions part 3

Painful Deceptions part 4

"Explosions" Heard Outside WTC

Chief of Safety Alerts "Secondary Devices" in WTC

"Explosions" Blow Elevator Doors Off, Burn Man Alive

Port Authority "Coverup"?

Explosion in the Stairway

Ugh, 'm getting tired.

So this is just a small sampling of what's out there. Sorry that more videos don't support the "official" story....that's because there are so few of them.

Just a thought

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posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 02:11 PM
On a personal note....

eyewitness accounts on EITHER SIDE mean JACK.

In 1998 I was part of a movement in a certain state that successfully banned children from testifying as witnesses to a crime.


Because studies prove people are easily brainwashed, children spcially. Why we put so much weight on eyewitness testimony is beyond me. How many people are released from DeatH row each year bcause they were convicted on eyewitness tstimony that turned out to be false?

I believe in a Matrix system of government where each and every piece of evidence is attributed a weight and that weight is factored into a ruling. And in states where there IS a Matrix system, eyewitness testimony has the lowest amount of points.

I'm not sure who said it but the best summation is this unattributed quote (from the forum) "So they saw it with their own eyes...I saw David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear. So what?"

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posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 05:31 PM
I just really want to thank you for putting all these out there. I really do not like it when people say "I have no reason to believe that 9/11 was basically Bush's Reichstag Fire, because there is lack of evidence.." But if you look at all the stories, all the blamming and all the lies of which mainstream tells you than compare them with official science and nature of things, nothing adds up.

Watch Martial Law 9/11 and than tell me their is NO evidence. The Bush administration has no argument and no defence so they force feed you lies and propiganda so the facts are confused and the justice of tyranny is distorted. WAKE UP! YES WE DID IT. ASK YOURSELF WHY??? ASK THEM WHY??? There is no point of questioning what the media tells you now, it is all black dressed up in white. It just so happens that the tyrant which ordered this done is now being able to pick whom runs our nations laws for the next..generation. WTF PEOPLE!!!

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