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When do you think the World Will End?

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by rottonralph101
first let me just say that those of u who claim that u r not afraid of dieing just deluding urself.
anyway back to topic, the world will end on 6/6/6 thats when the anti-chirst will walk the earth and nuke the whole planet to smitterins.

That's right because I was listening to this sceintist who was talking about RFID chips, and she said the mark of the beast is 660 and 6. So... that really is, June 6, 2006

6/6/06 660 and 6

But yes you are right. Cause I do have a feeling that we will plunge into nuclear war and martial law before you know it. It's kind of sad cause most people don't even have a clue to what is happening here.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 07:32 PM
looking on the positive side though, i guess i can stop thinking about repaying my huge mortage loans + interest. no more looking like a racoon due to stress and lack of sleep. vote for nuclear war, quickest way to end all miseries; my misery at least.

sorry i can't self terminate. i was programmed that way...

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 09:02 PM
Anyone watch that thing on the history channel called The Lost Book of nostradamous and it was something about him predicting the world ending or something happening in 2012?

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 12:08 AM
Well please forgive me for not reading the whole thread but my two cents when I think man's world will end as we know it will be around 2055 or 2056. In the meantime we will have wars and rumors of war. Many big disasters and plenty of opportunity to get killed before that time. For the survivors still around after 2056, I believe we will have 1,000 years of peace before the next little skirmish. I thought I read Nostradamus predicted the end of the world sometime around 3456 or sometime over a thousand years from now. Since I don't expect to be around, I wasn't paying much attention. If the Earth is still here a billion years from now, I expect the sun to expand and boil the seas away. Just my two cents opinion.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:54 PM
The earth shall not end during this specific time in century, but rather the world that you know it will!
The world in which we live in that is apart from the "natural earth" shall come to it's end. This world is the modern society in which we live in today, along with the collapse of this fragile economy, and corrupted institutions and religions, shall all be completely destroyed!

This is of what shall happen to kick start the end of the modern world and society that people are living and struggling in. An asteroid impact that will cause devastation world wide and the collapse of the economy and the downfall of all humanity!

Followed by a government dystopian world or a "New Satanic World Order," where the governments knows no laws or boundaries to there powers world wide!

Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.
(FEMA and or Homeland Security shall make this possible) "Marshal Law!"

The time period or time frame of this planetary event, in which the governments shall break there "peace" with the people and take away there "rights and laws" is between the years "2014 - 2015!"
Right now in this present time is the moment of "grace," in which people should be repenting of there sins and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into there lives!

The year of this initiation was 2011 and ends sometime in 2015! "3.6 year of peace from your governments!"
Three and a half years of repenting and accepting the Lord and "all truth shall be revealed to the world before it's destruction!"

This means that there will be "no excuse" for the people who do not repent of their sins or accept the Lord Jesus into their lives! For this destruction upon the earth and it's inhabitants comes from the Lord Jesus and His father God the Almighty!

"We are already living in the times of the Tribulation, but the people fail to recognize it!" (Many people are oblivious about what is going to happen very soon or they simply do not want to accept this truth and go about there lives "thinking to themselves that everything will be alright," when it is not right at all!)

The people who survive the Seven year period of coming destruction and of tribulation, shall be blessed, and shall have all knowledge and wisdom of the Lord and shall live together in the land in peace, both spiritually and physically!

All the ways of modern life and technology shall be forgotten and considered a curse by the "Holy People," (Saints) of the new covenant of everlasting life with their Lord God and Savior!

The world must be destroyed after the seven year period, because if it's not, there will be no flesh to survive, the governments evil and Satanic "New World Order!"
The earth shall continue on for another thousand year period, while it undergoes a great cleansing and final life cycle. More info about this will be added in other threads or information that I shall put out their for all of you to read of these prophecies!

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