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US backed council says bar Aristide party from Haiti election

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posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 08:02 PM
It seems that everyone has forgotten about Haiti since the Coup of Aristide last February. I have heard practically nothing about Haiti in the media in recent months, even though the situation there is really bad. More than 700 people killed since September 2004 in Port-au-Prince.

The British diplomatic mission even suspended its operation in Haiti recently, citing increased violence in Haiti.

Although there was violence before the departure of Aristide, it seems to have intensified since his ouster. He still has many supporters there who want him back. The US backed council though is saying his party should be barred from the upcoming elections because they alledge that the Lavalas party members are responsible for the violence in Haiti.

The Lavalas party members deny this and say the council are just worried that Lavalas will win the elections.

Council: Bar Aristide party from election

"Political groups who identify themselves with the Lavalas Family Party, and particularly with Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, continue to promote and tolerate violence," the council said.

The council urged the interim government to "make the bold political and beneficial decision to disqualify the Lavalas Family Party from the electoral process."

But Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council indicated that all political parties would be welcome in the October and November elections.

"The election is for all political parties of Haiti," said electoral council spokesman Rosemond Pradel.

Lavalas is Haiti's most organized political force, with much of its support coming from sprawling slums in Port-au-Prince. Aristide was ousted in a bloody, three-week rebellion in February 2004.

Lavalas party members, who have said they will boycott the elections unless Aristide returned from exile in South Africa, have denied involvement in violence that has killed more than 700 people in the capital of Port-au-Prince since September.

U.N. peacekeepers have intensified offensives against armed pro- and anti- Aristide gangs, who dominate parts of the capital's slums.

Lavalas leader Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, a Roman Catholic priest who is considering running for president, said the interim government feared Aristide supporters would win the elections.

I don't understand the silence on situation in Haiti.
There was a situation earlier this month in which the Haitians allege that dozens of civilians were killed by UN forces who were going after pro-Aristide 'gangs'. There is a protest planned in San Francisco for July 21. Maybe that will get media attention.

(the below story is a bit biased but the attacks described are confirmed by other sources)


Cite Soleil has been the focus of attacks by both UN forces and the Haitian police because it remains a powerful base of support for the democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas movement. The U.N. operation targeted and killed Emmanuel "Dred" Wilme, a well-known community leader in Cite Soleil, who had been in the forefront of the neighborhood's resistance to the illegal coup regime. The attack came just a few days after U.S. Ambassador to Haiti James Foley labeled Haitian grassroots activists as "terrorists" and "gang members", sending a clear signal that it was now open season on civilians.

Since a U.S.-orchestrated coup overthrew the democratic government in February 2004, a United Nations force of 7500 troops has occupied Haiti. The U.N. has supported the coup regime, which has killed and imprisoned thousands of innocent people. As the U.N. mouths its concerns for human rights around the world, it attacks the poorest communities in Haiti and backs up the violent repression carried out by the Haitian police. Brazil continues to do the bidding of the United States by heading-up this brutal U.N. military operation in Haiti.

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