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Spot On - Cats Falck Found By Psychic

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posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 06:25 PM

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund

In November 1984 a Swedish journalist went missing. She was working for Swedish Television and doing investigations on trafficking of high-technology and arms from Sweden to DDR. She and her girlfriend (Lena Gräns) were eventually found dead in her girlfriends car, a white Renault. The car was found at the bottom of a canal in Stockholm 29 maj 1985. It was revealed in 2003 that they were murdered by Stasi (the secret police of East Germany). Up to 2003 the official story from the Swedish government was that they died in an accident. However, nobody believed it was an accident. It was almost impossible to reconstruct an accident on the spot where the car was found, and Cats who didn´t have a drivings licence was found in the drivers seat of her girlfriends car. The official story claimed that they found the car with the two women by coincident during an exercise. This was not true either. In an interview with a Swedish newspaper in 1997, the head of the investigation (Eric Skoglund) said he told the Swedish military (without asking his bosses first) to look for the car right on the spot where they found it. He said he did this after getting a tip from a psychic Norwegian woman, Anna Elisabeth Westerlund. Her tip turned out to be "spot on". It was revealed in 2003 that Stasi had poisoned the two women, placed them inside the car and dumped the car into the water. They came too close to the truth...

Late Anna Elisabeth Westerlund was a very famous psychic from Norway. She has helped the police solving many cases and she has a very good reputation when it comes to predictions and prophecies. Before she died she donated her brain to science so they could study it and maybe explain her psychic abilities.

Cats Falck

Dagbladet: Forgiftet og drept av DDR-regimet (in norwegian...)
WikiPedia - Cats Falck (in swedish...)

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 03:51 PM
Today a Swedish newspaper claim that the girls were not murdered by Stasi after all. They say the previous version of what happened was correct. They say Cats Falck and Lena Grans died in an accident. The girls were doing some dangerous investigations, but by coincident they just happen to die in a freak accident. And the investigator (on the case regarding their deaths) who first said "it was an accident" was also investigating the assassination of Sweden´s PM Olof Palme (still unsolved). Also a coincident of course...

Aftonbladet - Falcks död var en olycka (In Swedish...)

Photo: Stig Almqvist

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:54 AM
I see that there's now an english wikipedia entry on Cats Falck.

Wikipedia: Cats Falck

The Swedish police, who had been working from several hypothetical theories, closed the case as an "accident".[1] At the time of her disappearance, Falck, who was employed as a reporter for the Swedish public service television news programme Rapport, was investigating a major scandal comprising the Swedish company ASEA and smuggling of weapons to communist states in Eastern Europe.[2] Prior to her disappearance, Falck had told her work-mates and her fiancé (the author Lasse Strömstedt) that she was about to reveal "something big".[2]

posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 10:58 AM
More details. Cats Falck was apparently investigating export of isostatic presses to Stasi in Eastern Germany at the time of her death. Her death is still listed in Wikipedia as: "Uncertain; disappeared on 18 November 1984, body found on 29 May 1985 at Norra Hammarbyhamnen, Stockholm, Sweden". Officially, the two women were not murdered...

Cats Falck

An investigation made by reporter Christoph Andersson on behalf of Sveriges Radio, the Swedish public service radio broadcasting service, found that Falck had been investigating the export of isostatic presses, which can be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, to Eastern Germany and the Stasi controlled enterprise AHB Elektronik Import Export.


Rättsläkare Peter Krantz om Cats Falcks och Lena Gräns rosafärgade vätska i lungorna m m (in swedish)

Google translated:

Andersson has talked with the autopsy assistant at the moment, Gert Winhagen, who finds it strange that the two are neatly clamped in the seat belts.

"Normally, trying to unload the belt and then trying to get out of the car," said Winhagen, who also said responding to women lacking deferral injuries (type of tearing hands and fingers when trying to get out).

These data are not explained, which makes some people still think of murder plots and poisoning, as suggested by other information about "08-water in the lungs," which comes from the 2007 P3 Documentary Program .

Cats Falck and Lena Gräns apparently had tap water in their lungs, indicating that they were dead before the "traffic accident"...

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