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iTunes Music Downloads Reach 500+ Million

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posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 09:16 AM
Apple Computer, Inc. reported Monday, that the iTunes online music store has sold over 500 million songs in the last two years. Apple believes that iTunes helps the sale of their digital music player, the iPod.

Apple Computer Inc. on Monday said its iTunes online music service has sold more than 500 million songs since its inception over two years ago.

While iTunes by itself is not viewed as a money maker for Apple, it has helped drive sales of the company's iPod, by far the most widely used digital music player which has helped boost profits.

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This is no suprise really, I use iTunes alot, I find it a very easy to use service, and .99 cents per song, isn't a bad price at all. Sure does save on having to buy the album. I don't have an iPod, but a few people that I work with do, and they give nothing but praise about them.

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