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A Strange Dream dream i had august 3rd 2003, and a mind focusing technique

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 09:26 PM
Lets flash back to august / 03 / 2003

Let me preface this with a thought, occasionally when I sleep, I dream out my regular days of life and I dream out more time that im actually asleep. Almost as if my mind is working faster than normal, and im going over alot more information than normal. Ive had this happen while awake too if im concentrating on something enough, time seems to slow down, ive tested this a few times looking at a clock, I was able to count to 10-15 seconds before the seconds changed. Usually when I wake up from ths dreams like that or when I do it while awake, I get an intense migraine that lasts for a day. If the experience was fairly short then I dont get the migraine. And before anyone asks.

I dont smoke, or drink, or take any drugs, recreational or not. This has been happening to me as far back as I remember, it only happens now when I want it to generally, but it used to happen involuntarily, and it would make simple quick tasks become so tedious and torturous, imagine spending equivalent of 10 minutes experiencing the actions of walking from from my room to the basement to get the vacuum cleaner, then having an insane headache the entire time using the vacuum cleaner because I went through a "mind speed up" cycle before turning it on (is there a scientific term for that?).

Also, I am not religious, I dont believe in any religions teachings aside from respecting my fellow human. And I have never really heard hindi words, or have any idea about hindi culture etc.

Anyways let us get back on topic...

So onto the dream:

*Some technical aspects first, I wasnt particularily tired when I went to bed that night, and when I slept, i dreamed out 7 days of my life, and I was only asleep for 15 hours, when I woke up my whole body felt like i had been tortured for days and had used all my strenth many times over, i could barely get out of bed and i had a migraine that lasted a few days after that.

So the dream itself was relatively simple, I lived out my life in it, and took the bus to work, ate food, played video games, chatted with people on the bus home, and I even slept in the dream, now this was the first time I have ever actually slept in a dream, then dreamed inside that dream. From this point on we will call the dream within a dream, the inner dream, and the first part where I dreamed my regular life, the "outer dream". Through all this I KNEW I was dreaming both the inner and outer dreams.

The first night in the inner dream, I dreamed that I was at a beach at night time, and that there was an old man sitting on a blanket near the water, and he beckoned me to come to him.
So naturally I did, he started telling me to do things ive always done, eat food, go to work, sleep, visit the bathroom, etc, I said ok whatever this is my subconcious right, I know im doing these things, blah blah blah.

Moving on to night two, I have the same dream again, but the old man says hey do you want to learn how to focus your mind and reach a new level of awareness. I said sure, and he taught me a way to focus my mind, and to unfocus my mind. This went on for another night, and then on the 4th day I met the old man in the outer dream, on the bus on the way to work. He asked if I was practising everything he was teaching me, and I said yes, and I continued on my day because the old man refused to talk to me with words (he used telepathy in the outer dream).

So over the course of the next few days I had dreams with the old man, we went into some weird ass stuff together learning about mind focusing etc, and he would ask me every morning on the way to work if I was practising and what I was learning. And the 7th day rolls around, on the bus on the way to work, I meet the old man and he says to me, we are done the lessons, from here you will learn on your own. So I say ok great, you know that this is a dream and I probably made you up, and he says you can believe what you want, and so I said, who are you then? He said, you will not find out from me, but you may find out on your own, now you must wake up. And with that I was torn out of the outer dream and I woke up feeling so exhausted and sore I had to lie there for an hour before I could get up and get dressed etc, when I looked at my clock I saw I had slept 15 hours. For the next few days starting from when I woke up, I had a very intense migraine.

Ok so blah, so what? weird random dream right?
Here is where it gets crazy, I started practising the mind focusing technique...
My results varied, but they seemed to hinge around me hearing voices, or feeling the presence of people nearby and their foremost emotion or intention, if I look at someone and focus on them I will know if they are bored happy sad angry etc And an ability I somehow manifested when I was a kid (being able to feel people nearby, and know who they are if I know them personally) is much more refined now, I can usually tell almost everytime they are about to call me, or if I am physically near them I generally know/guess everything they are going to say. Even for stuff out of the blue, like "hey dave watch out for the nail box around the corner", but in my mind before my dad even says that ill have thought, 'nails around the corner'.

As far as hearing voices is concerned, about a week after I had that dream I was lying in bed practising the mind focusing technique, and I heard names "neela devis senai mudiyalar" it almost sounded like they were asking for help, and I had a distinct feeling of being drawn into something that wasnt physical. I woke up because I totally freaked out, and wrote the names down, then went back to sleep and slept normally. Just a note, those names were repeated for a while before I had the weird sensation and woke up.

About 10 days after that. I heard another name spoken once clearly Hakura Balurza, I wrote it down and went back to sleep.

I never bothered to look those names up, I just went about my daily life and practised the mind focusing technique while walking around. But about 3 weeks from the initial dream,
I talked with a friend about all this, and explained it all in detail, and he suggested that I try and look the names up, so I agreed, and I came up with this website :
See temple 82 at the bottom.....
neela devis, senai mudiyalar
I want to try and contact that temple and find out if they know anything.. the webmaster of that site never responded to my email.

And I found a messageboard for hindi people for the 2nd instance where I heard a name, I wont post a link here becaues it violates the board policies to link to other messageboards, but the message that mentions hakura balurza was based on a dream some dude had the same night I had that whacky dream. He had a dream where some higher being drew him into another state of awareness (astrally?) and showed him examples of life from all over the world, and explained that together we are one entity and that we need the evil and the good (I think, I dont understand hindi at all, most of it was in english tho).

Anyways this is a fairly long write up, I will now wrap it up with an explanation of the mind focusing technique.

Try this sometime, go lie down, remove as much outside stimulus as you can (music, light, etc) then start thinking about your body, starting from your feet, and LET GO of that part of your body in your mind and pretend it isnt there, and slowly work up your whole body till you get to your head, and once you manage to let that go, hold on to the "nothingness" for as long as you can, when you start you can only do it for a few seconds. Eventually you can skip the excersize and go straight to the nothingness.

There are alot of things you can do while holding onto the "nothingness" you can feel people better if you had the ability before, you can ignore most physical sensations, and for me... I can make things slow down around me voluntarily (my mind working faster or something?) if I dont mind getting a headache afterwards. However the slow down thing still happens involuntarily at least once a month, it can be annoying.

Now that you know the basic technique to learn the mind focusing, here is something else, you can do the opposite of the "letting go of the body" excersize when you wake up in the morning, and slowly think of each body part and hold it strongly in your mind till you have the entire body, and focus on that as much as you can. If you can do it for a few seconds or so, you will be fully awake, and be a little more aware of sounds etc.

Anyways there is more to this, im going to cut it off here, and let people ask questions or make comments, ill type some more of my findings up and post later. I wonder if some hindu priests were contacting me somehow telepathically, hah. I have a whacky story to support it that I wil post later. I should probably try and contact the Indian embassy here first though.

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:57 PM
That has to be once of the most delightfully bizarre dreams I have ever heard of.
I can't wait to hear more.

I hate to say I don't have much direction for you here. But I don't.

However, I will give your technique a shot.

Edit: amarenell. Grammar

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 11:34 PM
Ok, now for the really whacky part which makes me say what???

I did a tarot reading for myself 8 months after having that dream.

I do tarot readings for friends and myself, for the hell of it, and I dont know if I believe in them or what.


For those of you familiar with Tarot,

I am using a Haindl Tarot deck that I got from my best friends mom who totally believes in this stuff. The Haindl deck uses stuff from all sorts of religions/cultures, from egyptian gods, to western pioneers to medieval legends.

I used what is called The Hagall Spread to do my reading.

When I am drawing cards I close my eyes and slowly randomly flip cards and shuffle until I "know" I have to draw the card on the top, sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes it takes me like 20 minutes, its a sort of fun way to kill time for me.. until this happened.

My question was "What is up with my mind focusing?"

Here are the results :

I will give the card names, and the titles for minor arcana and suit cards.

I will also describe the question posed by each part of the Hagall Spread, ill find a link later and post it for people who want to see the detailed descriptions of the card meanings.

Minor arcana deck = results 1,2,3,4
Major arcana deck = results 5,6,7
Suit cards = results 8,9,10

General stuff
1 = The general situation
3 of cups = Overflowing

2 = Something youve done or an experience youve had that has helped create the current situation
7 of cups reversed = Illusions of Success - Reversed

3 = Your beliefs - impressions and expectations, concious or subconcious, of the situation.
7 of swords = Uselessness

4 = The likely result of the situation as things stand now
6 of stones reversed = Sucess Reversed

Spiritual Tasks
5 = Spiritual history, how youve behaved, what youve learned
The Emporer

6 = Spiritual tasks at this time, the challenges and opportunities in the current situation.
Empress Reversed

7 = Metamorposis, how the situation will change and the spiritual tasks that will come to you as a result
I drew the 8 of swords, which somehow was the only non major arcana card in the major arcana deck (It was a strange accident of sorting the cards, i generally am very careful and that is the first time it has happened.) So i recorded it.
Then I reshuffled the major arcana, and drew the Devil Reversed.

Now for the "people" involved with this question

8 = The helper, visualize the actual person. This person gives you total control
I visualised my friend Pete, and drew Princess of Cups Reversed

9 = Yourself - you are expressing the qualities of the person shown on the card
Princess of stones

10 = The teacher, this figure can indicate the demands of the situation, and also the knowledge that you can gain from teh situation.
I envisioned the old man from the inner dream.........
And I drew the card for father of wands, which has a depiction of Brahma on it
Brahma is described as an old man sitting on a blanket...

When I drew that last card I almost soiled myself, my mind went nuts i just sat there for what seemed forever thinking about this reading, and going over the possible explanations.

The one that seems to fit is that I need to learn what I can on my own or else I will fail, or I need to discover all this as if it is new, because learning pre existing methods will cause failure? I don't know perhaps someone can help.

Anyways after seeing the Brahma card, I decided it was definately something hindu going on here.

Sometime soon I am going to go to the Indian embassy here in ottawa, and ask them if there is some way I can send a letter or something to that temple I mentioned in my first post in this thread. Because the webmaster of that site isnt reading his emails, or doesnt use that email anymore, and any site ive looked up had too much hindi for me to get anywhere, that coupled with the fact that I dont know any hindi people to translate has road blocked me somewhat.

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 12:45 AM
wait hold up. Lemme get this straight. So your telling me that you can go into bullet-time? I need more proof of this whole matrix concept. lol im just messin man. I know someones gonna come on here and start questioning you claiming all this proof, so just be prepared or just ignore them.
But seriously, how does it feel to be in slow motion? Does your body move slow even though you try to move it fast? Do people sound slower as well? Can you describe it in detail? its really fascinating.
Also has this ability ever come into good use? Like in fights, or something? Has it ever come involuntaringly right before you notice some type of danger, and manage to avoid it due to the slow motion?

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 05:49 AM
I should have elaborated on it, Sorry.
here is how it works,

this isnt something strange or crazy, people who do sports experience this all the time... I Just remembered what its called too, its called being in "the zone" where everything you doing in relation to what you want to do makes sense, and alot of the reactions are trained reflexes while you are busy making more complicated plans.

Maybe the best way to explain it is, you are experiencing stuff, and remembering everything as your experiencing it and prolonging the experience, so people wont sound slow, but youll go over every word they said conciously about 5 times before they finish the next word.thus warping the concept of time in your mind

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 05:59 AM
like that term. "time flies when your having fun" it actually does, because your not really paying too much attention or trying to plan out complex strategies, your just chilling out and taking the ride.

for most people anyways, like i said before people who do sports are sometimes doing it for the challenge and take it very seriously, and get into "the zone" when they play

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posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 06:02 AM
Does anyone here speak/read hindi? I found some stuff that may be relevant, but I cant make heads or tails of it;o

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 03:14 AM
lol That is always how I explained being in "the zone" too. I really miss that feeling. I used to get it all the time when I played soccer and football, although I get it sometimes nowadays when I'm driving. All your sences are enhanced. You hear your heart beating and the wind blowing past your ears as you run down the field. Something that's 40 yards away looks like its only 10 yards away. You notice everything around you, sometimes seemingly before it even happens, but you don't have to process anything. You just know. You know where everything and everyone on the field is and what they are going to do. You could probally play with your eyes closed. (Jordan actually hit a free throw once with his eyes shut. In another game, a finals game against the Jazz I think, there is video footage where he hits a three pointer and he turns around, looks at somebody on the sideline and shrugs his shoulders, as to say "I don't know." He couldn't miss that night and somebody asked him how he was doing it. That's when he shrugged. Later in an interview after the game, he said he was in "the zone." He said the basket looked like it was 5 feet wide and he couldn't miss.) It really is an amazing feeling.

Anyways, cool dream. I would agree that everything is connected in some strange way. I say roll with the punches and see where it takes you. Chances are whatever happens, its gunna be pretty cool. You'll know if its right or not.

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 06:17 AM
since you already know what the sensation is like. try the mind focusing excersize and focus on something when your clear your mind, it works ;o

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 07:17 AM

Anyways, cool dream. I would agree that everything is connected in some strange way. I say roll with the punches and see where it takes you. Chances are whatever happens, its gunna be pretty cool. You'll know if its right or not.

this sounds like pretty good advice. ive always taken an interest in these metaphysical feilds of thought too although i cannot relate too much to your dream either. i am however going to test out your techniques.

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