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Star Wars: Old VS. New -- Let The War Begin!!!

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 01:58 PM
I think the Old Star Wars movies are better.

The Star Wars Saga is comprised of six films, which have undoubtedly had a major impact on both the film industry and society. Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi: Are three of the best motion pictures I've ever seen. Definitely one of the rare cases when sequels arn't crap compared to the originals.

The original trilogy ensnared an abundance of fans that looked ever-forward to the recently released prequels. This is true for me, even though the theatrical releases, excepte for 'Jedi', were well before my time.

I appreciate the aesthetic value of film, that means their artistic caliber. I watch film for artistry, not senseless action, unconvincing acting or monotonic directing. The original trilogy is full of life and artistic genius and still, have not lost their influence over the motion picture arts.

That said, I was a teenager, anticipating the release of 'Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace'. The day I got tickets to the premiere I was overwhelmed. That day in school, I didn't even care about work, only the fact that as soon as midnight hit, I would be among the first to see the 'best movie ever made'. Me and my friend walked around Point Orlando, with our $12.00 tickets in our pockets. We walked into FAO Schwartz and observing a lifesize stormtrooper bust, I said "doesn't it feel like we're about to see the most amazing film ever?", I argued "if the original trilogy is so good, how could the new trilogy possibly be bad?". They can only be better. Surely, it was the raging aesthetic intellect in me, convincing me that George Lucas could do no wrong.

Finally, I saw the film and the other three, and I hated them. At first it was great to see past sith lords, younger Yoda, Anakin and Obi-Wan and the like, for I already cared about those caharcters due to the original installments. Then, as my aesthetic mind took over, and I began judging the film from the standpoint of Art, not entertainment, I was horrified.

The acting wasn't the quality of that witch enlivened the original characters -- I think Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were astounding together These characters, in the new trilogy, for the most part, lacked the same artistic chemistry on screen. I wasn't convinced of Anakin and Padme's undying love and I was afraid Palpatine was about to molest Anakin. Yoda lost his essence when he decided it would be easier to look like a cartoon rather than a puppet, the latter was more convincing. Conversely, there are many outsatnding performances in the new trilogy, but I see them as individual, as opposed to being whole with the film -- part of the artistic aim.

The writing and directing is poor in the prequels. George Lucas lacks his artictic zeal that conveyed the original trilogy, instead leaving it up to expensive-special effects, that wern't all that great. Personally, as a singular film, I must say 'Empire' or 'Jedi' is the best all-time Star Wars movie, none of which George Lucas directed. Furthermore, some of the best moments of the films can be attributed to the actors skills, not the direction. For example, in 'Empire' when Han Solo is being frozen in carbonite, Leia says "I love you." and Han says "I know." That scene was adlibed by Ford and was only added because Lucas was afraid Form might not return for 'Jedi'. I find George Lucas' directing in the prequels very dull and unartistic.

The special effects were the last draw, and the completion of ruining the latest films for me. In the original films, Lucas used alot of models and puppets and animotronics to a splendid end. The new films are infected with CGI, or computer animation, which detroys the feeling of realism or believability. Truly, I have seen better special effects in video games. Computer animation, done wrong, is the lazy and cheap way to bring film to life. 'Cheap' though? Lucas has no excuse for that, the new Star Wars movies have some of the biggest budgets on record. I didn't go to the movies to watch a cartoon.

It seems Star Wars has lost it original integrity as great works of art. Lucas has traded it in for commerical opportunities and cereal box advertising.I am extrememly dissapointed with the latter installments -- I am no longer a Star Wars fan.

So for me, the Old Star Wars movies are better. What do you think?

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 02:12 PM
I would be shocked to see anyone say that the new trilogy is better.
I went to see Episode I's opening midnight showing also and coming out of the theater no one wanted to talk about the movie. Weeks went by and finally it came out. Man that movie sucked

I have friends who used to be diehard Star Wars fans that now hate the series.
The new trilogy feels empty. It feels like filler. The original trilogy had so much going for it. The new trilogy is barely a shadow of the original trilogy.

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:23 PM
Funny you should mention that -- I have friends who think the old movies suck and the new ones are awesome. I'm waiting for some of those-type replies.

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