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Health, Happiness and Prosperity -- Balance

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 12:43 PM
Balance: The Key to Health, Happiness and Prosperity

I think Mother Nature placed an Eternal Balance in Life. Despite the intricacy of knowledge we do have and the obscurity of what we've only begun to discover -- I think it remains untangible to us. Forever the overall scheme may elude us. Nonetheless I think its presence is evident. I agree with many in the belief that human life functions in three facilities: mind, body and spirit.

I think our spirit is the energy of nature and it connects us, and all the Universet together. If you live in synergy with your spirit, that means nature and the universe, you will be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Health on a scale that's three-fold -- easiest translated to:

#1 Mind
The overall module of thought that is stationed, physically, in your brain. Emotions. How you feel and what you say. The center of all your bodies processess, both conscious and -non.

#2. Body
The apparatus in which your mind is enclosed. This is how we live in the Material World. The hull of all your physically manifest existence. Everything from skin to muscle and bone.

#3. Spirit
The unparalled life force. The energy that is present in everything since the Beginning of Reality as we know it , space and time. The semi-conductor between biological and inanimate material. The perhaps unverbalizable (if thats not a word, it should be!!!)
soul inherent to us all.

*In my opinion, I think all living things have a spirit. Although all species are not aware. Humans may be the only spiritually-aware species. In contrast, maybe we're only among the spiritually aware. For instance, I saw a documentary about elephants that bury their dead. And Dolphins are creatures of astounding intellect.

If you allow your mind and body to be governed by spirit, fundamentally, health for all three follows.

Now this model is folley in a literal sense for those who are already diseased in a specific facility. One or more facility may be too far infected by the unnatural to achieve unison. But isn't balance the perfect weapon in keeping a mental disorder (mind) or physical ailment (body) at bay?

Maybe spiritual energy can be tainted from past usage as well. What if your or my energy was once part of a rock, river or evil man. Your energy was once everything and everything was once your energy. Easy to understand if you apply the law: energy is never created or destroyed, just changed. I think Karma is the will of entropy. Although seemingly chaotic all the Universe is Nature's doing. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Most humans stray from nature because their mind and bodies govern their life, harming the spirit. As long as we are plagued with the unnatural in an attempt to please are physical and mental desires -- Nature's intended balance is awry.

This intended balance is present in all biological
mediums. For example, a balance of nutrition and exercise allows you to reach your bodily zenith. Eat healthy foods, and even unhealthy in moderation, and you thrive. Your physical brain grows and develops healthily (that muscle serves as the corelation of the mind and body). A properly balanced mind would enable you to reach the pennicle of intellect.

* I doubt any of us are close, what is it? We use 25% brain? Probably less...

I think ill-hereditary traits are the aftermath of previous inbalance. Like this person is mentally ill because of specific genes, so their prerequisites for balance would be different and maybe even not understood by us. Or this person is born with more cancer-susceptibilty because of the unnatural and toxic past of the facilities they inherited. The person is born more off balance.

So I think everyone will find true health only in synergy with Nature. The spirit must not be forced into toxcity. It must be tranquil and a tri-force must solidify. The closer we come to spirit, the universal connection to everything, the more we unlock the full potential of human life.

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 02:28 PM
There is indeed eternal balance, and eternal motion as well. An infinite spiral. A moment an eternity, eternity in a moment. Direction a matter of choice.

There can never be stasis.

Maybe spiritual energy can be tainted from past usage as well.

This is caused by the choices we make that direct our energy. The less we choose to follow the truth, the more tainted our spirit becomes. If some Thing forces us to lie, the more we give in to it, and the more we lie, the more tainted our spirit becomes, until our spirit finally dies of all the lies.

Such is the consequence of the Knowledge of Good, and evil.

The Truth is Good. lies are evil. God the Creator, Almighty of Heaven and earth, is good. the devil is evil. Heaven is Good. hell is evil. Heaven is above. hell is below. Angels have wings and live in the clouds. serpents slither about on the ground, and live in holes.

We all have choices to make, and we can't be deprived of our rightful choices before we are given a chance to make them freely, for ourselves.

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