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"Out side the Box" Creation Theory

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:54 AM
In the beggining there was a weak fizzle quantum energy in the void. Over billions of years this quantum energy colided and mingled to a point were it created dust/gas the first matter.. and this was good.

After billions of more years enough of this dust and gas collected together due to attraction of positive and negative particles and magnetism and created the first gravity, which then collected more of the gas and caused the first nuclear explosions and turned on the first light (stars) in our univerese and this was good.

If Kronberg is correct, current theories about galactic formation including the creation of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, are wrong. According to him, the Milky Way was born out of strongly magnetized gas clouds rather than in a low-magnetism universe as scientists had previously believed.

The strong gravity around these early stars ended the quantum creation of gas/dust withen the stars gravity wells.

Cosmic Rays are the result of failed quantum production of gas/dust particles around gravity. You can see the process coninues to this day as cosmic rays but because of gravity it is stoped and no new matter is produced.

We don't yet know the composition of the ultra high energy cosmic rays, since they are not directly detected. Although protons seem the likeliest candidate, there is no real physical evidence to support this.

The left over dust and gas orbited the new stars and eventually created the first planets, asteroids and comets.

A star is born amid a cloud of gas and dust. Leftovers swirl into a relatively flat disk that orbits the rotating star. Dust and chemicals collects and build rocky and icy objects, which collide. Some stick to make comets, asteroids and planets. Other collisions later on continue to produce dust -- which Spitzer detected.

After several billions of years some of the newly created suns grew so large that they exploded with such power they created extreemly powerfull gravity wells now known as black holes. Much more of the gases and dust were now drawn together by the gravity of the black holes.

The event horizon of these black holes was a place were dust and gases were brought together faster than ever before and created stallar nursuries around the black holes and this was good...

Like a jolt of electricity breathing life into Frankenstein's monster, a black hole's jets can ignite star formation.

Some of these new suns spiraled out away from the center black hole taking with them gas and dust that created what we see in space now as galaxies throughout the univerese and this was good.

The cycle continues for ever. Even when all the suns die, and all the gravity is gone or spread so far apart. creation at the quantum level will continue and new gas and suns will appear.

To this day there are dark matter galaxies that have yet to spawn their first suns and the quantum creation of gas particles continues throughout the areas of the univerese without gravity.

Astronomers believe that a significant amount of our Universe is made up of mysterious dark matter (5 times more, in fact); it's invisible to every instrument, but can be detected because its gravity affects visible matter. Dark matter is usually found surrounding galaxies in an enormous halo, but British astronomers think they've found a whole galaxy just made of dark matter. The team used a radio telescope to observe the motion of a cloud of hydrogen atoms, and realized that it was spinning much too quickly, so must be largely composed dark matter to hold together.

to sum it all up.

There was a void empty universe at some point. All that existed was a small amount of quantum energy that eventually created matter and the rest is history.

Is this quantum creation just dumb luck or the work of god I cannot answer but this theory above is as provable as the big bang if you research and dig.

I believe in taking things as you see them versus trying to make math solve everything. I think man is smart enough to invent math to prove anything....

If there was a big bang near or around us at some point I do not believe it was the creation event. the creation event was the forumulation of the first gas particle which I cannot argue that at some point in time all the gas may have formed a supper massive sun that eneded in a big bang, but I doubt it since you would think such a thing would have created a black hole so massive that we would be able to see it or its effects on the univerese. Unless our visible univerese exists in that black hole


posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 11:20 AM
Very impressive theory

Thats the thing about science. The current theory is only good as long as nothing better comes along. I would be intrested in hearing your theorys more indepth. Such as, in the interstellar nurseries, it is common knowledge that stars are formed in them. However, what happens to the stars once formed? Will the Star Daycare cease to exist and become its own galaxy? It has always intrested me in such that though the stars are formed there, the dust and other particles that still remain could be the clay for molding planets, that is, if these dust clouds really form their own galaxy when enough stars have been formed.

I could be wrong about all of that as I am no astronomy expert. CmdrKeen is the FSME on this and would be a valuable input in this thread.

Excellent research

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You deserve it. Keep up the quality post

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 12:34 PM
i like the theory, but all the creationists will come in here and say god made that little bit happen and there is no way of proving it or disproving that part. i like ur theory tho


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