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Origins (an STBSS entry)

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:29 AM
The following is a story in which I have been working on for many years now. Originally, it was intended to be used in either a graphic novel/comic book series produced by myself, or as a movie entry for Sundance.

Therefor, I must make the following statement:

Any and all characters are fictional, and in no way rceated to represent any person, living or dead. All characters are owned by (soothsayer) and Zodiac Publications.

The storyline is broken down into seperate parts, depicting what would be the first "issue" of the comic series. I have broken the story into three distinct chapters for ease of reading as well as to save posting space, not wanting to have one extremely large post... so please, no comments until after the third part. Likewise, this should not be considered an entry into the ATS writing contest until after all three posts have been completed.

Thank you.

-Soothsayer, July 17 2005

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:36 AM
“Forgive me for asking this, but are you certain that this is the one? He doesn’t seem to believe.”

“No, I am not certain, but we do not have the time or luxury to seek out another. He will have to do.”

“But he still does not know the role that he is to play! What if he chooses not to become involved? There are so many different things that can go wrong! All of this, all of it, will be for naught if you are wrong. Are you willing to sacrifice everything?”

“Will not everything become consumed anyway? There is no choice in this matter! We must follow through with this course of action if we are to believe in any chance of salvation!”

“My brothers, you are all acting as if we have anything to do with this. Need I remind you that we do not? We serve. We follow. We act. That is the simple truth.”

“But he has a choice. Is that not his gift?”

“Choice? Who amongst man has choice? No one. It is the will of our Creator that they live their lives. It is She which gives them direction. Is it not said that She knows what lies in the hearts of all man? Is it not known throughout the mortal realms that She knows what each and every being is doing, will do? How is there choice in that?”

“One had a choice.”

“No, not even Jesus did. What choice was there to make? Save yourself, or redeem the world? How could he have lived with that guilt?”

“That is not who I meant.”

“Who did you mean, then? There is not one man, woman, or child which has existed which had free choice!”

“I know of who you speak.”

“What? Speak, then. Tell us of this person!”

“I mustn’t. His name cannot be spoken.”

“You mean Him?”

“No. He is equal to Her. He allows free-will. The one I speak of is-“

”I know who you dare to mention!”

“Tell the rest of us then of the one you cannot name. What harm can become of knowing the nameless?”

“All the power of creation.”

“Yes, yes. I suppose you are correct in that aspect. So then, this man is supposed to be called, what, the Nameless One?”

“Ahh, I finally understand. I do recall that one. His name has been stricken from these great halls, least She become angered.”

“Oh, I... forgive me, my brothers. I think I am beginning to understand. But how does this involve the one before us now? How does the actions of One effect what is to become?”

“Everything. Do you not know what this one’s role is?”

“He is to usher the next age. His death will start what has been keep in check for eons.”

“And do you believe everything that is told to you?”

“My brother, please, allow some sort of understanding! Aren’t we supposed to except everything we are told as truth?”

“So be it. Forgive my outburst. Allow me to make amends by saying that that which you stated was truth, although not all of the truth.”

“Enlighten us. Convey what you know so that we all may share in this.”

“As you wish. We know what is to happen, with this man and the world. What do you think will happen when the One learns of what transpired?”

“What would he care? He gave up such a long time ago.”

“I tell you he did not give up! I can assure you that even now, he continues with his duties. But when the war spreads into this realm...”

“He shall return, won’t he?”


“Dear Goddess!”

“And how do you think we can regain control of the One when he becomes so enthralled with the actions and chaos about?”

“His love, naturally. But they have been banned! She will not allow their merging!”

“You’re right. She won’t. But what have we talked about? Have you forgotten? He has control over free-will. He allows those to make choices. He is the only one who has challenged ]Her.”

“Besides the One.”

“Enough of your interruptions!”

“As I was saying, He is bringing her back.”

“And how does He plan this?”

“Easily. With the man we have all been discussing. He is not to die to bring in the new world. He is to become immaterial to locate and find her, to bring her back to the One when the time calls.

“The mortal of which we speak shall be brought to us, so that he may learn all we can teach. When that task is completed, he will walk among man once again, find her, and awaken that which lies dormant. Then, and only then, will she be able to bring peace to the world.”

“I still think too much can go wrong. Too many variables. And what of the world in the meantime?”

“The Nameless One, and his brethren. That is what is to happen.”

“And She allows this?”

“Sometimes even deities have no choice.”

* * * * *

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 12:08 PM
* * March 27 1896 * *

“Father, you summoned me?”

“Ahh, Michael, please do come in.”

Michael stepped into the candle lit den, closing the heavy oaken door behind. He turned to his left, kneeled, and quickly made the sign of the cross before the crucifix which hung upon the wall.

He rose as quickly as he kneeled, and walked further into the room, careful not to touch the musty library which had been the life’s work and research of the aging priest, Father Francis McCain. Though Michael took great pains not to gaze at the tomes at his sides, he could not help but notice such titles as Unausprechlichen Kulten, Liber Ivonis, Livre D’Ivon, and De Vermiis Mysteriis stacked side by side along with the Holy Bible. A sense of dread filled Michael’s heart as he scanned the books, and took comfort when at last he was able to free himself from their grasp.

“I see by the look on your face, young Michael, that my books have caught your attention?” stated Father McCain from behind a large desk, adorned with carvings and covered with various instruments and devices unknown.

“Father, beg your pardon, but... no one has ever stepped into your den before. To see such demonic scripts such as these, held by the office of a priest of the Catholic Church! What am I do make of this?” Michael replied nervously, careful to avoid the Seal of Solomon covering the floor as he moved to the chair opposite of the Father.

“My boy, you need not worry or concern yourself with these. In fact, I must confess, it is because of these books which I have brought you here to me.” McCain answered. He finished writing, lowered his quill pen back into it’s well, and placed the parchment into a drawer.

His head lifted to gaze at Michael on more time, his eyes red and tired.

“I have an important mission for you, Michael. It is of utmost importance that you do exactly as I tell you.”

“Yes Father, of course. You know I shall do whatever you ask. Even if I were not your subordinate, you are my friend. You have but to ask.”

Father McCain sighed heavily. “Yes, I know. And you as well have been a friend to me all these years I have been stationed here. That is why I know I can trust you, that is why I despise myself for involving you in this.” Father McCain pushed himself from the desk and stood, staring out the stained window behind.

“Father?” questioned Michael. What was going on here?

“Hmm... The sun sets early this evening. Look, over there, the children playing as if nothing could ever be wrong in their lives.” McCain shook his head. “To be innocent, and ignorant, again.”

Michael stood by his mentor’s side. “Father, tell me what is bothering you, and what I can do to help.”

McCain smiled and placed his hand upon Michael’s shoulder. “I cannot.”

“Then why have you brought me here? The way you talk, your actions, and all of this-“ Michael said as he turned, waving his hands about. “What manner of study is this?”

“Sit, my friend, sit. I shall tell you just enough, in the hopes that it would be enough. And with that, maybe some semblance of understanding shall arise. But you must swear to me, and all that you hold holy, that you shall not tell any soul of what you will learn here tonight. Swear it!”

Michael looked deep into the Father’s eyes, gauging the old man before him. Liver spots dotted his face and hands. His hair, of what little is left, gray and thinning. His eyes, however red they may be, full of life and shine... and of what? Concern? Panic?

“I swear, Father.”

“Good boy. Now sit with me, and listen to what I must say, and then you will know what you have to do.”

Hours passed as Michael sat, listening, not speaking a word. He sat, listened, watched the concern seep from his friend’s face. He sat, watching the shadows grow longer, reaching, feeling his heart race and his breath becoming harder. He sat, and listened, while Father McCain talked about his life, his works, and what was to come to the both of them.

“I... I understand, Father.” Michael braced himself upon shaking hands, lifting from the chair. Michael turned to the door, head bowed in such a way so that the library could not be seen.

Reaching for the door lever, Michael, with head still low, whispered to his friend, “And you are certain about this?”

“Yes, Michael, I am. I have seen it,” whispered McCain in turn, as he once again looked out the window into the night sky.

Michael opened the door and left, leaving Father Francis McCain alone.

“He’s gone now. You may return.”

A shadow gathered form from the darkest corner of the room, merging and shaping into that of a man.

“You know he will not do as you asked him to,” a gravelly voice echoed throughout the room.

“I know. But as you said earlier, some things cannot be helped.” McCain reached into a second drawer of the desk, opening to reveal a ceremonial dagger kept within.

“You still have a choice. You, above all, do not have to take this course.”

McCain pulled the dagger out from the desk. “I know, and I understand the outcomes of both choices.”

“Are you ready, then?” asked the shadow as it flowed closer.

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Then begin.”

McCain sat back down, holding the dagger close to his heaving chest. Closing his eyes, McCain began.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” he spoke, as the dagger plunged deep. His eyes flung open to look at the shadow before him. “Please, forgive me...” he responded with the last of his breath.

“No, Father. It is I who must ask forgiveness of you.”

* * * * *

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:50 PM
The following is an excerpt from Patricia Donaldson’s new book, Old Beginnings: a Return of the New, published by Zodiac Press, available in the fall of 2006. Because of her highly reported plane crash in the summer of 2005, it is reprinted here with permission from her benefactor, Brian O. Sanders.

Of all urban legends and societies well-kept myths, none come to mind then that of the secret agenda concerning the construction of St Louis’ Gateway Arch. Though the public may know of the general details which surround this enigmatic structure in American history, only the select few may even catch a glimpse of the doings and going ons that lay within the shadows.

What is kept in public record is this: the 630 foot tall inverted catenary, located at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Market Street, was designed by Eero Saarinen, and was built between 1963 and 1985, utilizing 886 tons of stainless steel, and commemorating the gateway to the West. Beneath this structure lies two movie theaters, while above is an observation deck.

The facts that have never been brought to public attention before now are these:

1. The location of the Gateway Arch is along a North-South ley line, and a focal point on the Mississippi Fault Line. A connection has also been established which shows that, when coupled with the sunsets and rises, that the entire arrangement is more akin to known temple layouts of South America and Britian.

2. Its very appearance, and design, speaks of ancient symbolisms. The arch, reflecting off the water forming a circle. Its shape, of a twisted triangle. Triangles with a circle, the sun atop an arch, water below a mountain; all can be traced back into antiquity.

3. The neighboring Mississippi River powers five tumbler-style hydro generators, supplying energy to the structure, even though it is apparent that electric cables run from under the street’s supply line to the Arch. There is more electricity going into the area then what would be normally considered or allowed.

4. That the Archway was specifically designed to withstand earthquake and hurricane-like gusts, with the substructure protected from flood damage. In fact, it is said that the safest place to be in St Louis during a tornado would be at the observation deck atop the Arch.

5. That designer Eero Saarinen was affiliated with a little known or talked about ‘secret society’ known simply as the Brotherhood of the Shadow, and that Saarinen incorporated an additional sub-level, which contains an extensive library and a meeting hall, with corridors branching out throughout the riverside.

What we have here is a megalithic unit, centralized at key lines, which may own its creation to an occult.

But what of this group, this Brotherhood of the Shadow? People can readily tell you of such groups as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and even, to a lesser extent, the Priory of Sion, but how many can say that they have heard of the Brotherhood?

In my researches of the hidden truths of America, I stumbled across tidbits of information concerning this very organization. Although there is no direct proof to support this claim, there is enough circumstantial evidence to establish some sort of historical background.

And it all leads to a little known deacon from 1896 named Michael LeVay.

LeVay was empowered with the directional control of the Catholic Church in St Louis in the summer of 1896, after the untimely death of his mentor, Father Francis McCain (1853-1896). Not only was LeVay granted priesthood and his own flock, it seems that McCain had given LeVay a rather large, privately owned library, of which the books within were a part of the Vatican Codex, and held in America to be hidden from prying eyes in Europe.

Shortly after receiving his title, LeVay left the Church, and all church records dealing with Michael have been closed from investigation. However, the local paper has had several interesting articles which mention a separate church group being organized by Michael Levay, its dealings, rise to power within the area, and an immediate disappearance of all members.

The groups name?

The Brotherhood of Shadow, named after gnostic and kabalistic traditions, which believed that “one cannot have light without dark”, “all paths lead onto me”, and that there is a secret truth in all of life. Thus, the Brotherhood of Shadow.

But what does this group have to do with the Gateway Arch? Everything.

Financial records held by the St Louis Deeds Office show that there were major contributions made by private, anonymous groups or persons. Saarinen’s private records tell of “blueprint designs and alterations” for BoS, with sketch drawings of large, spacious rooms and tunnels, once again for BoS. The Brotherhood has been from the very start the sole reasoning behind the Gateway Arch!

It is my firm belief that the Arch, the secret knowledge contained within McCain’s/LeVay’s library, similarities to Mayan sects and temples, and the occult standings and orientations of the Arch itself, all point to one fact: that it is a temple reserved for ancient gods, for the worship and the drawing of these gods. All religions mention older gods; from the Norse and their Giants, to the Greeks and the Titans, even to the Judea religions with God and Rahab. All speak of ancient all-powerful beings, over powered by their children, and with their eventual return.

If any of this is truth, it shall be revealed in the summer of 2006, when a grand celestial alignment occurs. Venus shall be in transition, entering the “cup” of the Milky Way, thus forming an image of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Life and Death, as discussed in my previous book, The Stars Are Right.

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 10:19 PM
This would make a great graphic novel.

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 06:30 PM
Thanks for the compliment, cpr12r, much appreciated!

As far as a graphic novel goes, I am thinking it will have to be a multi-part. I know comic books have their limited series, but the issues are limited to 32 pages (including ads); I might have to go for a "limited series graphic novel"...

But that's all talk. I've been planning this for, oh... close to 15 years now, and have developed the main characters (all 13, one for each Zodiac Symbol) to the point where it is as if I know them personally. Then there's the 20-odd supporting characters, three main organizations... but yes, 15 years in the making.

I blame having kids
for the delay. Oh, I have a multitude of pages of plotlines and scripts, and even a few (key word being FEW) drawn pages... maybe this will just be one of those things that are completed just before I die.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 02:36 PM
Nice wirk...very interesting! Very Dan Brownish (meant in a good way)

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