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Novel = Money. Who's in?

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 05:58 PM
Ok just a quick thought before I go for a surf.

Maybe I've had too much coffee.

In ATS forums there have been a lot of interesting posts, rivetting stuff that keep people reading. I have a novel idea (pun intended).

How about some ATS'ers get together to write a novel (think maybe hmm The DaVinci code) but instead of 'The DaVinci code' as the theme (won't be more specific as it may ruin the read for you) maybe we could intertwine some theorys of alien life, paranormal happenings, strange creatures, government conspiracies into it. You know, a made up story with alternative 'truths' woven in between the lines
. Announce the general consensis(sp?) on one theory and explain within the plot another theory. Get people THINKING on both sides of the fence - deny ignorance. Also, due to the origins of this I think maybe 30% royalties should go to ATS and the rest split between the writers.

What do you guys think? I bet people have suggested this before.

Once it's finished we can all revel in the mountains of cash we have before us to explore in depth the mysteries of this world and to

- Nazgarn


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