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Some sweet looking upcoming hl2 mods <-TOTALLY SWEET

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 03:16 PM
Hull Breach This one looks like it will be damn good, i mean space marines rock right? Nothing to dl yet but I like the chr models I saw

Badge of Blood war on mars, sounds good no real eye candy yet but I am looking forward to this one for sure!

Hostile Planet Now this one is suppose to be MMOFPS/RPG, so I'm guessing kinda of like Planet Side meets Tribes meets source?
They got some screen shots up of it.

Insurgency looks like a battlefield 2 type game but you get 4 teams, and there is chain of command stuff so you get to get all tactical HOWEVER you can play just as well by being guerilla or you can be a paramilitary soldier. How cool is that? I enjoy going all rambo myself :p

well I can't wait til these are finished, got these off steam news, I didn't include the Minvera mod, mainly cause its maps for single player and I require other humans to smack around!

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