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Supreme Court's Decision and Medical Marijuana Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 02:25 PM
The Supreme Court recently decided that the Feds can pursue growers of medicinal cannabis, even if it's grown legally under local laws.

Besides this is being a major nail in the coffin holding the corpse of states' rights, it's an incredibly cruel law that prevents effective and very cheap medicine from uninsured patients.

The decision reaches the point of hyperbole when the House of Representatives recently upheld the ruling, 246 - 166, when one republican stated that Marinol is the legal alternative to Marijuana. Marinol, of course, is a highly profitable drug that formally medicinizes the active ingredients of cannabis. Of course, it's about $10 per milligram.

The powers of the pharmaceutical corporations to make cheap and effective medicine illegal is truly phenomenal. If anyone needs a measure to how great a degree private corporations, through the government, completely own your life and your choices, this ruling is a good one.

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