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Demonic Possession...

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 06:49 AM

First of all I am new, and I am sure there are hundreds of threads like this, but i believe my story is kinda different. I also found many common stuff from other people's posts (like "sounds like a Demon" or "Shadow people").

I am going to seperate the story in 2 parts.
(A) paranormal stuff - REMOVED
(B) Seeing a Demon...


REMOVED! (by Reinheart )

B: Seeing a Demon ???

Okay, this thing happened last year, and this is how it begun...

It was a warm summer night, and as usual i was listening to music (Black Metal), and watching TV. Anyway I felt sleepy and went to bed. I woke up because of a weird sound, like a Growling... I thought, "Woah! I had enough of Black metal for today
" and tried to fall asleep again... And while i was trying to close my eyes again, I Hear the same GROWLING, only this time louder... I am like "WTF ??" and without even thinking it, turn around to see what was it. I can't remember what exactly i saw, because i already got under the covers (I was covered with a sheet), and just looked for a lil bit... But I think it was a white like cloud, moving into darkness.

I could be a dream right ? Yes it could be... Right now I see it as a Dream... I didnot see anything evil, I just thought i saw something... And the sound... it could be many things... a motorbike moving with 90 k/h could make such a growl as well...

but what followed Wasnot and it will never be!!!
After that experience I was trying to locate info on Demons, and such.. Look for people who had the same experiences with me. I never told anyone about my experiences, except some fora, while looking for answers... I downloaded stuff like Goetia, Book of Enoch, and various stuff, from books about Induism, to Kabalistic #.

From all this search I have to say this
"Never get into Apokrifism, or study other religions and Dogmas before you have complete faith and aknowledgement of yours (religion and dogmas)"

Because your view will soon be distorted, and you 'll end up heretic.

i know I know you are asking... What about the Possession ?
Here it is...


Back then I was an ATHEIST, thus I got more into Apokrifism, and I kept listening to that kind of music (and i still do). After some time, I started a stanic Black M band, i donot remember what for. Thus it wasnot because i had the dream of becoming famous. As time passed, I begun to get more and more into that stuff, and the music as well... Most people used to see me as a nice, blonde kid, who plays the keyboards, and growls as a demon

Thus, i got more into it and more.... I felt the need to turn every cross i see upside down. Step or spit each picture of saints i would see, scratch them till the image fades, or throw trash at the yard of churches. Once I carved a reversed pentacle on my left hand. If you opened my books etc, you would see only 3 stuff.. Prayers to Satan, Pentacles and "666", and upside down crosses...
And all of these, in a christian-student's books. Ironic eh ?

But it got worse... I started asking my self stuff... "HE never heared you, when you prayed to him, but i am here right now for you". I had no #ing clue why i asked this to myself... It was no inner voice, or paranoia... it was just a thought... Then I said (within me). "Okay if you think you can help, then make her not to move, but stay here". And the voice said "If you trust me, then I trust you". Next day nothing, the person I asked the "voice" was still going to move... But a couple of days later, the person wouldnot move... I was looking over the internet about people who had experiences like these... And funny thing.... I saw something like this "Satan, won't fullfill your wished right away... Some time will pass by, till you totally trust him".
I was stunned! So that was the "If you trust me then I trust you" #.... And I thought it was ME, saying, that I need to have confidence in myself...

Anyway some other things happened, I was reffering to sky as hell, etc, felt no remorse, stopped drawing pentacles etc, and started drawing Demon Sigils... I even tried to make a pact with the devil. No matter how stupid that might sound. I never believed in that # anyway, why did i do it ? I remember when i was alone, i would just growl and say various stuff, without thinking about what i was saying... Most time blasphemous stuff... Most time stuff focused on 3 names "Astarte, Aimonia, Asmontaee" obviously reffering to Astaroth, king of hades Amaymon, and Asmodeus.

Time passed and the rage in me grew bigger and bigger... All my dreams were about Hell, and demons! I even had a visions of Astaroth. The Demon appeared in a form of a woman, with the most beautifull bue eyes i have ever seen. Blonde hair, soo beautifull that i cannot describe. And she was emiting light... a 2 color light... white and yellow... It was one of the most beautifull things i have ever seen. But it kept less than 1 second...
Anyway with time, the person in me begun to question things, and asked me if i needed anything else... I would ask for revenge, and the person would be rushed to the hospital with something unspeakable (Any of you seen a normal, illness which should last for 2 days, last a month ????? )
I also asked him, if he was going to come to earth, he said, that there is no point... he is everywhere. And i asked him if he was going to come with physical form, and he said no, it would be a disgrace for him, to appear in a form that needs to feed, to survive. In a form that would eventually die.
I asked him for (un)divine inspiration, and that night, i wrotte my best song. He also told me that a pentacle, scared a little kid, and that i would need to come up with a better theme. And so did I.
I was feeling so powerfull back then... more things happened that i desire not to talk about them... mainly some stuff that i am not really proud of...

Now how did it end ?
Well... I was caught by the police... (i don't want to talk about it). And I was forced, to go to the church... 2 times per week!
And aftet some time, I was eventually freed.
I no longer, feel anyone speaking, I no longer desire, to break crosses, etc. I even don't like it when my friends do the Il Cornuto \m/ . I no longer draw pentacles etc... I am still in a Black M band, thus we restricted the 'evil' part, and my music preferences is the only thing that is left since that time..

The funny thing is that when it all ended i tried desperately, to find more stuff about Apokrifism, and invocations with the hope that i will feel like that again... powerfull. But I guess it's better this way. I am a christian and I am proud. I still dress in total black, and yeah I still like corpsepaint horror and such.

Only this time, I am 100% about my faith, and I know that my faith won't be contaminated with other elements, or questioned, no matter how much I study the paranormal, etc etc..

I still don't know if any of these was real. All I know is that I am not at all proud about myself back then.

[edit on 16-7-2005 by Reinheart]

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 03:58 AM
Some really interesting stuff.
So surprised no ones replied, and I doubt it was the editing.
All i can say is that go to Google and there's a site called TAPS (trans Atlantic paranormal society). If you posted something like that there you would probably get a lot more feed back. Because at the end of the day this site isn't very good at the paranormal, but more politics instead.

But I think you might still be in big trouble. If you used dark forces to do your work like revenge then you might have to pay back what you took. Perhaps there is a way round that and that is if they used you because of your innocence, and if that’s so then its their loss not yours. Partly because they shouldn’t be using-coming to you in the first place, no matter what you ask them.
I hope you stay committed to what i describe as "what’s right". Like most religions I think Christianity is contaminated with lies, just as what we know will always be contaminated with what’s "incorrect, wrong and untrue". Nobody should be confident of their wisdom at least as long as they are alive. But as long as you stay committed to things that are higher than yourself like progress and the greater good you should be ok. Ask yourself if everyone in the world behaved like me would I be happy. As long as you are prepared to sacrifice yourself in ways great and small towards serving others and nature I think you will be fine, because you are anti wrong when you are like that. Therefore say you do owe dark forces something then sod them because you are against them and therefore owe them nothing, its fair gain because you are committed to higher things. Still you should still be prepared to give back what you owe to them providing it does not contradict-conflict with what’s right (morality in general i suppose). If even under morality itself you still owe them something then you have nothing to run to. But then why should that be a problem if by paying them back there is still no moral violation. And where there is a genuine moral violation you owe them nothing because like i said you are against them. Providing you are serving morality then by cancelling your debt, but still staying true to non-selfish aims you should be alright.

P.S One area i think the Christian faith is deeply flawed is where it states that mankind owns nature, and that all life is below man-for his taking.
Nature is an extension of God simply because God chooses to work mostly by chance and nature is built by evolution (a process dependant on chance). So do not think that mankind is the end all and be all of this world because despite the bible saying God created life many Christians do not respect life other than themselves and fellow human beings. Nature deserves worship (certainly in some senses). It demands respect and when people eat battery chicken, or let the electricity bill rocket they show themselves to be the opposite of this (as well as wickedly selfish).
I have more to say but am getting bored typing.
Glad your story has a happy ending (or at least I hope it will continue to do so).

P.S Not saying anything about you whatsoever but here's another thought of mine "ignorance is not strength, deception is a devils strength and it needs you ignorant in order to deceive". So we should hate ourselves when we think "if I’m ignorant I’m free of blame" because then we just cattle. Sorry about randomness, and hope you enjoyed reading this, good intentions Yours Alex.

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 08:27 PM
Of course I enjoyed reading your post, and I agreed with most of it.

You should research and then believe... the fact that i was "freed' is for me enough evidence, that what i now follow is the truth. Or at least at the point I am now, it seems to be the truth. Of course there are lies... and distorted stories, but I think that the spirit remains the same.

Now about the dark forces... I think I owe them nothing. Most stuff starting falling apart, at least the stuff they "made true", and to be honest, I did everything i could to prevent them from falling apart. I guess it's how things are planned.

I understand that maybe this isnot the right place to post about my experience, but yet i thought, some people could post opinions, and "facts" (if there are facts), about demons etc... i guess i was mistaken

see you around

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 04:20 PM
junglejake made a thread in which he put his testimony.

Unless they make a forum for christian testimony, this place will have to do.

I think its pretty awesome what you showed, and I can only imagine the parts that you left out, and how much more dramatic it makes the turn around.

You are right in that you dont owe them anything. I have heard stories of fear about people who left that stuff, but if you leave it and go to God, then there is nothing they can do.
In fact, it could be the prayers of people that made things break down like that and end up the way it did.
Praise God, because it is no accident that you turned to Him.

You can have more power then you know, its just that it comes when you know that it is not your power, but Gods, that is working. It will always glorify God.
In one respect, that power is the different gifts mentioned in the bible. I havnt seen anyone walking around with a specific gift like healing or prophecy etc...but I have seen prayer do the same exact things.

God loves you alot...but He also has a mission for you. A mission that I could never do because I did not live your life and have your experiences.
Pray always that God keep you in His word because the flesh is weak. Pray that your path be revealed, and always, give thanks

Thank YOU, for sharing this thread


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