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Iran cleric says UK could have bombed own capital

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 06:31 AM
TEHRAN, July 15 (Reuters) A leading Iranian cleric said today the British government could have orchestrated last week's bombings in London to stir up flagging enthusiasm for British military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan .

''One possible set of culprits is al-Qaeda. But al Qaeda is Bush and Blair. Who launched al Qaeda? You must be tried, you who are the mothers of al Qaeda''

''The other likelihood is that the British regime may have carried out the attack itself ... because it benefits most... They want to justify their presence in Iraq and Afghanistan."

''They tell people 'if we don't fight terrorism, this will happen to you."

Well I must admit that this Cleric has some Good Points.

Again I am posting 3 Questions:

- Who has the Power to Execute such an Attack?

- Who has the Power to Cover it up?

- Who will Benefit from it?

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 06:35 AM
Here is some More Interesting Readng:

Tony Blair Ordered London Bombings by Michael James, a Former MI6 operative.

This pattern of subterfuge and deception in creating terror to manipulate public perceptions has been a specialty of American and British governments for the best part of fifty years. Diligent researchers and real journalists who aren't fooled by government propaganda and the mainstream media, already know that the CIA, MI5 and MI6 financed al Qaeda during its heyday as the main organiser against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. They also know that Osama bin Laden was, and probably still is, on the CIA payroll, operating under the name "Tim Osman". The business relationship between the mercurial and sinister Bush family and the bin Ladens is well known. All of these facts can now be verified on the public record, thanks to the efforts of independent journalists and truth campaigners. Less well known is the integral role played by the British intelligence services (both MI5 and MI6) in creating, steering and financing the terror network, and also in protecting key operatives from public exposure and arrest

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