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NEWS: New Charges of Abuse for Eleven U.S. Soldiers

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 01:51 AM
Charges were filed Wednesday against 11 U.S. soldiers, alledging abuse of suspects. Most of the suspects were later released, and now it's the American soldiers in hot water. The charges stem from a complaint filed by another soldier, indicating abuse of suspects detained during house to house searches.
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Eleven American soldiers have been charged with violation of military law in connection with alleged assaults on suspected insurgents captured in the Baghdad area, the U.S. command announced Saturday.

A U.S. statement said the charges, which were filed Wednesday, followed a complaint by a soldier assigned to Task Force Baghdad that "other soldiers had allegedly assaulted some suspected terrorists."

"None of the insurgents required medical treatment for injuries related to the alleged assault," the statement added. "Only one of the suspected terrorists remains in custody of coalition forces at this time."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

If you believe the statement issued, the abuse must have been fairly minor, if no medical treatment was required after the fact. I'm glad that nobody got hurt, and most of the people rounded up and abused are now free.

It's also good to see a little hypersensitivity to matters of abuse lately. If commanders and soldiers are afraid of getting disciplined, maybe they won't be so quick to use their position to humiliate and abuse suspects in their care. How do you like that? We have to terrorize the good guys to stop them from terrorizing the terrorists? Who woulda' thunk it?

Very little information is being released, but it appears that the abuse was stopped before it went too far, and the people accountable are going to have to answer. If the soldiers aren't guilty, and one of their own did something so stupid as lying about abuse, I hope this is disovered and remedied. I can't imagine a soldier lying to get his own in trouble for no reason, but until the identities of the whistleblowing soldier becomes known, we can't really speculate as to any personal motive he might have had.

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 05:05 AM
I am by no means a proponent of this war, but I still find this article a bit disheartening. Our soldiers on the ground are already shackled with a limited rules of engagement, do we really need to add one more fear to their lexicon of daily terrors in the form of fear of alleged misconduct? The hard truth is in war especially counterinsurgency troops get frustrated at not being able to hit back. This leads to unfortunate but ultimatelly understandable incidents of excessive force. Fortunatelly this time noone was killed or seriously wounded. But and this is a major but there is a point where too much sensitivity will get our troops killed. In counter insurgency ops hesitation WILL get people killed, and adding a fear of hair trigger almost commissar like oversight WILL cause hesitation. On top of that it will further hurt already battered morale as soldiers begin to feel like risking their lives is in vain and that no matter how good they do one mistake will be enough to ruin their lives forever. Unfortunatelly mistakes happen in war, further those mistakes often end in unecessary death, adding a hyper inflated risk of ruining the rest of your life to the stress of counter insurgency ops is likelly to start taking it's toll on our forces ability to do their jobs.

And bottom line is no matter how much I disagree with this war, I still want to see every one of our boys come home alive. I don't want to see streets red with blood the blood of the iraqi people either, but we need to offer our soldiers the latitude to do their jobs and realize there is a frustration factor involved that makes incidents like amazingly mild one inevitable.


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