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UFOs are real (threat)

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 12:10 AM
A lot of sites discuss this and alot of them are biased.
But here is my point.
UFOs are real, and they are piloted by inteligent life form or artificial form.
One more thing they are multidimensional, in sightings which I witnessed or heard about there were optical illusions and audio phenomena, too.
If we don't consider this real, and stop making people who talk about this look like fools, maybe something can be done, and btw maybe disclosure project is right, maybe they are friendly, there is logic in that, if they were not they would certainly conquer us till these days, 60 years is long enough.
Here are certain abnormality which I heard (about) or saw
multiple moons
My relative once saw, or heard a ship which made moon to multiply in straight line and in one moment there were five moons on the sky, if these were the ships or optical dellusion, I can not know, but as the ship went away moons dissapered or came together in one.
Second phenomenon is this sound doesn't have limited speed through the air, when airplane goes by sound is slower then light and much slower so the picture of airplane is in front of the sound we here, this can be noticed even with smaller speeds of plane and low altitudes of flying, which I noticed few days ago clearly, but when I saw an UFO sound was in exactly the same point as the object, and object was quiet fast.
How this can be explained.
In other case I heard of they usualy take the form of cloud when materialising in this dimension, (who mentioned the bible).

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 02:49 AM
Very interesting but I don't think this is really RATS material, it would probabyl be better in the normal UFO/Aliens section.. Why did you post it in here may I ask?

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 09:23 PM
Because this is 100% verified, not some wild guesses or gossip.
Besides, people usually look at this subject as making up things, and of course are not really interested in accepting the truth, and this kind of phenomena I didn't found till now on usual topics about ufos.
I wonder if much of those are fabricated stories. They so much look alike.
But sure maybe it can be moved to ufo section, I just didn't want to go so public. I think it was good that I didn't talk much about it. People still mainly look at me as normal, if I started this subject, "oh here is scizo." "yes, yes.", but then avoiding me, hmm, I am very normal person, even boring person, but these things had happened, and I heard some stories from other people, too, and this one from my relative and btw it was near airport/radar facility.
I also made hypothesis if radars made this UFO thing common, it is electromagnetic, and strong electromagnetic radiation, so it can make malfunctioning in some ultra technology, even making it to crash, but at least making them visible for a moment.


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