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Ribs...easy...and the best!

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 07:10 PM
I have tried all ways to get my BBQ ribs to be tender and fall off the bone but with no luck. Up comes wifey with a recipe for the 'Crock Pot'. They were so good it was unbelievable, and the gravy with it was just awesome. Honest you must try this if you have one of these slow cooker pot things!

Heres what you do:
Take the ribs and remove the membrane/skinny thing off the back.
Cut into 4/5 rib sections to fit pot
Coat with BBQ sauce (dont be shy with it).
Dice or slice an whole onion.
Place a section of ribs in the pot.
Add some onion on top(about 3TBS if diced).
More ribs covered in sauce.
Add onions
Ribs...carry on till you got about 4/5 layers.
Cook on high for 12hrs.

You will see the meat shrink off the end of the bone, a sign thats its tender.

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