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Unconsciously faithfull on something...weird stuff

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Ok, i'll explain it better. What i mean is that when i unconsciously think about something, it happens few time later.

If i say or think "the president is going to suffer an acident", obviously it wont happen. Im thinking about it, and I KNOW, im aware that im thinking about that.

But some times, i think about things, but im not really thinking about it. It just pops up to my mind, and i just dont care about it. bUt i do this unconsciously either.

Something pops up to my mind, and it disappears, and i dont give any atention to it. But it stays on my mind like a note.

Last time was a few days ago, when i was watching a tv program about terrorism(on discovery channel, or something like that). Like a sudden, an image of an english bus target of a bomb popped to my mind, and i was thinking something like "next time it will be england". I cant really translate it to words. But it doesnt seem like a question that i put to myself. If it was a question, i had to be conscious, in order to answer. This is diferent, its like an affirmation,that i take as certain, and just dont care about it. Like if it had already happened. I know that the fact that i was watching a terrorism might make it seem like a coincidence.

But here is another one of this weird stuff. SOmething like 3 years ago, or more, i was at my cousin house. WE were playing playstation, and as a sudden something popped up to my mind, and it seemed like if i just knew that ive been there before.

Ok, this part you can call Dejavu. But what comes after is the really weird part. I was able to say an entire quote of my cousin, just before he says it. I knew he was going to talk, i didnt just remembered the situation, i remembered what was going to happen. So, i heard a few words that he said, but in my head i was saying it at the same time, just a bit before him, and then i decided to complete him.

Then he looked astonished at me asking me how da hell i knew what he was about to say. I dont remember the entire phrase. Just a part about the circus that has been in the town. My cousin went to this circus, and he was about to tell me how it was, but i was the one to complete him.

Ive never been in that circus!!

It was freakin weird. I doubt i'll forget that day.

Other tihngs similar happened. But i think this is enough to be discussed.

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 09:17 PM
These events you describe sound like premonitions to me, although I am no expert.
Maybe others will add to these thoughts.

Premonitions were discussed on ATS in the past here:

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 09:39 PM
I agree with DTOM here, definatley sound like premonitons. How often does what you think about actually come true?

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 04:36 PM
Not that often. A few times come in dreams(but rarelly). Most times im wake up. But the funny thing is that when this things happen, my brain is already tired. Like going to the bar and drink, and get home at 6 am. Or being studing all night long for a test paper,etc.other funny thing that happens in this case, is that after some time, i start to dream(normal dreams) in front of my desk, but i continue to write. Is known that men(women can) can only perform one action CONSCIOUSLY at a time. So, or he stops the other one, or he automatizes it. THats what happen with me. I focus on a dream, and i continue writing. Then, when i realize, ive wrote an entire page, and just dont remember to do it, neither what ive wrote.

Well, but this is normal....... unlike the thing i said on my first post.

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