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How come....

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 04:37 PM
If the government is controlling our minds with TETRA, chemtrails, subliminal message and the Teletubbies, how come they have to carry out extravagent plans such as convincing a large number of people it's OK to murder your own people and attacking their own country?
All this being in the name of Satan of course and to fulfill biblical prophecies.

And if that's so easily plausible and possible, how come it's so difficult to believe that an extremist group of people of middle eastern origin that have financial and 'spiritual' gains to disrupt our economy and way of life would attack our countries, even killing their own people in the process?

Yes I can see why non-existant technologies like projecting holographic aircraft in front of millions of people is far more likely, but I just wondered why it might not the simplar answer.. If the media pumped out it was the government, would everyone have the theory it might be terrorists? Just wondering like..

And yeah, maybe they had to shoot the plane down, and maybe the towers were rigged to be demolished if they HAD to be, but it's better for people not to know that because emotionally involved people can;t make the difficult decisions that our leaders have to make every day.

The needs of the many outway the needs of the few..

Oh don't worry, by the way, I know it's the Teletubbies..

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 05:11 PM
Firstly, not everyone watches T.V. lives in areas where chemtrails go on, etc, or even believe in these theories - you just assume we do.

Secondly, what financial gains did the terrorists get?

Thirdly, whose needs are the many? Big business?

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 05:54 PM
1) If you don't believe in those theories - I'm not talking to you

2) They receive funding, countries which protect them and supply them with munitions have gains from their actions. The terrorists obviously have motivations, if I did some research (and I'm just too damn tired to bother right now) I might find some decent reasons. But seeing as they are obviously nutbars, who knows?

3) For instance, if people with relatives, or even regular civilians knew that the aircraft had been shot down, they would be devastated and most people would be to blinded with grief to see past their nose at what had to be done to avoid a greater calamity resulting in the same people dying and more. Maybe they did get the plane back under control but without knowing no chances could be taken. Hard, yes - but it's the way life is I'm afraid.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice people to protect the majority, it's not rocket science but it is hard to accept, especially for those involved.

The point I'm making is that a lot of people (inclduing me sometimes) so easily accept the wildest theories while debunking the given facts.
Some people scorn the idea of a group of extemeists with whatever motiviation they have in attacking us conducting these atrocities, while entertaining the idea that the government is actually carrying them out instead.
Sometimes it's like some people have got so self engrossed in the most ridiculous theories, that they have practically turned into a gibbering wreck like Mel Gibson in 'Conspiracy Theory'. Yes, maybe some of the theories are fully or partially true, but you really, really have to stand back, take a breath of fresh air and try and spend more that 5 minutes away from the computer out in the real world and try and get some perspective on things.

If you constantly pummel your mind with one opinion, while refusing to stand back and take in an equal amount of information from different viewpoints, your poor little brain can't do much than come to the conclusion you 'want'. You are effectively brainwashing yourself.
LOL, thinking about it we all get paranoid that the government are brainwashing us, but really we are doing it more ourselves!

I know it's hard to read that opposing post sometimes, or actually bother to read that boring long 9/11 report, in fear that it might actually prove wrong any theories that one has spent so much time valiantly defending.
Yes, after 6 months of backing a theory, to have to turn around and hold your hands up and admit you are probably wrong or that there is probably another explanation is not nice...
But if you really want to 'Deny Ignorance', you must do this.
It is much easier to read 'conclusive evidence' presented by self-proclaimed 'experts', but when real conclusive evidence is presented by real experts, it falls on deaf ears.

Sometimes the simplest answer really is the right answer, everything is not always in black and white and maybe, just maybe, instead of your own people being after you maybe it's actually an enemy!

I'm not trying to say I suddenly don't believe in any conspiracy theories, or that our governments kneel by their beds every night and pray to Jesus, but when you stand back and look at things in the light, it can look a little different.


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