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Well, here it comes NWO through ID Cards

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 08:51 AM
To quote Paul Watson
"The process of showing your identification is not primarily so the authority figure knows who you are, it’s to ensure that your behavioural tendencies show a willing obedience to authority."

They already have smaller forms of our buying habits. Those little coupon scanning cards/shopper cards that supermarkets give out, well don't believe for a second that they don't track back to you.
The good news is that the charges were dropped because someone else came forward.

I know that most of us, well rather I want to believe that most of us out here would never want to commit a crime, but this goes to show how something that can seem so conveniant can have horrid implications.

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 09:55 AM
In other words, don't go with the witchhunters!

I know hotels are the same way. They'll give you rewards and airline miles for information about you with your obedience in the matter. They have your name, address, phone number, what you watched on tv, if you got on the web, or possibly through the cameras taping night and day. I can see it now. John Doe is 'wanted' or 'being' a bad boy so they say. Up comes the new amber-alertlike sidescroll on the television declaring "If you see him don't tell him I love him, he must be brought in, "essentially. There's nothing to fear here, if you rest on Truth.

go with peace. not peace "seekers".

"peacekeepers" he who 'keeps' the peace.

if you 'want' something ... you don't nessesarily have it.
If you just want something, it doesn't give you that very thing. You must 'be' geared up to motivation to facilitate a response in the action of ones abilities. Do what I say, say what I do mentality, has got to go. Being watchful of what authority says or does and recognizing how they are being in the moment of backing what they say in it's works. Surely seeing the illusion as it is, is a gift from God. Now is where one's choice comes in.

Where is ones fruition in the picture? Where do we put our power of distinction. What is going on is what we should ask ourselves? But that choice prevails upon the moment. What do we do as a whole?

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 08:32 PM
really people?
Why is it going to take away your lives?
Remove your freedoms.

so the government knows where u are at a certain time.

Doesnt matter about the Cell phone in your pocket, the Credit and Bank cards in your wallet, your paycheque that holds you TAX file details...
Or even your computer at home thats on the internet.

It doesnt matter everywhere u go these dayz your name gets entered into a PC for ' cateloging customers '

We already live in a big brother world.
ID Cards arent going to change your lfiestyle at all.

All anyone is whinging about is terrorist this, attack taht.

And the only reasonable to response your sidelining because of you insecure ways.

IF youve got NOTHING to hide.. why hide?
Its not as if the government is going to waste millions of tax payer dolars to monitor mr and mrs jo smith of wisconsin...

And faking the cards is something that can be changed.

heres How.

when issuing the cards, the government makes 2x copies.
1 copy stays with the citizen.
Then other copy stays with the department of domestic identification.
upon creation of the card a password or number is added to BOTH cards.
Somtehing ONLY the card holder knows and remembers.

How can these cards then be fraudulenty made?

The terrorist may be able to STEAL someones card........
but one the photo wouldnt match.
The ID checker would be able to see if its been tampered with...

If they wanted to create there OWN card...
when they ID checker scans it to compare it to the INTERNAL copy..
It wont come up with a match.
then boom u'll see its a doctured copy.

honestly tho I dont think the card will be implemented.
Im just arguing the sake because you insecure people make stupid justifications for outlawing thecard without thinking about its ultimate aims.

The USA is already drawing up nuclear retalitory plans for the next terror attack that.. they dont know is coming.. pssht yeah right.

This world will be at war LONG before these cards will be implemented.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 02:26 AM
See told you... John Howard has announced it, and then said "it's not compulsory, but if you want anything in the way of government services (LIKE MEDICARE!!) you will have to have one""..

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