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America's Freedoms Down the Drain!!

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 01:55 PM
this is important Codex Information

It has the go ahead in Europe, and It's gonna happen here if millions of people don't do something NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please just look over this information. I urge any American to pay attention right now.

Congress Contact

Get great info from this page, and if you decide to act Contact Congress!!
This site is in support of our freedom to make our own health decisions

Congress Contact

Should businessmen be deciding how long a patient stays in the hospital?

Should people be dying because their HMO will not give them a timely referral to obtain treatment?

Should deadly drugs remain in the marketplace because of greed?

Should life-saving nutritional supplements be replaced with low-dose synthetics that will not have needed therapeutic effects?

Should your freedom of choice disappear when you need health care?

Should dangerous pharmaceuticals and treatments be forced upon your children?

Should you keep your heads buried in the sand, while your Health Freedom Rights disappear?

No more excuses!
You have the tools to fight this battle -- and win! -- now. So, get busy. You have to make up for far too many years of lost time!

Excellent form letter, short and sweet

Dear Congressman,

I am very concerned about the coming CAFTA vote and this summary will explain to you and your Legislative Advisors just what CAFTA brings. CAFTA membership sets the US up for excessive, restrictive, global trade guidelines for vitamins and minerals as just passed 7/4/05, in the 28th General Session of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission. No one has believed that this could happen here.

If you agree to CAFTA, you will be party to bringing this nightmare to our country. This is something your constituents will be extremely upset to have passed. It will affect us all! Imagine coming down with a cold and going to the drug or health food store to buy Vitamin C, 1000 or even 500 milligrams, finding that it is illegal! International agreements have been passed, which we will be forced to obey, if we are signatory to CAFTA. They lower available vitamin dosages to non-effective amounts and replace natural with ineffective synthetics.

My friends, family, co-workers and the people of this country are closely watching this issue. Many jobs will be lost by the people of the United States. Please protect our rights and make sure this does not take place.

We also urge you to watch Kevin Miller's excellent documentary on this issue, at:

Respectfully yours,

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