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Man who wanted to go to jail

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 11:08 PM
I saw this on the news ticker on CNN today. Apparently this guy was deep in medical related debt, so he shot his mailman seven times. Apparently he wanted to live off the federal government in jail, for a change. The mailman survived, but suffered permanent injuries as a result.

This is probably one of the more bizzare stories I've heard lately.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 11:30 PM

Man shot mail carrier with hopes of jail time, he says
SNELLVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Earl Lazenby had delivered mail for years to the aging brown home with overgrown plants in the yard and a National Rifle Association sticker on the front door. The home's owner was always friendly, sometimes chatting with Lazenby at the grocery store in this Atlanta suburb.

But what Lazenby didn't know was that William Crutchfield was deep in debt and looking for a way out. Authorities say Crutchfield apparently watched with envy as Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph was headed to prison for life and aspired to the same fate — allowing him to live off the government while behind bars.

So he allegedly hatched a twisted plan: Kill a federal employee.

Two weeks ago, Crutchfield walked down his driveway carrying a .380-caliber pistol and greeted his mail carrier at the curb. He then opened fire on Lazenby, drove to the police station in his Chevrolet Cavalier and told the secretary, "I just shot the letter carrier."

"He took his mail and then said, 'Hello.' And then just started shooting," Lazenby said from his hospital bed Tuesday. "He just casually got in his car and drove away."

For rest of story

Wow maybe he should've commited that crime in Canada. The federal prisons here allow inmates access to porn channels, pizza, and a whole lot of other luxuries that one would not find in other prisons.

So you think the homeless will get in on this piece of action too.

I think it would be maybe time to rethink the possibility of reinstating the death penalty. Everyones afraid of dying.


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