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What Are The Signs That a House Is Haunted?

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 10:04 PM
Just out of curiosity, you might find some one who knew this woman, besides the daughter. It might be interesting to hear about their relationship from an outside source. It sounds a bit 'unhealthy' to me.

Her mother must have dominated her life a bit more than the normal 'mother daughter' relationship would call for......I get an uncomfortable feeling just hearing about it 'third handed', lol.

Also I wonder if you have felt any likes or dislikes that seemed new or not your normal if you might be absorbing this woman's personality, or in the extreme....becoming 'possessed'!? For instance, have you always liked lavender or was that color choice 'out of the blue'? ( forgive my paranoia....just seemed like things were going in that direction. Do try the cleansing with the sage as others have already suggested....just in case.!)

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 11:34 PM
Magical Rose i totally sympathize with you as i have gone through some very bizarre experiences myself while growing up.Experiences related to property hauntings and the presence of sheer negative energy. I dont know if i am intutive about these things but i can sense a negative energy in a house as soon as i enter it. For example i had 2 friends living in Savannah,GA in a small apt. They called me over for dinner once and it was the first time i went to their house. We sat down chatted etc etc and all of a sudden this corner i was sitting in became unnaturally cold, almost freezing. So i got up and walked to the other end of the living room where it was warm. My friend asked me if i was cold and i said he got out a portable heater to add to the warmth and placed it in the corner...the corner was still cold and no matter what we did that one part of the house was always freezing..the kitchen was the only place where it would be warm. I dont know what prompted me to say this but i told them that this place had tons of negative energy. Not only from the cold aspect of it but also it had really really bad vibes.I saw their rooms and i wondered how they could live here...the rooms were extra negative. Lights would go out ,was always gloomy and the apt was never being rented by tenants and these 2 poor friends of mine were on the recieving end of some really bad misfortune after moving into this house. Apart from the fact that Savannah is one of the most haunted places in the USA...this house was almost evil..i convinced them to move out of that place...they did and whats uncanny is that its been one year and nobody has moved into that apt.

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 11:58 PM
It takes a lot of time to talk about this issue.
First and only way to prove the house is haunted is your feelings about it.
There are places which make you fell bad, and there are places which make you feel good. If you feel dizzy, anxious, freightened on such location it is probably haunted.
What is haunted, in fact there are two main reasons that causes that negativity,
a - natural causes, like waters, geomagnetics, air flow, temperature discrepancies.
b - human induced, like bad memories, evil deeds, even great anger, worst case murder or rape and or terror of various kind, all these things can make the place haunted.

b class, and a lot of a class is still not scientificalyy proven, but here is what is understandable and proof trivial, if a lot of people feel this way about the place, that is somthing real in mind input which can produce it.
Here is what you can do if consider the place haunted, do the ritual of purifying, get some plants and put it in the places all around and in the house, since plants can make energy flow better, and even little new decoration or here is what I heard, making a new entrance spot too can help.
I hope this can help someone to rethink about this.

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 06:30 PM
All of you have given me so much insight into this situation.
The thought had never occured to me that maybe I am taking on the Mom's personality until now.
When I decorate a room or do something to the house or yard I ask myself if the Mom or daugter will like what I'm doing.
Yes, the color lavender just came to me out of the blue. I have never painted a room that color in my life.
I think the plants are a great idea because I love green house plants.
So far, I haven't noticed any cold spots in the house but I hear odd noises during the day and my husband has told me that he has seen me walking in the hall during the middle of the night and it's not me because I don't wake up in the middle of the night.
One morning my husband really shocked me when he said that he was awakened in the night by something waliking on the bed! He said that he could see the indentions on the bed and it really scared him and he is not a believer in this kind of thing.
I never told my husband this but when we first moved in this house we had gone to bed and my husband was asleep and I was leaning against 2 pillows against the wooden headboard of our bed watching TV.
The headboard started vibrating! It scared me so bad that I went into the livingroom and slept on the sofa that night. I would think that this is impossible because that is a very heavy wooden headboard.
It didn't wake my husband and I don't know why.
Oh, by the way, we did make a new entrance to the house when we first moved in.
This woman and her entire family NEVER used the front door.
They went all the way around to the back door to come in.
I thought that was strange.
We always use the front door now.
I will start on this right away. I already have the plants and tomorrow I am going to buy the sage incense.
Thanks so much everyone!!

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 09:45 PM
After reading this thread I am somewhat concerned for you Magica. It seems to me there is one of two things going on. Either its some type of psychic attack by the daughter, or its a haunting of some sort.
If the daughter is responsible she is probably not aware she is doing it, but none-the-less she could be harmfull to you and your household. In this case I would cast a concecrated circle around my house. If your house is connected to the daughter's it can still be done, ask any local witch and I'm sure they would do it no problem. And probably give you TONS of advice on your situtation. Another way to protect a whole house that you can do yourself would be to place a small mirror, facing ourward at each window in the house. This serves to reflect psychic attacks coming from outside the home.

Which lead to the other possiblity, a haunting. In my opinion this can get ethically complicated. If it is the spirit of the woman who lived there, then she has as much right to be there as you do. I don't think it is alright to banish ghosts from a home, but you can try to communicate with them. They may want help in some way or another that may aid them in moving on. Don't expect succsess here, I don't think all the entities we call ghosts are sentient. Sounds like yours may be. If it is just an intense haunting, then as some others have suggested, just talk to her. When you get the feeling you are not alone but no one is home just start talking to her. Doesn't matter if you even completely believe she's there. Be polite, explain you live there now, and thats just how it is, but let her know that she is welcome to stay in her home. Make sure to tell her it is still her home too.
But the thing in this that bugs me is the part where you are starting to display traits of this woman. Now possesion of that sort is really rare. So don't freak out. Probably you are somewhat empathic and are getting a good dose of here "vibes" for want of a better word.
Regardless, here is another psychic deffense method that should work no matter where the attack is coming from. This is old folk magic, but I'm quoting Janet and Stewart Farrar's Spells and How They Work
p.29 "One active form of defence against such attack, if it does persist is to earth it. For example, take a piece of iron, consecrate it and will it to become a conductor for the malign influence. Then bury it outside your home with just the tip showing, so that is can attract the influence into itself and pass it into the earth to disperse."
Since you probably aren't a witch I can clarify on the "consecrate" part. If you are Christian I'd say the Lord's Prayer over it and then ask the Lord to purify it for you. Other religions could substitute something similar. Or just clean the iron in salt water with your own hands and will it to be concecrated by whatever diety you believe in.
Anyway, hope that helps some.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 09:18 AM
Hi Everybody,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
I just wanted to let you all know that I bought the sage, put plants in each room and weird things are still happening.
The daughter is still at home and not going to work and ever since the 4th of July she has not spoken to me. She has talked to my husband several times but she just stays inside and never comes out.
She has a beautiful flower garden that she and I was so proud of and she has let all the flowers die.
I feel like I have done something to make her angry with me but I know I haven't and my husband says it's not my fault that she is acting this way. I have always been very kind to her.
Everyday I wonder what she is doing or thinking during the day. I even called her a few days ago and asked her if she is ok and she didn't want to talk to me.
I love this house and the beautiful yard but I'm almost ready to put it up for sale.
The strange things happening:
I have a large touch lamp on a table in my dining room. Well , it is on almost every time I walk into that room and there's no way it can do that without someone touching it.
We painted another bedroom in a nice gray color trimmed in white and the very next day a large soaking wet spot appeared in my carpet at the back door entrance. I had to use towels and my rug shampooer all day long to keep it dry. I thought "oh no!, another plumbing pipe has broken!".
When my husband came home he looked at it and tried to find any pipes that could have broken under the floor or anywhee else and he came to the conclusion that there are no pipes in that area under the floor.
The water in the carpet is gone now and has not came back.
My husband wants to put a big window in the family room. I don't want to know what will happen if he does that because the family room was her favorite room in this house.
Well, I've ranted long enough .
I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on because all of you have been so helpful and kind to me about this situation.
Thanks so much!

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 04:02 PM
One thing was wondering me; about the front door. Was the way to the front door blocked in anyway from the street, by any obstacle or dense vegetation or something?
Was the door visible from the street?
That would just help me to visualise things.
All this before you moved of course.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 10:37 AM
The door can be seen from the street but this is a big heavy wooden door and it was installed onto the outside of the frame so it opens outward, like outside when we open it.
Yes, it can be seen from the street.
It has never worked right. The knob is so close to the frame that our fingers get pinched everytime we try to open it. It's a stange door.
There was nothing blocking it.
I think it was installed upside down if that makes any sense.
Why they did it this way I'll never know but we are going to take that door down and install it the correct way.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 11:32 AM
Good to hear from you again! Sorry to hear that you're getting such a cold shoulder from next door!

Your upside down door sounds like some of our carpentering mistakes! LOL...Asking the daughter about the front door might be a way to get her talking to you again, just be very careful when you bring it up. It does sound like she may have some real mental or physical problem.

If you're up to it, it might break the ice if you offer to give her some help in her garden.

A couple of questions about the wet floor inside the back entrance....Did you have the door open when it occured, maybe with a screen door? Was the spot close enough to the door for some one or something to have poured water in from the doorway? ( I ask this because we used to have a dog in the neighborhood that would come up on the porch and 'wee wee' through the screen door!....drove us nuts till we caught him in the act"!!)

Good luck!

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