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Australia: National Identity Card to be Reconsidered.

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 10:29 AM

A Proposal for a national identity card is being examined by the Howard Government as a way of improving border security and countering the threat of terrorism.

The controversial plan was yesterday raised by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, who suggested a national ID card to prevent unlawful detention similar to that suffered by Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez.
But the Prime Minister revealed cabinet's National Security Committee was already examining whether tougher measures were needed to close "loopholes" in Australia's counter-terrorism effort.

"All of these things will be looked at. I don't say never, ever in relation to things like that," John Howard said in Canberra.

From our P.M. John Howard who promised,

he would "never, ever" introduce a GST.



Here's a new game..."What is with this image?"


posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 02:02 PM

Prime Minister John Howard says he is prepared to discuss the issue of a national identity card.

The British Government is considering the idea after last week's bombings in London.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie says it is time for Australia to revisit the issue.

Mr Howard says he expects the topic to come up in discussions in London, but there has been no decision to go ahead with such a card in Australia.

"We should properly assess whether in the light of what's happened in the 17 or 18 years that have gone by since the Australia card was debated, and I acknowledge back then I had a view - which was critical - I acknowledge that, but it's 18 years ago he said.

"And it may well be that circumstances have changed".


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