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(STBSS) The Visit

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 03:43 AM
-Door Bell Rings-

Half asleep I arose from my ‘oh so’ comfy chair and headed for the door. I was only having a five minute rest from working on the garden, with the weather so warm and sunny I can’t afford to lose precious gardening time asleep. As I approached the door I noticed a dark blob behind the blurred window of the door. As I opened it a tall man in a dark suit greeted me. Now I wasn’t expecting anyone, and the earpiece which I couldn’t help but notice placed behind his left ear made me quite nervous.

“Mr. Martin, please come with me”.

“But who are you? What is the meaning of this?” I replied.

“No time for questions and answers buddy”.

And then I’m gone, out cold, sprawled on the floor like a dehydrated slug waiting for water or death.

As I awake my eyes hurt. All around me white, cleaned walls and floors, with a smell of a surgical ward. “Where am I and what am I doing here”, I thought to myself. After a nerve-racking wait a different man approached me, this time in a lab coat and holding a clipboard.

“What do you want, where am I, what the hell is going on”, I shouted.

“Mr. Martin please calm down”. As I heard the words ‘calm down’ in my nervous state several armed guards came into view by one of the doors to my left. These guys wanted me for some reason, and obviously didn’t want me leaving.

“Mr. Martin, do you remember a website which worked under the name of ‘AboveTopSecret’”, He asked me.

Now when you’re in a situation where you’ve mysteriously wake up in what looks like an animal dissecting lab, with nothing to defend yourself with and several armed guards walking around you do not hesitate to answer their questions promptly.

“Yes, yes I remember. Why? What’s going on and what has that got to do with anything”, as my words came out one after the other in a very nervous and fearful voice I realized where I was and what was going on. There had been rumors flying around on a certain internet based web forum I visited regularly, AboveTopSecret. ATS concentrated on conspiracies and held many pages of knowledge and understanding. These rumors involved several members being visited by certain government agencies and essentially being wiped off the face of the planet. They no longer existed. Would this be my fate? Do I know too much?

Now I was scared and I could feel my heart skipping the occasional beat, I needed my medication and I needed it now. I was a nervous wreck and felt powerless to these people who had taken me. I was told that I should never speak to anyone about my visit, never log on to AboveTopSecret again, and forget everything I saw on this night.

As I lay there wondering what government experiment I would be used for, the man in the lab coat asked me several brief questions, ensuring every word I spoke was recorded on paper and tape. After a brief fifteen minutes of what felt like eternity I remember being taken through rooms full of windows, which behind lay dark and mysterious creatures, pieces of machinery that looked something straight out of Alien, and many men cryogenically frozen, awaiting to be awoken.

By the end of my journey I was tired, and after a long and painful yawn my scenery suddenly changed. I looked to my right and there was by bed, to my left my computer. Where had I been and what had happened? Was I really visited by a government agent? What now, am I meant to forget about this and carry on with my normal life? I need to tell someone but I cannot risk putting our personal safety at risk, so what now?

Username: Phixion
Password: *******

-New Post-

Hey guys, you’ll never guess what happened to me last night….

[edit on 14-7-2005 by phixion]

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