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the mission in Japan

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 07:05 PM
July 10th 1942 0500

Okay men you have been specially chosen to perform this mission, you come from a variety of units, and countries. The mission is to attack naval bases
in Japan. Your have 4 months to train for this mission, the training your going to go through is gonna be living hell, I wish you success. Dismissed" ordered captain Mathias O. Doughtery. "Wow thats gonna be one hell of a mission will have to do" though Private Jerry Sweiger. The teams name is unit Blue Cell, they were made up of people from UD (underwater demolition) team 4 , New Zealanders, and Aussi's from LRDG (Long Range Desert Group), and guerrilla units from Malaysia, Korea, and Indoneshia. They were picked because of their skills in demolition, scouting, sniping, recon, sabotage, and their endurance.

Okay guys thats just the introduction, I'll really start the story tommorow.

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posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 08:25 PM
Okay people I'm not going to be able to finish this in time. So WW take off the STBSS part of it, sorry.

posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 04:44 PM
Montana, Yellowstone National Park July 11th 0800 :

"Okay recruits over the next 4 months your going to go through living hell" one of the DI's (drill instructor) said. "Your going to have to learn how to depend on each other, but be comfortable operating by yourselves. Now to start the training off there is going to be a 1 week SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) course, and remember you have 5 hours to run away and hide yourselves in the forest, and mountains.
Your going to have some of the best soldiers trying to capture you. Good luck, and dismissed."

As they ran into the forest determination was evident on every face. "Remember we have to stay together, its going to take team work to keep from getting captured by them" said Ichigo Kuki from the Naval Recon unit from Korea. "I think we should go at a pace of 8 minutes per mile, that way we can make 37 and half miles by the time they start hunting for us", said Tosho Ohona from the the Malaysian special forces unit Patak Duraka. "Also will only eat once every 3 and a half days", replied Jack Wolf, an aussi from the unit LRDG. Five hours later they were panting for breath, "wow is that tiring, but we have to keep on going" they all said. " I hear voices" said Paskul Forana, a Indoneshian man from the special scout brigade. "Quickly hide, but stay close together so we can offer support " said Tom Frankfort from the UDT unit.

I know its not much, just but kinda want to leave you guys hanging!

posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 01:51 PM
Fred Donford slowly crawled up to Tosho Ohona, "I have a plan to get out of this he whispered". "I'm all ears" replied Tosho Ohona. "Well my plan is to take out the four soldiers, (sorry I didn't mention this in the first or second part but there allowed to fight back with their hands) we have about twenty people with us. ( Two Aussi's, two New Zealander's, Four Malaysians, Four Indoneshians, Four Koreans, and Four Americans.) four people can take on each person, one from each side, then the left over four can make sure no one is coming". "Sound good to me" he replied. " All we have to do is make sure everybody can get to their positions without anybody noticing". Slowly they spread out to tell the group their plan, they decided that the two Aussi's and New Zealanders would be the people to watch. In minutes everybody got in their positions, everybody threw a pebble at the soldiers in their groups direction. Soon after that they came towards the pebbles, before they were able to react they all jumped out from the brush two or the Americans drop kicked the soldier, then the two Koreans kicked them in the chest they were knocked out . Same with the other 3 soldiers, after that they started to run away. "Wow that was fast, and easy" the Americans commented, "but remember when they find them unconscious their probably start to group them in groups of 8 or even ten" replied rest of the group. "Yea, but if that happens we can find away to run away and remember in most cases will probably have the advantage of suprise". "True, but just remember don't get cocky about this test always assume the worst, we have some of the best trackers in the world after us " replied the Aussi's and New Zealanders.

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