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OK People, how would you handle terrorism?

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:38 PM
I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the original topic of a thread is regarding on these boards, 100% of them all end up in a fight. The same fight: One side its: “Terrorists suck” and the other side is: “USA/West sucks”. Every post, all the time, ends this way.

All of us, regardless of the side we are on have our own opinions, agendas, and theories to support our cases. But in the end nobody agrees, and certainly nobody actually changes somebody else’s mind or opinion.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us in perpetual state of disagreement leading to some heated debates/fights that only strengthen our stances on our beliefs against each other. Id be willing to bet, if any one of us randomly met in some everyday situation we would get along fine, but not here.

So I have created this thread. It’s not a judgmental thread, or a thread about who’s right and who’s wrong. This thread is for you to put your selves in your government’s position and create a plan stating what you think should be done to stop terrorism, or whatever you think the issue is.

Would you send troops to fight? Sit and wait? Diplomacy until the end? Whatever. So, please reply with a structured response outlining what your plan would be to combat terrorism if it was your choice. This isn’t a joke thread, only serious, well thought out plans that support your opinions please.

I will post mine a little later.

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:40 PM
fight and let the people continue with their lives, no terrorist group has ever won a war, PLO, Hezbollah, Hama, Al Qaeda, Basque, IRA, etc. in anicase a small group targeting innocents just dug up their own defeat.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:45 PM

This thread is for you to put your selves in your government’s position and crate a plan stating what you think should be done to stop terrorism

Easy! Stop doing it.

And no, that isn't a joke.

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:50 PM
I agree that it's extremely hard to a have a constructive conversation, or even civilized debate, without it degenarating into rants. It's always been the same, if you can't be bothered, or lack the intelligence, to retort with a lengthy and long winded explanation of why your "right" and they are "wrong", you have already lost the argument and will inevitably post rants and trivial replies, as opposed to contributing to discussion. Everyones to blame, it's just a by product of the me me me society.

ANYWAY, if I was Prime Minister, in my opinion, I'd have little say in the matter. That doesn't need explanation other than I'm one of those who believe in a "secret government" conspiracy, and I don't believe tony Blair has very much say in these matters at all.

However, if, as Prime Minister, I did indeed have a say, I think I'd opt for some extremely extreme downgrading of our entire country, destroying capaitalism and looking for some new era. A completely idealistic and detail-free plan, which is why I'm not prime minister. God, how the republicans would despise it all. Far too communistic and 'Red'

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:53 PM
Ask the terrorists what they want.


Kill the ones who wouldnt stop.

Seems to have worked nicely against the IRA.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:54 PM
Exploit the gap between the Islamic radicals and the Islamic moderates.

Hunt down AQ to a man, & kill them all.
Get OBL, whatever it takes, even if it means pissing off the Pakistani's (who are not our friends anyway.) Our inability (unwillingness?) to catch or kill him solidifies his hero status in the Islamic world.

At the same time, reach out to moderate Muslims, and prove to them we are not the enemy. Things like the invasion of Iraq have precisely the opposite effect. The Iraq War has played right into OBL's hands.

Cut off all aid and weapons sales to the Israelis until they come to a fair & peaceful settlement with the Palestians, depriving the Islamic radicals of their priimary argument/recruiting tactic against the US.

Stop propping up the House of Saud and selling them weapons, they are playing a double game with us, it's time to look this squarely in the eye and put a stop to it. They promote Wahabbi fanaticism around the world even as they pretend to be our allies.

These would be some solid first steps.

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 01:01 PM
go to the source of why they do what they do
and insted of adding more fuel to the fire
sort out the source of it all

a bit like the fire triangle

you need fuel/oxygen/heat

take one away and comprendo

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 01:51 PM
First, I commend you, skippytjc for your post. Very real. This is a huge question with so many possible scenarios and assumptions. But… I’ll do my best to answer without writing a book.

Here is how I would handle terrorism. Assuming 9/11 was a terrorist act perpetrated by 'Islamic' extremists only - with no US involvement - and I was in THE position of power in the US, I would have immediately begun to fortify our borders.
-I would form a REAL homeland security department and spend billions of dollars to insure that the people of this country were as safe as possible.
-I would restructure the immigration department such that people from other countries coming into the US were somehow ‘tagged’ or otherwise tracked. When the visas run out, the people go home. Period. They could apply for extensions and so forth, but there would be no one here living and working and going to school on expired visas.
-The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies would use the wonderful technology we have available today to be in contact with agriculture, water storage, airports, mass transit, any possible vulnerabilities to terrorism that our people might face.

Secondly, I would take a good look at why terrorists hate us. I would change some of the arrogant policies the US has had around the world and do my best to return us to a position worthy of respect from the rest of the world. To respect, honor and value others discourages terrorism. My country would not abuse other countries or their resources, nor would it be the puppet of others. I would restore healthy relationships with them or have none at all.

And there would still be terrorism in the world. But it would be lower by far and the people of my country would be as protected and I could make them.

Evil exists. The best we can do is discourage it by eliminating the reasons for it and protect ourselves from it. Going out and fighting it is a fool’s game.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 02:48 PM
Firstly safety starts at home.

Airports would still be federalized but none of this half hearted nonsense the politician privatizers pushed through. Airport security would recieve more then the minimal training they currently get. They'd be more like customs agents with actual authority then the glorified rent a cops they've degraded into.

I'd distibute antiterror funding according to need rather then the pork barrel corrupt politics the current adminstration decided upon. None of this nonsense where Wyoming gets a huge piece of the pie while states that would be actual targets have to scrape by.

On the foreign front I would rely more on our intelligence assets and special forces to to combat terrorism. Despite the propaganda being put out by a certain political segment of our country terrorism is a crime being commited by criminals. You dont capture criminals by bombing the crap out of someplace. You use policework. Yeah I know it doesnt sound as macho as sending in the marines and getting "tough on terror" but this the real world not some action flick. I mean you dont invade the Bronx with tanks and soldiers because you hear criminals live there. You do that and not only will the criminals shoot at you but the guy who's house you just inadvertently blew up will shoot at you too.

By the way I'd try not to piss off my allies by calling them irrelevant and ignoring their interests especially when they actually have better intel capabilities then we do. Also Id try to actually cooperate with their intelligence services when they request information. Isnt funny how Germany actually brought one of the people involved in 911 to trial but because the US refused to turn over the incriminating evidence they had to let the guy off for lack of evidence. Sheer brilliance on our part.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 12:04 PM
I wanted to bring this thread to the top today. I think things are starting to heat up on this forum and every post is resulting in heated fights and arguments.

But lets get some productive ideas posted. Instead of all of us just turning every thread into opinion battles, lets just lay out what we think should be dont about terrorism.

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 12:48 PM
Well, my solution is brutal, quick, and too the point. You see, I stongly believe that these insurgents only respond to violence. Diplomacy is not an option with these meat heads. So what is my answer? Well, first lets look at history. I read somewhere (probably here) that we had Islamic terrorist problems in the Phillipines (sp?) A wise commander studied Islam, and came up with a fantastic solution. He simply captured some insurgents, executed them, and buried their bodies with pigs. Pigs are considered horrid in Islam, and if buried with one, you will not go to heaven. To make this post short, the strategy worked wonderfully and Terrorism came to a grinding halt.

So, that is my proposal.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 01:11 PM
Seeing that most posts are for quick final solutions, I have to say we have to look for the causes of terrorism. No one is born a suicide bomber. Yet one day, that person wakes up thinking: today I am going to die and take along a lot of people with me. What has happened?
It might be frustration (about real problems) combined with a radical mindset (a catalog of bad ideas, such as Islam or Judaism). So, instead of ignoring the problems and baing "tolerant" about bad ideas, my solution would be to solve the problems, long term, and ban the bad ideas now, especially from the schools.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 01:28 PM
We need a clean break approach; we have lots of blood on our hands UK/USA/ISREAL, so do other countries, Russia/China the lists goes on and on.

Always its about MONEY, we overthrow governments under the guise of either communism( thinking of the south Americans countries our govs terrorised for years and still do now, Same goes for Russia, it terrorised as a counter weight to our terrorising.

The wars we fought via proxy are crazy, all so we can rape the earth for its natural resources, Half of Africa is directly starving under the weight of debt and pain we have forced and bought them, by our interference.

A corrupt Leader is so much better for business that a Good leader to his own people, you can see the way the world works if you truly look with both eyes, Our leaders are corrupt, nothing is done without reward for some great corporations interests.

We the normal people the average Joes of this world, will never understand it fully unless we live in there shoes, We genuinely want to give our Help to the rest of world, (take the tsunami for example Public donations exceed governments donations, which is our money anyway)

Until we the western world leave other countries alone to act in there peoples best interests, instead of forcing our own agenda on them for profit (Bolivian water deal springs to mind.).

We created and trained Mr bin laden merry band of Jihads, We trained Saddams army and his torturers, Now we help support and train Some central Asian countries who’s leaders boil there own alive, We support Israel when its clear to all without Fox news, that Israel government doesn’t want peace, If that happened there country would collapse without the huge American government and public and private aid life line.

Until we the people of earth Stand together as one, they will always be terror, from individuals to governments to secret wars waged in the name of freedom (insert $$$$ here)

I strongly believe that there will be no peace on earth till we are united by a common threat, which threat would have to be basically E.T. an Alien invasion; even then I think many a CEO would try selling most humans as food or slave labour for some kryptonite.

We will reap what we sow.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 01:31 PM
double post... sorry.

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 01:43 PM
Assumed I had the power, I would:

1. Kill all politicians
2. Kill all religious leaders
3. Kill all bankers
4. Kill all lawyers
5. Kill all real estate dealers
6. Kill most of the media people

If you like humans, change "kill" with "arrest".
Above mentioned people are the source of all the terror in the world (so I may have missed some), everything else ist just a weak, helpless and misleaded answer.

But more seriously: as a good Christian (who knows the bible) of course you have to stop killing people at once first and respect the territory of other people. Stop exploiting people just because you are stronger and they have what you want. Stop going to wars, stop starting wars (do not be defenseless, though). Respect different cultures and religions (as long as they are not violent against you), respect human life. But you have to make the first step. And you have to be patient (though not defenseless, again). Try to act in a Christian sense every day - very few people do this today. Try to help your own people as well as people from other countries to lead a life free from poverty, sickness and early death. Fight greed and envy. It's a long way, but somebody has to start going it.

The terrorists today are pissed, or they are told that they are. So try not to piss on people, it's very animal. We are supposed to act different because we're humans, some people even say we are intelligent, so let's try to act as we would be.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 02:03 PM
I tend to agree with Brian May of Queen...and not just becasue he' a rock star, I think he has some very valid points. From his website:

Every time I fly (which is almost almost every day right now !) I walk past the conspicuous plastic case of confiscated nail clippers and tiny scissors, and think to myself ..."are we really fooling ourselves that by doing this we are making our world safe? " Yesterday in London must have shown us that we have no hope of solving the "Terrorist Problem" with this kind of sticking plaster. So where do we go from here ? Search everyone before they go on a bus? On a tube train ? Walking down the street? This is the road to insanity .... a climate of fear, which, sadly, the USA is already experiencing. It's time we attacked the cause rather than the symptoms. I want to see our politicians answer the question "WHY?" WHY do people hate us this much? What can we do to change this? It's no use thinking we are dealing with a small bunch of maniacs, as seems to be the popular view, who need to be "stamped out". The reality is we are looking at a large number of entire countries of people to whom the American (and English) flag is a symbol of evil. Of selfishness and bullying imperialist aggression. THIS is what we must address. This is what we owe it to our children to do. In my opinion.


posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 02:04 PM

1) Profile all Muslims living in country....especially MUSLIM CONVERTS.

2) Stop all Muslim immigration and visitations into America.

3) Arrest and deport any Muslims violating their legal immigration status and do the same for any Muslim that supports terrorism.

4) Arrest and detain all the leadership of the ACLU and Amnesty International. Find out where their getting their money from.

5) Seal up our Northern and Southern borders using troops stationed in South Korea and Japan. Shoot to kill anyone illegally crossing our borders.


1) Put Iran and Saudi Arabia on notice that any further terror acts committed against America will be THEIR responsibility and THEY will pay a horrible price for the Murderers they have sent against us. If they want to avoid having their capital cities turning into a hole, than they better call off their attack dogs....or else.

2) Nuke North Korea.....than Nuke it again...than Nuke it again...and again until all their nuclear facilities are burned to the ground.

3) Toss the UN out of America.

4) Evacuate all the woman and children from the Sunni Triangle in Iraq and Nuke it.

5) Stop all trade with China...all of it.

6) If Russia continues to help Iran build Nuclear plants, than stop all trade with them and treat them like the enemy they are.

7) Hit Irans nuclear plants with heavy bombers.

That should do it.


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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 02:52 PM
Terrorism isn’t new. “Terrorism”, has existed in one form or another since the beginning of man. The USA, or any nation, is not responsible for terrorism. The USA may be a popular “trigger” or reason for some modern terrorist’s actions, but no nation actually is responsible for it. The USA is but a newbie in the world in regards to the age or terrorism.

Why are “terrorism” and “terrorists” household names all of a sudden? Its not that there are more of them or more instances terrorism, it’s that we all know more about them. Today we are saturated with instantaneous news from thousands of sources 24/7. Nothing happens without the world being aware of it instantly.

Why is this important? Because in the past, people simply didn’t know about it, the news never reached them. It always happened; people have killed other people for insane reasons from the very start of history. Now, public opinion is influenced and set even before the news has even totally developed.

And because of this instant communication, people who are disposed or inclined to perform this kind of violence have the ability to connect with other people of the same extremism easily and with almost zero restrictions. We also need to consider we live in a world of 5 billion people, more than any other time in history. You combine 5 billion people who all have the ability to convey themselves to each other instantly and things start to happen, and not all of them good.

Now let’s add extreme religion to the mix. Now, extreme religious beliefs are the oldest catalyst for extreme behavior, and that goes for all religions. More people have been murdered in the name of religion than any other cause of death in the history of mankind. This religious extremism still exists today, maybe even stronger than ever. Islamic Extremism is in the spotlight today of course due to the huge number of international terrorism it is responsible for.

Let me start to bring this together:

There have always been people capable of extremism and there will always be people capable of extremism. I don’t think there are more of extremists today vs. our population than at any time in the past. The difference is today they can be influenced by each other and world events as well as communicate like no other time in history. They are organized as a result. Organized extremists are, as we all have witnessed, brutally potent. They can control governments and large groups. They are capable of acquiring the means to execute their agendas like no other time in history.

Now add the power of religious faith to these organized extremists. The combination is lethal. Now we have religious robots that will do anything they are told without fear of death. Because their religion tells them it’s just and the right thing to do. Welcome to the modern day terrorist, an organized religious fanatic who will stop at nothing to further the group’s agendas, even if it means killing themselves and innocents that include women and children.

What drives them to the extreme to begin with? A 1000 reasons for sure, but I would be willing to bet the majority of them are pre-disposed to violence or are weak to outside influence. Add some poverty and/or a hard childhood and bingo: Terrorist. Another reason was discussed (in this thread) maybe childhood molestation and sexual confusion due to cultural practices. But in the end, violent people tend to have a nature of it, its part of them and any other influences just build upon it.

Now lets tie this up:

So, nobody creates a terrorist, no one single reason. The USA didn’t not create any terrorists, certainly some insurgents in Iraq, but the terrorist were extremists long before the USA was a factor. The USA and the west have only created the modern day AGENDAS for these terrorists, not the terrorists themselves. We are reason for their actions, not the reason for their existence.

Now, having said all that, terrorists will never go away. They will always exist, like they always have, as long as there are people who are pre-disposed to violence and suggestion. And these people will always turn into extremists as long as there are others like them with the tools and power to mould them into whatever belief they see fit.

TERRORISM WILL NEVER GO AWAY. Only the targets and agendas will change.

So what’s the solution?

Well, the USA is the most powerful nation today. It’s powerful because it goes into other nations to make sure it has what it needs to remain powerful and provide its people with what they want. It is very simple. You also must realize that ALL NATIONS do this to a certain degree, it’s just that the USA being the largest, is more effective at it. Well, that’s enough to make the USA and its allies the prime targets of today’s largest extremist groups, primarily radical Islamic groups. As long as the USA wants to maintain itself, it will be the prime target of these groups as they blame the USA for all of their problems.

Now, the USA will never “give up” its power and influence that these terrorist groups so despise, so I would need to concede that the attacks will never stop. Having said that, this is what I would do:

#1 Lock down the borders, north and south. Big thick walls, lots of guys with guns. Allow immigration to the USA, but only through a thorough and LENGHTY process. Government run airports and harbors. Nobody comes in that we don’t want.

#2 As another poster said: No expired visas and nonsense of that sort. You can only be here if it’s legal to be here.

#3 Triple the amount of troops in Iraq for exactly 12 months. Lock down the borders, nobody in or out, for any reason. Remove anybody who does not have a valid reason to be in the country. 100% civilian weapon ban until the nation is secure. In other words: No goofing around, get things up and running ASAP. On the 12th month get the heck out.

#4 Spend MASSIVE cash to replace oil as our primary fuel source. Replace the oil, replace the Middle East. Let them rot in poverty once our money is gone.

#5 Make sure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons. They cant handle it, not as long as long as they are governed by Islamic Extremists.

The irony is guys the USA would still remain a target of Islamic extremism. Why? Because the very book they hold dearer than life itself tells them that all non believers must convert or die. That’s why big thick walls and strict immigration will always be needed.

So, in regards to terrorists: Do your best to defend against them, they will always be there. And sometimes you may need to bring the fight to them.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 02:56 PM
...because I'd sure vote you WAY UP!

Originally posted by yeehaa
We will reap what we sow.

You said it beautifully, yeehaa. We need a clean slate and mucho understanding of the big question: WHY are we hated? Terrorism can only be fought when we understand why it happens. It happens for a reason that not to many people want to admit...because the west (mostly the U.S. and Britain) has meddled in the affairs of sovereign nations, overthrown or had assassinated leaders (Mossedegh, Omar Torrijos, Jaime Roldos...and soon likely Hugo Chavez) who had the best interests of the little people in mind (meaning not the wealthy), and installed corrupt leaders/governments all in the name of greed and powermongering. The west has lied and cheated for its own ends (ex. when Arabs helped Britain to fight Turkey they were promised an independent Palestine. Instead, Palestine was sold/given to Rothschild and that is how Israel came to be established in '48. The west has also used or created terrorism to its own ends to dumb down the people. This hatred of the West did not happen overnight. Of course the fact that the media is owned by the rich and they only tell us what they really want us to know. The people never really learn or understand the history of why terrorism happens - from the perspective of the other side. Also, we have our comfortable lives and many just don't want to know or understand the reasons behind why. In the U.S. 1/5th of the worlds population uses more than 25% of the world's resources.

When a resistance pops up to fight an occupation - military or otherwise, its called an insurgence. However, if the west hadn't meddled in the affairs of the country in the first place, there would have been no need to overthrow the government once that leader no longer did the bidding of the west. Saddam is a perfect example of this. For years he was the U.S.'s buddy, they knew about the Kurds at Halabja who died, but he fought an 8 year war against Iran - doing the U.S.'s dirty work. When he decided he wasn't going to play that game any more, he had to go - so Iraq '91 happened (Kuwait was an excuse). They slapped him down, but let him stay... Why? Because they figured he had been sufficiently chastised and would now behave (do their bidding)...but he wouldn't. So the U.S. punished the Iraqi people with sanctions and almost daily bombings. And you know the end of the story...if Saddam had complied (read privatize the oil) you can bet your bottom dollar he'd still be there today - how many corrupt leaders has the west kept in place over the years? Saudi Arabia is a perfect example. Talk about an oppressed society. But its okay with the west because they are in cahoots together. Especially now...but for how long now that the U.S. is in Iraq and they say that Iraq may have more oil than S.A.

There is also an attitude of the west. For example, although it is terribly sad and horrible that 3,000 people died on 9/11, or that 52 people died on 7/7, or 191 on 3/11, are these lives more worthy than those that are taken every single day because of wars/invasions by the west? How about the debt and poverty which kills 30,000 children every day from malnutrition and disease. EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR!!! Are these lives less important than ours?

And the most important aspect to be looked into of all would be the it drags the whole world down unnecessarily. Usuary is contrary to Islam, but it is the way of the West..even though its in the Bible too. Part of the reason they fight is for this very reason.

Skippy - we don't agree on much, but commend you for starting this thread

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 03:08 PM
Always Learning, you hit the nail on the head. I couldn't agree more.

Sadly, the "Thoms Crownes" of this website, and the world, will forever say "Stop whining you commie, respect your country and stop pretending we aint the best". It's attitudes like that that allow the politicians to do such things, because too many of us don't want to know.

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