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Soundclip from Hell?

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posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by Dreamkidd
Isnt hell essentially a zone devoid of the physical, otherwise we wouldnt need to die to go there.

According to Old Testament (And the founding documents of that being the Dead Sea Scrolls), there was no Hell. The original Hebrew scriptures only discussed Sheol...Literal translation means "pit" or "grave". Sheol was literally translated, the graveyard where the dead were buried. Any other embelishments that come after were fabrications, philosophical pondering & perhaps even intentional lies.

I'll post that same link that I'd posted before, relating to that original thread:
What The Hell Is Hell?
I'm going to also mention that there are some very good websites linked from there that discuss the history of the Bible & the Organized Religion that surrounds it...The other links do not discuss the tenants, philosophies or ethics of the religion as much as it dicusses the history & the organization that perpetuates those dogmas.

Now, since this make the third thread that I've participated in that proves the hoax on this subject, I'm putting this thread behind me & I'm going on to other topics...

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