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Freddy Mercury - when did he really die?

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posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 06:58 AM
OK, this is not really a conspiracy, but it is an interesting fact about when he died.

Around the time of his death I was out with friends for dinner on the Friday evening, one of whom worked for Freddy Mercury's record company.

At one point during the meal her boyfriend announced to us all that Freddy had died that morning. His girlfriend got pretty angry with him, gave him a dig in the ribs and hissed at him that she had told him confidentially and had warned him not to mention it.

No big deal and we carried on with the meal.

The next day in the news, there was an announcement that Freddy had announced that he had AIDS. Strange, I thought, as he had died the previous day.

The following day, Sunday it was announced that he had died in his sleep, when we knew he had in fact died two days earlier.

No conspiracy and I can understand that maybe his relatives wanted it to appear he had annouinced he had AIDS whilst still alive.

I'm wondering if anyone else has similar information about delayed information relating to other star's deaths.

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 07:03 AM
I remember there was a famous Glaswegian actor that died around ten years ago. The press were always kicking about the hospital for a story so the family said that he was moved to a ward and was dying when in fact he was still in A & E and when he did die it was announced a day later. It was all to give the family a bit of privacy and a little mourning time alone before the press got their bit.

Maybe Freddie Mercurys family or whatnot was doing the same thing.


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