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Prophet Yahwehs experience and my own

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posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 02:59 AM
I was shocked to see this video about a month ago. I have posted here on
as well as shared with saint4god my experience back in January where I was standing outside. I had a powerfull premonition that something in the clear skys overhead was going to happen.

I was with a friend. It was around midnight, and I pointed towards the sky facing the South. My right hand to the west, and my left hand to the east.

Roughly 20 or 30 seconds later, two very bright what I thought to be shooting stars appeared in the sky. From the farthest horizon in the west and from the farthest horizon in the east.

The only problem was that shooting stars glow bright, and then they break into pieces then fading. These two objects came from opposite horizons,
with a continuous orangish white glow and covered the distance from horizon to overhead in a little under 3 seconds. Both objects met overhead directly above, and I mean like miles above, and then they dissappeared.

The man I was standing with looked at me like I was some kind of oddity.
I myself was shocked. I was standing with my mouth open wondering what it was that had just got my attention before seeing it, and then appeared.
From that point on, odd things have been happening to me in the world.
I cant explain it.

From whats been happening to me, and what I saw in Yahwehs video, I have every reason to beleive he is not only for real, but that God, has a plan and that plan is indeed in action. His fears of being killed as a false prophet are real. Those same thoughts have silently gone through my head also. He is not wishing to be misunderstood, he has been given something as a powerfull witness that change is in the wind.

These arent UFOs, this is celestial energy wrought from God. Working its way into our world. I wouldnt doubt it, I would believe it. Mankind is going to find that there are powers and creations, much greater then anything we can imagine.

Its changed my life.


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posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 06:21 AM
So, what are you suggesting is going to come down over Las Vegas in the next few days? A giant ball of energy like stuff?

Are you expecting this huge event to happen? What if it doesn't?

I bet if it did, it'll be dissmissed as 'swamp gas' or something.....

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 07:11 AM
just because you saw anomalous phenomena in the sky doesnt automatically mean that God sent balls of celestial energy down here

there are just the connections you made; and they are reasonable connections but i wouldnt put all my eggs in one basket if u know what i mean

you could have seen spaceships
or 'ball lightening' or 'st elmos fire'

im not discounting your theory; im just trying to point out that it could be other things too

and just because u saw some legit phenomena; doesnt mean PY is for real

i think its been well established PY fits the definition of "conman" very closely
he fits all the requirements; so its best to be careful with him
he may be real but the majority of us are VERY skeptical of him

i truely believe you saw something; but what ever you saw; none of us know for sure

thats the only Certainty we are dealing with ; Uncertainty

keep your eyes open and thanks for sharing your sighting and *premonition incident*

go make some reports to the UFO centers; it helps add to the database
**speaking of that ill have to go add mine too**

anyhow thanks for sharing
i really appreciate it

i will note however the most interesting part of your story was that you "felt like something would appear"
thats very very interesting and i would like to know more about it

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