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Racist Conspiracy in Britain??

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posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 01:41 AM
Over the last year i have read some stories, regarding Britain’s immigration policies that have shocked me.

First one was about this Nigerian man who came to Britain when he was 14 for a better education. Apparently his family’s funds ran out and from the ages of 16 he has to fend for himself. However, he managed to complete his education and start working. He pays taxes, National insurance and is considered a good citizen. He realised there was a problem with his documentation, regarding legal stay, so he tried to correct matter (through his own choice) and approached the government who decided that they don’t want him here, As far as i am aware he is still fight deportation to a land that he considers foreign.

Then we have the case of Mario Clarke. A Jamaican man who came to Britain and joined the Army. He was shot dead by gangsters, in a case of mistaken identity, which left his wife a widow. How do the British officials reward this man who was prepared to fight and die for Queen and country?? Deport his wife before the funeral. Mario Clarke was buried in England... his wife cannot even visit his grave.

Soldiers wife deported

There is also the case of the Ghurkhas (A Nepalese unit of the British army and one of the finest fighting units Britain has) Until recently Ghurkhas where not allowed to stay in Britain. They can spill there blood for Britain but just don’t turn up with you suitcase was the basic message. Good news is they won a case in September 2004 for the right to stay.

Then we have the Zimbabweans who have fled to this country to escape Robert Mugabe and his followers. People fleeing (mostly apposition politicians and supporters) are in fear of there lives. Now while this country invade Iraq to "Rid the world of an evil man" we turn our back on another evil man and hand victims to him on a plate

There are many many other stories like this and i have also had friends that have experienced Britain’s farcical immigration policy.

Now... on the flipside to this, rather unpleasant coin, we have the likes of Abu Hamza. This is a man who openly preaches hatred of the west. He encourages terrorism with speeches and is condemned by almost all of the Muslim people in Britain. But he is allowed to stay (even given police protection) and preach his hatred to the small group of young follows. He was even kicked out of his own mosque, for being to extreme, yet we cannot kick him out of Britain.

There are also the people i see daily... The people who come here and have no intention of working or becoming part of British life. I have seen women standing at traffic lights, with there baby's in there arms, approach cars and say please give me money. I have seen gangs of young kids on the tube begging, gangs of men on street corners selling fake goods. Now, those of you who don’t live in Britain may think that they beg because they are not looked after and have no hope... well let me tell you... that is rubbish.

My wife's mother and farther was driven almost to breaking point when the neighbouring house was given to a family of eastern Europeans. The men of the family would keep them up all night kicking a football against a wall with the numerous friends they would invite over. Her (my wife) Dad found them and there friends sitting on HIS car bonnet in HIS drive and when asked them to remove themselves from his property they where rather rude. He then woke up one morning find they had climbed over his garden fence placed a ladder against his apple tree and where filling a bucket with HIS apples so that they could sell them at the market. At this point he snapped and called the council who said there was nothing they could do. He was extremely angry and summed it up with his words

"When i came to this country i had to work for a living, There was no free handouts, no free accommodation, everything i own i have worked for yet these people come here and are given everything and then try to break that which i have worked for" (if you are wondering my wife’s parents came here from Jamaica in the 1950's)

Eventually the disturbances got so bad that they had to move home. Now... my wife’s parents are not racist... I am white and they are Black... they welcomed me with open arms and have never once questioned the fact that a white man married there daughter. But the Government allows this group of riff raff to come into the country and disturb the life of these descent hard working people??

There are also many stories like that.

So... I have come to the conclusion that, unless there is a lack of common sense (amongst government officials) so large as to be almost unbelievable, that this is a conspiracy to stir up Racial hatred in Britain. We deport descent, hard working, loyal people while allowing terrorist and yobs to stay. We punish the innocent and reward the criminals. All of this inflames racial tensions and the majority of descent hardworking migrants are victimised by the tabloids, the government and the indigenous population who do not have the sense to blame government but instead target the immigrants.

Allowing criminals and terrorists entrance into Britain also gives them the political weight to introduce more Surveillance cameras and ID cards etc...

Conspiracy? What do you think?

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 07:47 AM
I agree, it's a joke though not really a conspiracy IMO.

The whole immigration system is just a complete joke. Whether or not the London bombings were caused by sleeper cells in Britain or by immigrants I don't know, but the shoddy system is going to really show what it's worth sooner or later when more attacks are caused from persons abroad who can easily bring weapons and explosives past the border.

As you've said it just makes no sense. Court is basically the same, it seems the good get 'punished' and the convicts get let off with a slap on the wrist then they go off and commit more crimes knowing the system is so dire.

Unfortunately I don't see the problem getting better anytime soon. Seems the government are too afraid to take immigrants to court so they let them be and ignore the problem.

Reminds me of a county council that ordered conker trees to be cut down out of fear they'd be sued because of injuries from falling conkers *sigh*.

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