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Blair Quote by the AP retracted Regarding Israel/Palestine

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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:28 PM
Tony Blair misquoted by the AP linking the bombings in London to the Israel Palestine conflict? Hmmmmm......It appears that somewhere there was slip up either on the AP on a lead or Blair on a converup.
This would sink a Natural gas deal with Egypt and Palestine and create considerable unrest in the middle east.

We need to be awake. Alert, and searchinf for the truth in the matter.
I originally posted in another thread the following....

Then recently the AP retracts this..

The unusual AP correction was issued after the world media misreported Tony Blair as linking attacks against his country to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Many publications seized on this misquote as a suggestion that Israel was to blame for these attacks. AP’s correction says: In a July 9 story about prime minister Tony Blair’s comments on overcoming global terrorism, the Associated Press erroneously reported that he spoke of easing the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Blair did not specifically mention the Israel-Palestinian conflict in his interview with the British Broadcasting Corp.

Or was it a misquote? Like Rumsfelds mistake and the jet taking down flight 93, have we caught something?

Theres much a slip between the cup and the lip...Welcome to truth.


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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:54 PM
The more and more this starts pointing to Isreal intelligence agencies using Al Qaeda as a front, Blair is backing away from any real investigation being done but at the same time, championing a faster inclusion of Britians new Draconian anti-terrorism laws - just like America saw after 9/11.

U.K.'s Blair Rejects Call for Probe of London Blasts
July 11 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected a call for an inquiry into the July 7 London bomb blasts, telling lawmakers there wasn't any intelligence that could have enabled police to prevent the attacks.

Blair said planned anti-terror laws, scheduled for consideration later this year with a view to introduction early next year, will go ahead on the current timetable.

``If, as the fuller picture about these incidents emerges, it becomes clear that there are powers which the police and intelligence agencies need immediately to combat terrorism,'' Blair said, the legislation would get ``an accelerated timetable.''

The 'ol "we didn't know no nothin' routine" is being pulled out of the bag. Just like in the US, they apparently knew nothing but had mulitple pre-warnings and were even running drills on the same day about similar events occuring!

There were warnings because Isreal had given the UK multiple warnings in the days leading up to the London Bombing.
All buses 2 days before were delayed for an hour as they were searched for bombs.
The Isreali Prime Minister was warned about the bombing on the day.

That's fair warning right there.
The truth is, they didn't DO anything about the warnings because AGAIN, it's better for them to happen. Why people feel like less than a 100 lives are worth more than a trillion dollar investment and 20 year plan for the west is still surprising to me when the UK/US soldiers are responsable for more deaths than that every week.

These bombings were highly organised yet they were very low on the destruction/death meter. They could of easily used bombs which would kill more people or used those bombs in different scenarios if they were REALLY targeting people but of course they weren't, they were targeting confusion and distraction, the deaths are 'collatoral damage', unfortunate but a small price for what's invested.

This bombing is purely for vested interests in the Middle East in order to get support for Isreal against Islam because at the end of the day, only a fool believes that there won't be a major war between these two ideologies in the future. Mossad/CIA and other agencies are working hard to plant the seed that ALL terrorism from hence forth is the work of a mystery group called Al Qaeda and using that theory as their pretext for war.

The CIA wrote about using propaganda and covert operations in preperations for war in over 80 countries around the world. They titled that document 'The World Wide Attack Matrix' and Bush signed off on it and gave the CIA more global power than they have ever had.
Are they not using this power because the Al Qaedas are doing all the work for them? For some reason in which no one can explain properly or expose the true intent of this mystery group other than some lame excuse like 'they are jealous of our freedom' or 'they want to convert the world to Islam' or 'they just lust for blood', the Al Qaedas are doing the CIA work for them and encouraging more war in the Middle East for western interests.

It's pathetic and whats more pathetic is when words by Saddam Hussien actually make more sense than Bush or Blair when he said pre-invasion that it's the West who are the true global aggressors and that no Arab nation has ever crossed the sea to attack America.

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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 11:32 PM
Im still checking the name on the post Memphis to make sure I didnt write it.....My god. You couldnt have been more on the head on this.

A: It appears that London had advanced warning .
B: Suprisingly, nothing has been reported as an ID on the bombers through the extensive UK camera system.
C: We have a mystery mistquote by the AP reflecing conspiracy.
D: We have a rare retraction by the AP.
E: Israel was the one providing the warning up until the bombings...Wheres their source?
F: That coupled with the " World Wide attack Matrix" you mentioned....

Leads me to believe even more so that this is a sour deal..
Rather then asking yourself are you prepared for an NBC, ( Nuclear, Biological, Chemical weapon ), ask yourself are you ready for the truth.

If its conclusive that the coalition and the US government lied to US to endanger our valuable soldiers as well as killing lives abroad, will we be able to handle doing the right thing?

What would we do? Impeach? War crimes tribunal? What would the protocol be? I hope im wrong. Someone prove its so so I can go to sleep at night....


posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by HIFIGUY

What would we do? Impeach? War crimes tribunal?

you dont think they whould have done this already if they could ?

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by HIFIGUY

What would we do? Impeach? War crimes tribunal? What would the protocol be? I hope im wrong. Someone prove its so so I can go to sleep at night....

I don't theres anything we can really do to be honost, i know that's a bleak out look but there's no way we can stop this juggernaut without two key factors:

1. More people start reading investigative journalism and watching investigative documentaries and learn the history of the events we are in now.
2. A Government that is willing to defy Isreal and the US and expose the government agencies like CIA, Mossad, M15, ISI etc etc.

I find number 2 to be very unlikely other than from opposition sources like Arab nations but those are cancelled out anyway by fact number 1, people being to ignorant to listen to an Arab nation because they are brought up to believe they are the enemy, therefor the enemy never speaks the truth.

If people want to learn and don't know where to start, here's a few EASY ways to get upto date, expand your knowledge considerably and actually create a foundation for your views on Terrorism and the wars. Yes it involves a lot of reading and brain power but you'll never be handed the truth on a silver platter, you have to earn it.

1. Get the documentary 'The Power Of Nightmares Part 1, 2 & 3'
This documanty traces the origins of Terrorism and will leave you with no doubt as to how Al Qaeda was formed and used by the CIA. It was made by the BBC and is not some crazy theorist idea.

2. Read the book 'Crossing The Rubicon'
This book is BIG, has around 50 pages of resources, links, references for it's research and delivers it's case against the War on Terror by restricting itself to a presentation that would be allowed in a court of law. There's NO talk about how the buildings fell, if there were pods under the planes, if there were bombs in the buildings etc etc. None of that.
It explains WHY this is happening and who's behind it from a purely finacial, corporate and intelligence angle. It will show you the US governments involvement in 9/11 without even needing to discuss 1 photo or video.

If you can get those two LARGE but informative pieces of information into your head, you will understand this issue is as complex as a Rembrandt and next time you watch the news, you'll see that your government and media are trying to make you believe it's a nice simple finger painting.

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