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New Update on Kennewick Man

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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Here is the latest update on the investigation into the 9300 year-old remains of "Kennewick Man" that were discovered more than nine years ago along the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State. Interesting reading. Please, feel free to add your own comments on the subject.

Scientists Ponder Who -- Or What -- Killed Kennewick Man

The Seattle Post Intelligencer
USA - It's been nine years since they discovered the skeleton near the river, and the forensic scientists are finally getting started on this very cold case. One clue: The stone spear point in the hip of the 9,300-year-old human remains known as Kennewick Man indicates the old guy had at least one enemy.

[text]Douglas Owsley uses replicas of Kennewick Man's skull and pelvis bone to explain the 11-person scientific team's study of the 9,300-year-old bones. Jim Bryant / Seattle Post-Intelligencer[/text]

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