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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 01:31 AM
mods... I have placed this thread here and in the Creation area... don't know what the etiquette is. let me know if I was wrong.

Hi all… I’ve only recently become a member of ATS (finding it interesting so far) and as yet have only posted a few comments. I have however read a lot of the threads. Two of the most active areas seem to be Creation versus Evolution and Aliens versus No-aliens.

Now this may cause a few people to get angry with me, but from what I’ve seen on these boards not many people are actually too interested in seeking the truth. Rather, they have a fixed and unchanging viewpoint and are only interested in convincing others that their view is wrong.

Both of these areas (Aliens and God) have no definitive answers as yet and are therefore open to being proven either way. This being the case, to blindly state that your case is correct and the other is not, is illogical. If you are searching for the correct answer then you must look not just at evidence that appears to prove your own belief, but at the opposing evidence as well. And you must view and evaluate that evidence OBJECTIVELY, not subjectively. By blindly sticking firmly to your belief (and it is after all, only a belief) in these matters you are precluding yourself from ever finding the answer.

The question is, therefore, why do so many people do this? Why do people spend all their time vehemently defending their viewpoint, without ever taking an open-minded view at the opposing evidence, let alone accepting the possibility that they may be wrong? The reason, I believe, is that most people who hold such strong and unchangeable views, are actually defending a HOPE that they are correct. And that this hope is born out of a desperate need to feel important, or valid.

Let me give a few examples, taking the two opposing views for both the GOD and the Alien debates. Please understand that I am generalizing to some extent and I don’t think that everyone falls into these compartments.

God exists. I am created in his image. God loves me. I am important to God. I am important.

All creatures are born out of the evolutionary process. This process has been going on for billions of years. Human beings are the pinnacle of evolution. I am a human being. I am important.

We are not the only form of life in the universe. There are forms of life far more advanced than ours. Those life forms are already here. They would only be here if we are deemed to be important for some reason. We are important. I am important

We are alone in the universe. There is no other life. We are unique. We are important. I am important.

All of these beliefs are born out of a sense of self importance or a need to feel important. They give the person a sense of validation. And by virtue of this, they will be defended blindly and vehemently. Who will admit that their belief is wrong, if, in giving up this belief they have to give up a feeling that they are important, or matter? I think that a lot of the time, with a belief structure of this nature it is difficult entering into discussion with the person. They are right, you are wrong. Period. They have to be.

The funny thing is, with both of these subjects, if ever there is definitive proof either way, either answer will change our collective consciousness and will have a major impact on our belief structures, philosophies and religions.

I for one am looking forward to the day when we know for sure either way.

My beliefs? I have no firm opinion, but I would prefer that there were other intelligent beings in the universe. And I would prefer that there is no God (for my own reasons).

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posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 03:17 AM
very good comments bro

your a very intelligent person to make such accurate observations

i personally dont really take much part in the evolution-creationism debate

i do strongly believe evolution is obvious and self-evident ; and i dont really agree with creation because i think the universe is eternal and infinite *i dont know for sure but thats my gut instints*
i believe in "God" but i think God is "the essence of the entire universe" and NOT "a person sitting on a thrown"

the reason i believe in alien life is because of my person expierances however; and somehow *in my personal expierance* my realization of the existance of aliens has made me feel Less important , in very humbling and satisfying way lol

i saw some UFOs; one was close enough to see it was a spinning metallic disk
i even seen military jets 'box em in' and the ufo would easily escape and go straight up into outer space

these "clues" lead me down to my conclusion that i was witnessing an event of ET origins

i have never seen an alien so i will allow the slight possibility that my conclusions were off track; but im pretty confident the "ET" explanation fills all the gaps; and explains the phenomena very well

but hey, thats me
everyones totally different
we all see earth from different perspectives

and everyones perspective is important even the ludacris ones
i think we will see the truth to Both these issues within 50years in a mainstream public way

i think God vs Evolution will be solved; and most will agree that both can exist at the same time
and i think the existance of these aliens will be revealed also

and according to phil corso; the existance of these aliens is Already being disclosed thru "Camofladge"

they make movies and stuff; all fictional; and thru this they help people understand what aliens are
they cover up stuff like roswell with bogus stories that are so easy to dislodge that practically anyone can see something fishy is going on

disclosure with camofladge
its a good explanation, almost spotless in my opinion

for fun try reading Lt Col. Phil Corso's book "the day after roswell"
u can get it at local library thats where i got it

make ur local library a hang out spot
if u havent already

knowledge is power
knowledge is fun

rock on

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 09:33 AM
You already have a thread on this topic,

1 is enough for all to see,

ill close this one and link to your other one,

So please all feel free to add your comments to the below link,



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