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Terrorism, Society & Ideas

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 10:17 PM
I've been sitting by for a long while now watching everything hatch and watching as people are waking up. It's getting hard to deny something odd is happening in the world... The problem is WHAT? .. It's this side, no, it's that side...escape goats and confirmed terrorists..... I find the problem is miscommunication and widespread lies dictated by hired speakers.

It's unfortunate that when the FBI or CIA do something entirely rotten it isn't seen as horrendous... like the CIA putting powdered cement mix in childrens school-milk in Cuba.... I'm no fan of violence of any sort, but it really disgusts me when tax money is given to organizations affiliated directly/indirectly with the government. There is a huge problem with society and that problem is too many old people are trying to maintain power, the world should be run by the future (children) educated by the elders so it is a constant re-evaluation of knowledge.

The other problem is IDEAS.... like the aryan nation, and other self righteous killing cults whose interpretation of intelligence is death.
This planet has become recycled garbage,
We have made slaves of our children, and have been tricked into creating it by our need to provide and shelter them... The western civilization is close to the only one where chilren made decisions for parents, where children talk back to their parents, have their parents arrested, charged and killed.

We see these wars and terrorism as a fight between peoples, peoples of a different color and of different ideals but the truth is, it is just a war based on an enemy which does not exist. There is peace; but peace lives where there are no ideas and where there are no fears. We have to start thinking of ideas like we think of the air, it is for everyone to breath equally, therefore everyone must be thought of equally, ideas are only good when they are shared amongst people.

There's no point attempting to stop these attacks, it's impossible because it has now become an idea, an idea will live beyond many bodies, and many ages, it takes honesty and purity to stop such a thing, and I will tell you the direction everyone is taking is the wrong approach, but it's useless trying to teach those who cannot see the light.

There are no strong leaders,
no one wants to rise up and lead because there are so many people to represent and no one wants to be represented partially...
the idea of evil and good help somewhat...
back in the day it was easy to speak, easy to combat ill intentions, but now there are so many subjects to speak about and so many ill intentions to thwart that to have someone represent you is impossible because they would need to be you to represent you. It is as Jesus said everyone in a household will be unto themselves, mother will fight with daughter, daughter with brother and so on... it isn't fighting necessarily, it's not agreeing ...
Emotions and concepts have become so familiar we've been able to customize them, we no longer say things were bad or good, we can now describe in perfect detail how our emotions felt...

When the time comes there will be two easily defined sides....
right now, the confusion is still strong so it appears as if there are multiply sides and multiple groups but in time, when humanity has had it's fill of death and misunderstanding and miseducation it will stand up and it will be easy to identify the wrong-doers because there will be plenty less of them...

We are smarter than the people who have educated us for thousands and thousands of years, we see through their attempts at misguiding us...

that's just my opinion

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