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Other Theories of the Creation myth

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 08:25 PM
We humans are always looking for our origins, in our Culture the creation Bible story is the one that most Christians will go by and accept it as the truth, in their faith.

But for others Evolution holds the scientific theory of our origins.

Now how many here has ever gone outside the creation myth of the Bible and actually have researched in other cultures version of the origins of men.

Each country has its own creation myth that starts with a man and women with powers and a set function of population of the earth.

Most ancient cultures Creation myth talks about Gods and Goddesses that came from heavens to spread their seed and form the human race, also many myth also talks about the return of these creators or creator.

We know about these myths because they have been passed over through oral tradition, ancient texts, stone tablets, and other artifacts found by archaeologists, the bible is also included in the list.

Now let see how cultures refer to the myth of creation in their own. But first let see about the newest Evolution discovery links.

Three newly discovered primate species that lived 30 million years ago suggest that our first ancestors originated in Asia and not in Africa, challenging the well-known "Out of Africa" theory about human evolution.

It seems that perhaps the First Humans that migrated from Africa to populated the rest of the world were not originally from Africa after all, that is call the “out of Africa theory”

Africa has about 12 different myth of creation, depending of the different tribal accounts. All of them included one or two sets of Gods that created earth.

The Dogon theory of Creation, this people are from the Sahara desert in Africa and are supposed to be of Egyptian decent, and they are very have a creation myth that includes the Dog star and a reference of the Sirius star. This people knew about the Sirius star before it was actually seen for the first time in 1862 and photographed in 1970.

The Dogon say their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind. The name comes from a Dogon word meaning 'to make one drink', and the Nommos are also called 'Masters of the Water', the 'Monitors', and the 'Teachers'.

The Enuma Elish, Babilonian creation myth, The Babylonian 'Epic of Creation - Enuma Elish' is written on seven tablets, each are between 115 and 170 lines long.

They where supposed to be written in 12th century B.E.C but they could be as old as the Sumerian times.

The celtic creation myth talks about Giants God of old, that was formed in winter.

These are only a few of the creation stories myth of ancient origins.
Now interested to point out that if we look at most of the creation myth from other cultures it seems like most of them actually see the creator or creators, Gods or Goddesses as entities that perhaps came from other planets, as is refer to the heavens. The next link is good link to theories of creation myth.

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