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Religious Psychosis

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 05:13 AM
the way people use religion and faith to justify their problems is pretty #ed but it is human nature to put all of our # on something else the last thing most people would do is admit that they have this problem so they will try and hide it even from themselves but if they do admit it one thing they will never do unless someone twists their arm is take responsibilty for their own damn problem. Most religions are purely lies that have been told so much that they are a fake truth that some people genuinely believe to be right, to sallow the crap most religions cram down your throats is where these people lost touch with humanity, not necessarily right and wrong because there is no real right and wrong every man's idea of right and wrong is completely different. Example I am a satanist and proud of it, it is the only religion that isn't all be nice and every thing will work out it just tells it how it is, to only believe in your humanity, i believe this is the right choice whereas most people will just assume the second i say satanist that i am some kind of crazed devil worshipper and will also assume that my choice is the wrong one, but to me there choice of faith or lack there of may be wrong. So basically when it comes to right and wrong its a two way street something that is one mans wrong is anothers right. But i am getting of the point, the point is that most white light religions were created to control humanity (usually through fear) and make them feel dirty and that thses obessions were one of the few things that was accepted. So all in all religion is a stupid way to cover up humanities flaws whilst also controlling the masses with threats of the end of the world.(mind u i my self am interested in the end of the world hell id love to bring it into play myself but i am only intersted not obessed with needless preparation so i get into some holy intenible paradise)

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 08:49 AM
depend on people to find God? Do we believe that people are perfect and therefore are completely accurate representatives of a perfect God? I hope not. I hope the bravery is there for us to take responsibility for ourselves and ask God directly: Do you exist? What can I do to find out?

Pray, train, study,
God bless.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 05:36 PM

You have voted saint4God for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month

I hope quite a few people take time to consider your statement.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 02:59 AM
Psychosis should not be confused with antisocial personality disorder (aka. psychopathy). One is a symptom and the other is a mental illness. This confusion is evident from the beginning of your post when you gave the definition for psychotic.

But otherwise, I tend to agree that religion should not be used to cover a mental illness.

Take Care.

[edit on 14-7-2005 by Raphael_UO]

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 02:00 AM
People tend to act based purely on emotions.
Sometimes internal intellectual constraints prevent behaviors, but that is pretty rare.

I suppose we all dress our emotionally based action with ideologies [religions, politics, etc.]

But religion assumes that if it comes from what they think is their God it is automatically good. [Some people do a similar thing with other ideologies]
It becomes a shut-off of one's moral compass, instead of applying
The Golden Rule, 'How would I feel if someone treated me this way?'
It frees people to do careless or even horrible things and dismiss the moral consequences from their minds. That is operating at the level of shoeleather. Shoe leather does not have to think, it just does what it does.
When people act like shoe leather they shouldn't be able to hold up a shield/facade claiming humanity. It is a lie. Hypocracy.
If you divorce yourself from humanity, you are not human, regardless of your DNA. Hair has human DNA, but I don't treat it with great concern.
If God [or a religion] doesn't want one's mind, it doesn't want the whole person. A thing without a mind is no longer human. It is degenerate.

The Golden Rule also helps you not to act stupidly when dealing with other humans. If you take as a rough initial estimate your own thinking and attitudes you have some idea of how someone else will respond to actions you may take. If you don't consider that, you operate as an idiot, always suprised when people get upset by your aggressive actions. Empathy is actually a very important part of a highly advanced nervous system. Lower lifeforms have much less of it, with some exceptions when dealing with their own young.

Because religion is so pervasive for humans around the planet and all those people assume [even with all their conflicting viewpoints] that if it comes from God [their religion] everyone gives it a pass.

I think Religions and their members need to be held accountable.
If psychopathic talk is the endlesslly repeated litany for a religion it needs to be exposed as a harbor and re-inforcer of mental illness.
People in a civilized society have to be held to certain humane standards, which are only breached under well defined situations.
It takes work and effort each day, but usually becomes easier with practice.
If you don't demand some minimal level of standards for people, then they will operate at the level of animals and hide it behind whatever social facades are available.

I am a science fiction buff.
My idea of the best society is one where the people are intelligent, savy and tough, but when some higher goal or purpose is presented they will sacrifice of themselves for that higher purpose. But the purpose is clear, well presented and well thought through. It is not mysterious or cloudy, it is brilliantly clear and dazzling. It is in a word beautiful. People go above and beyond the call of existance to create beauty in the Universe. But not just surface beauty, but deeper aesthetics, like beauty of design, efficiency, cleverness.

I guess I don't understand why/how people would follow something as murky and obscure as most religions seem to be. Maybe all the mumbo jumbo is seductive?

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by jake1997

You have voted saint4God for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month

I hope quite a few people take time to consider your statement.

Wow thanks! The love goes rigtht back at ya. Though I can't take the credit for that statement...oh yeah, that reminds me:

You have voted God for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote this month.

I hope He gets it this time. He gets so little props around here.

[edit on 15-7-2005 by saint4God]

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