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Origins of Illuminati

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posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 04:29 PM
Its going to come to you as quite a shock but...
Tens of thousands of years ago earth was inhabited with what today people call Gods.
God is nothing more but an alien form entirely made of energy. No words can describe this energy because it does not obey laws of our space time continuum. When these cosmic deities came to earth a certain group of people made a sort of pact with them on the following bases. The secret society will make regular human sacrifices and in return they get the power over all other people. Its all in the bible by the way*, why else do you think gods enjoyed human death? Why else Aztecs mass sacrificed thousands and thousands of people? So that potatoes and carrots would grow nice and large and sun would shine?
Why do you think inquisitors did the same along with nazis concentration camps?

These energy deities need sacrifices because sacrifices release energy and they need it to grow, and possible for some form of pleasure Im not too sure about this. Of course mass human sacrifices can be hidden behind wars, plague, other catastrophes WTC
The secret group of people is no other than modern day Illuminati.

Illuminati's own supreme goals are to transform from physical existence into similar energy forms as in so called gods.
So now you know, mind you this is primary school conspiracy and most of you didn't know.

I also realise that i'm about to get alot of heat from christian and jew members but folks you can't carry on like this. There is no big old guy with white beard who loves and protects you all. Wake up.

* One of the greatest examples of God's true nature is reflected in the fact that he not only accepts sacrifices, but he demands them. God has demanded that blood be spilled in order for him to extend his mercy (Leviticus 17:11). Thousands of years ago, God was willing to accept the spilled blood of animals in exchange for his forgiveness, but even the deaths of billions of animals didn't provide enough blood to satiate his hunger. The Bible tells us that humans were to be killed as an offering to this bloodthirsty God (Leviticus 27:29) even though modern believers deny that God accepted human sacrifice, that's exactly what these executions were. What a disgusting image that paints.

More examples concerning blood sacrifices to God in the Bible:

Cain offers the fruit of the ground to God while Able sacrifices the firstborn of his flocks. God respects the blood sacrifice but not the offering of plants. - Genesis 4:2-8

Noah brings seven of each "clean" animal onto the ark and two of each of the "unclean" animals so that he will have plenty of "acceptable" animals to sacrifice to God. The first thing Noah does after getting off the ark is kill some of the animals that he had saved for God. The smell of burning meat softens God's heart and he promises not to flood the earth like that again. - Genesis 7:2-3, 8:19-21

God sends Jephthah's daughter out to him as a sign that he is to kill her and offer her as a human sacrifice. Judges 11:30-39

God goes to great lengths to describe exactly how animals are to be slaughtered, prepared, and roasted so that they will be pleasing to the Lord. - Leviticus Chapters 1 through 10

Anytime innocent men, women or children are killed because of God's anger, it must be considered to have been a human sacrifice. God accepts these "sacrifices" with glee, often killing the innocent along with the guilty. The number of instances where this happens in the Bible are staggering. - Genesis 7:21-23, 19:25, Exodus 11:5, Numbers 11:1, 15:36, 16:22, Deuteronomy 20:16, Joshua 6:21, etc. etc. etc.

Still believe?

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 04:44 PM
gets new underwear
i thiiink im gonna convert to atheism...

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 07:18 PM
You people need to get a real grip on reality. The Aztec Gods were fake, just like all the others. They didn't help at all either. No matter how many hearts the Mexicans ate the Spaniards still conquered them. The Spaniards were't practicing human sacrifice. I guess some would argue they could have been, but you there is no proof. Besides the majority of Spanish soldiers were disgusted by the Mexicans sacrificing of humans.

The Illuminati has Nothing to do with human sacrificing to gods.

posted on Sep, 13 2002 @ 05:14 AM
"The Aztec Gods were fake"

And i suppose sacrafises were fake too?

By the way most Aztecs werent aware of the reason behind sacrifises, only the clan leaders *distantly* knew what is what

[Edited on 13-9-2002 by Tyler]

posted on Sep, 13 2002 @ 08:23 PM
The Mexicans knew that when the papas sacrificed to Huichilobos, their god of war, that he supposedly would tell how to fight a war and the outcome. Yes they did murder innocent people and eat them for this purpose I don't claim that to be fake, what I was saying was their gods were just myths. Like all other gods the only place they exist is in the imagination of men/women. Their supposed gods did not help them (their communications were not true), which was the purpose of killing and eating the innocent as all the people knew. The same is true in China, the people high on the heirarchy claim to be able to speak with the gods when the sacrifice. These are sick, grotesque rituals which didn't really do anything exept kill people and attribute any human sucess to some sort of god.

posted on Sep, 14 2002 @ 01:44 AM
To them their god's were not "myth".The Aztecs,Mayan,Egyptions all believed there gods to as real,as modern day Christians believe god is real.

posted on Sep, 14 2002 @ 01:55 AM
And how real, I mean true reality not mens minds and myths, were all those peoples gods? Well, you don't see them or proof of them do you? Without man to think them up would any of these gods existed? Just because you believe something is real doesn't make it real. Even if they all believed they were real they were still myths.

posted on Sep, 14 2002 @ 04:27 AM

Originally posted by nyeff
To them their god's were not "myth".The Aztecs,Mayan,Egyptions all believed there gods to as real,as modern day Christians believe god is real.

Excellent Mr.Nyeff

By the way, the real Necronomicon is all about these "gods"

posted on Sep, 14 2002 @ 04:04 PM
To the people who believe in god's they are very real.A Mayan king did not cut his genitals to draw blood because they were myth or fake.His whole being went into his belief of his gods.

I think man made religon,it is a powerful mind control weapon.In another 1000 years our current "god" will be myth.

Tyler, thanks.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 12:08 AM
Just because people believe it is real doesn't make it that way, even if they cut their genitals. It doesn't take 1000 years to make something a myth, either it is real or it is fake.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 09:53 AM
To me and you they are fake.Its a matter of opinion.To the people who believe,they are real.They talk to god,worship him,kill for him.And it does not matter what "god" you are talking about.the olden gods,modern god and every god in between.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 12:31 PM
Well, nyeff, I actually exist in the one constant reality. If you have a distorted perception and don't know fake from real that doesn't alter the fact that reality exists. Opinion doesn't make fact, you should know this. Perception is not reality, it is exactly what it is called, a perception of reality. Something can't exist in reality to one person and not in another, but one person can believe something exists while another doesn't. The thing is if it is real you must have proof, and people killing or cutting their genitals is not proof to me. Nowhere in reality has there been a sign (proof) of any god. People on drugs percieve things that don't exist, the perception doesn't make them real. The hallucinations can also be explamed by hyperactivity in the mind due to the drugs they used. That is the reality, even if the people who used the drugs declared their visions as real. What people say has no bearing on reality without proof of why.

[Edited on 15-9-2002 by joebrown]

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:00 PM
Funny thing about god or gods,nobody can prove if the exist.If you say they don't exist and throw out your reasons or proof,sombody else who does believe will throw out their facts and proof.Who's to say who's right and who's wrong,its opinion.And reality is perseption,if someone believes then that is that persons reality.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:15 PM
Reality is not defined by what people think it is. Gravity is a fact and if you don't beleive in it is still there. If a person percieved that gravity didn't exist and jumped off a building they still accelerate to the ground at about 9.81m/s squared. They fall regardless of their perceptions, because reality is reality and they can't change it. No one can throw facts or proofs of a god for none exist. If there were such proofs science would have already found them and it would be taught as fact.

"who's right and who's wrong"

I will say reality and fake base on proof, just as any logical person does.

"And reality is perseption,if someone believes then that is that persons reality."

This is possibly the most gigantic philosophical lie that any so-called philosopher ever perpetrated. Think of the metaphysical assumptions that have to be made for this to work. In essence you are saying there is no reality, which if you believe I am sorry for you.

[Edited on 15-9-2002 by joebrown]

[Edited on 15-9-2002 by joebrown]

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:25 PM
Yes gravity works,and if run into a brick wall you are going to come to sudden stop.But the state of mind can control lots of things if you believe enough.If you step on hot coals your feet are going to get burned,yet some can do it with no ill effect.Tibaten monks can spend the in sub zero weather with nothing more than there cloths on there backs,we would freeze to death.Does that prove god exists,no but does say that if you believe enough it becomes a reality for that person.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:39 PM
joe, the jews lost to the romans...yet the god of the jews is no foul heathen demon, he is the same god as the Christians. and of the Muslims. and Islam preaches more peace than christianity, so to call each other heathen dogs is to be hypocritical. give up already and open your eyes. necro, good choice there. if you chicken out and go agnostic, im just gonna laugh though. lol i guess we're even tyler, as i wanted to do a post like this.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:49 PM
Look Im sorry mate, but u seem to be barking up the wrong bloody tree. What is the difference between any other god and "entities that don't follow our space time continuum". Ur so wrapped up in ur self-righteous bull# u can't see that trhis is no different from any other bullsh*t religion. Wake up punk ass.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 01:55 PM
I have to admit I have never researched twalking on coals, so I can't expain it. As for the monks, the reason this happens is that they lower their body temp. and slow the functions of their body. This means they don't need as much heat to stay alive. It isn't perception it is a real change in their body functions, not through belief, but through control of their own physical conditions.

"yet the god of the jews is no foul heathen demon, he is the same god as the Christians. and of the Muslims"

If he was real he would ne a heathen. That would be allowing your own children to die, what a lovong parent. Islam teaches tolerance to the believers of one god, but if you are pagan or atheist you are screwed. Islam demands that all people bow to their god (which Jews and Christians in their veiw have already done). If you are not of that faith you will either submit or face a humiliating torment as the english translations of the Quran say.

"give up already and open your eyes"
What are you asking me to sacrifice (give up) and my eyes are open. Please elaborate a little more.

posted on Sep, 15 2002 @ 02:26 PM
Its like this.
For your information i don't belive in God as such but Illuminati created every form of religion to control the masses. Call it God, call it Alien call it whatever you want, whatever it is not made of matter like us. And its not all powerfull its simply more superior than us. If you don't belive me i couldn't give a flying monkey f**k. All i was saying the secret cult saw this as an opportunity and offered them sacrifices in return for power over other people.
The End.

posted on Oct, 14 2002 @ 10:47 PM
i read it was created in babylon during old testament times....
by a guy named nimrod who wanted to become like God by creating a giant tower and trying to reach him... then God tore down the tower of babylon causing all the nations to divide and making everyone 'babble'... this is supposedly also the origin of different languages...


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