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Twenty-one killed in Baghdad suicide bombing

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by Souljah

WTF are you trying to Fool?


Africa is The Prison Continent for Decades!

It has been like that since the White Man came and started to Rape the Continent with his Greed and his Superior Weaponary.

Today the Greedy White Man does not Stain his Hands with the Blood of Black Men in Africa - he instead sells them Weapons and then Makes Money out of a Number of Civil Wars that have Struck this Continent for Years!

And now you think that the West is doing their "Mother Theresa" act, by writing away the Debt, that they could not repay Anyway in 100 years?!?!

As I said before - thats such a NOBLE act, that it makes me want to PUKE!

The Hypochrisy of the West is so SICKENING, that I just got a Headache from Thinking about it!

What about all the Civil Wars?

The Poverty?

The Increasing HIV Problems?

You think that will just Go away when the Western Politicians Wave their Magic Wand and say: "Puffff! Now you are Liberated!"

The level of what your wanting in Africa is virtually impossible, so you find it easy to argue on these issues.

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 12:54 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
The "war on terrorism" is a message to terrorists:
No longer will malicious, calculated, and callous acts of terrorism be tolerated.


nice post

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 01:29 PM
evanfitz, I completely understand where you are coming from.
We have to all stop looking at the world in black and white, "you're either against us or not".
We need to be people of truth, even if the truth is against us.
Evanfitz the fact that you have mixed views is a sign that you are thinking, not just following the popular opinion, because conforming is dangerous.

Governments can be unjust, and in America, American's have a right to fight an unjust government.
I am against violence, but more so against injustice, because injustice is the root cause of violence.

Every human being has been opressed at some point, or felt opressed.
Every human being has felt fought or argued at some stage in his life, the reason being that he was fighting or arguing against something that he perceived to be an injustice.

Terrorism is a serious problem, that we must irradicate from the world, but to irradicate it, we must estabilish justice.
Therefore we don't just act on our own selfish interests, where we fight people just to lower the price of oil, or destroy a country we don't like and rebuild it in our own image.

Sept 11th, I must have said it a million times, its a crime against humanity, and a trecherous crime.
In the Arab world you have mixed reactions, some people completely condemn it, other say that America deserved it, and some say that Israel carried out the attacks.

Sometimes you get a mixture of those responses, like "I completely condemn it, but America did so and so therefore what comes around goes around", or "I completely condemn it, no Muslim could have carried out this act, it was a zionist plot".

Education is the answer, because all the dark forces prey on ignorance, they want us to have the quality of "ignorance" so they can control us.
Who are the dark forces?
The extremists are the dark forces, and you find them everywhere.
They carry out their actions purely for their own selfish interests, it doesn't matter to them if they have to commit crimes against humanity.

WTC was a crime against humanity, London bombings were a crime against humanity, the invasion of Iraq where more than 20,000 humans have died was indeed a crime against humanity, the deaths in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine are crimes against humanity...

Right now everyone seems to be shouting, not listening.
I will be happy to listen to anyone, with any view he has, I will still respect him, even if I disagree.
Evanfitz, as a Muslim I would like to hear from you what your bible tells you, in the meantime I would like you to read this article:

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 01:43 PM
Colin-Hal, thank you for your post. It really made my day.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 08:01 AM

Originally posted by Seekerof
The "war on terrorism" is a message to terrorists:
No longer will malicious, calculated, and callous acts of terrorism be tolerated.

You have to Ask yourself WHO the REAL Terrorists Are.

And then talk about the Message to them...

Since the start of this War on Terror the Malicious, Calculated and Callous Acts have INCREASED!

Wow - how really effective..

[edit on 11/7/05 by Souljah]

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