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(STBSS) The theory

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 04:07 AM
William Sharp was a young man, not in his own opinion but his friends always called him "young" because of his candy face and his big blue eyes.

William lived in New York, Manhattan. He loved the city, he loved to wake up late when the buses and taxis drove on the streets. He loved to go out on the balcony and watch at the sunset. He loved to walk on the streets and buy hot-dogs from stands. He loved the city...

William lived with his brother and his dad. The mother in the family had died a long time ago in "cancer", or had the dad explained the sudden disapperarence of the mother. "How can you just disappear in cancer, dad, if you die in cancer youre body stay here so you can berry it... it doesn't just disappear", "It's a long story son, I'll tell you when you're older". He knew it was a lie, if the his mum would have died in cancer she would have stayed here, she wouldn't have flown away to meet angel Gabriel, even thoug she like Gabriel a lot... one Christmas she even... Oh wait, this isn't a part of this story, so were wore we? Oh yes his mum didn't die in cancer. But she was dead, he still knew it. Or rather felt it somehow. he had even tried to "google" her, if she had dumped the father and disapperaed with some handsome man to China. But no answear, the only answear that google had given him was, "Did you mean Britneys Spears", his mums name was Britney, what a beautiful name. The longer he slept, breathed, existed. The more eager he became to know the secret about his mother. He'd even start to work for the police just to get access to some restricted files. he really thought that he was in a dead end when one day the "theory" about the mother jumped straight infront of him. As said, he worked as a police. he worked for NYPD and one day he got a job. he was supposed to help an other police car to "escort" a thief to prison. on the way to the jail he wondered why they were using to cars to escort a siple "low-lifer" to jail. It was just stupid. After 20 miles long, long away from Manhattan 4 black cars suddenly drove infront of them and blocked the way. Eight men jumped out and suddenly started to shoot against the police cars.

What the... was the first tought that came into his mind. He wasn't a good shooter, but the had gone the compulsory shooting course. His hand was shaking, he couldn't shoot anybody he just couldn't... An then he felst a pain in his cheast and he fell down.

He suddnely woke up, he didn't know were he was but he defenetly sensed that he was beneath the ground. he tried to rise and then he saw her, his mother was infront of him. "How could this be he tought, he's mother was dead" Before he knew it, Evanescence "my Immortal" played in the backround. Am I in heaven he tought, and then suddenly it stopped. The music, is mother was still there. Hello "young", long time no seeing, his mother said to him. but she wasn't happy she was angry. You propably woder why you se me like this, don't you" "Well, I would have expected something differnet for sure" "Stop playing smart, young" "What, I don't get it, young answeared" "Soon there will be a chaos, that nobody will expect, the mum continued" "What has happend to you... young said with a strange voice" "You maybe don't know it, but i worked for the CIA long ago, I was a special agent, my work was to find out different threats against the country, but they didn't believe me, and then the bomb exploded in the WTC" "What are you talking about mum, young continued" "I will make them pay, you'll se, during these years I have been working hard for this. And if I'll manage to pull this thing out, the leaders in CIA will get sacked and then I will be happy" "Why are you telling this to me mum, why?" "Go and tell it to them, say that it's a present for me,a present taht they will get 9/11" "What are you saying mum" "Go, my son now or I will kill you" Young ran, and somehow he foud his way out. There was a car, a black one. he took it and drove to the city,(he kney the way, apparently they had been in a hangar in a small airfield" He asked to get to see an officer in CIA, it took a long time, but in the end he told them about the threat. "Go out from my room, you're mother hasn't even worked here, ever" Young decided not to tell to anybody about the mother. But when the date 9/11 came, he knew that he had done the wrong decision, and you all know why...

That was my "short story", hopefully you enjoied it... (under conspiracy theory or terror"

[edit on 10-7-2005 by Figher Master FIN]

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