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(STBSS)) Alex Fleet: First Summer

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posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 05:56 PM
-Act one: Awakening.

"Cid look he is waking up."
"Good, Good Sheila do you think he will be able to talk?"

I'm hearing these voices echoing in my head. I don't recognize them. Man, I feel sore.
I open my eyes and a beautiful mature woman is looking down on me.
"Can you hear me?" She said. I try to talk but it feels so hard to do it. I stress my throat and force out a yes.
"HAH HA!" a man yells drawing my attention away from the woman, "looks like the boy is going to be alright!" I see this excited older man. He looks like he was in his forties he has white hair and he was in really good shape.
In a quiet voice I ask, "Who are you guys, whats going on?" The blond beauty wraps a blood pressure cuff around my arm and introduces herself. "I'm Sheila and this is my husband Cid." Cid cuts her off and starts to explain things to me. "We found you washed up on the river. You're lucky my wife is a doctor or you probably would of never survived. You had a nasty head wound."
I reach up and touch my head and I feel a big bump on the left side of my head.
Sheila starts shining a little flash light in my eye "So, can you tell us who you are hun?" she asks.
"I...I can't..remember.." I slowly stutter out.
I can't remember anything... who am I? What do I look like? I can't believe it I can't even remember my name.
"I was worried that this would happen," Sheila said with a sad look on her face, "it looks like your head injury has caused you to suffer from retrograde amnesia."
"Retrograde amnesia?" Cid asks, "I know what amnesia is..."
Sheila knows what Cid is asking and explains, "Retrograde amnesia is where someone will be unable to recall events that occurred before the trauma that caused the amnesia."
Feeling thankful to my hosts I decide to speak up "I guess I'm in your dept Sheila you saved my life. Do you think I will remember who I am ever again?"
"I don't know," Sheila answered,"only time will tell. For now you are going to have to stay in bed and rest."
I was just about to ask more questions, but before I could open my mouth a little boy runs into the room.
"Mom, I got the sour cream from Aunt June like you told me to."
"Okay honey, please put it in the fridge for me."
The boy runs out of the room as quick as he came. "That's your son?" I asked, "But you two are white and he is..."
"Black, yes." Cid jumps in to explain,"Mark is an orphan. Sheila and I can't have children so we adopted him."
"You better get your rest now," Sheila says as she puts her hand on Cid's shoulder, "I'll be coming in every so often to check your blood pressure and hart rate."

Cid and Sheila leave the room and I finally get a chance to look around. I'm on a firm bed, with a beat up looking night stand next to it. It looks like this is a bed room that has been turned into a make shift medical room. Hand made shelves are attached to the walls with medical supplies on them. I can hear a river over my shoulder where a window is. That must be the river Cid and Shield found me in. Defying Sheila's orders to rest I decide to take a look out the window.
"Whoa!" What I seen outside made me have an outburst. This house is in the trees!
I can see six other tree houses also, there is probably more on the other side of the house. The river is fairly close about 30 feet away,and it looks like there are hydro turbines spinning in the river. They sky is kind of hazy but I think it is morning. I wonder how I could of possibly survived those waters. Thank God for Cid and Sheila.
I turn and see a mirror on the wall. I look into and see a face I don't know. I have short blond hair and it looks like I haven't shaved an about a week. I must be about 6 feet tall. I'm slim with some muscle tone. Who am I? Who is this face in the mirror?

"Hello." I turn my head to see Mark, the little boy, standing in the door way, "What's your name?"
"I don't know. I can't remember who I am."
"Okay, but what I'm I supposed to call you?"
"I dunno."
"I want to call you Alex!"
I let out a laugh in response to his naming me.
"Sure kid call me Alex."
Having Mark to talk to felt good. I could tell he was a good kid. Since I can't remember anything I decide to ask him some questions.
"Mark, why do we live up in the trees?"
"Dad says the river gets real big so we live up here to stay safe."
How odd I wondered. Why not just live away from the river?
"Is it fun to live in the trees?"
"I guess."
"How old are you Mark?"
"I'm eight"
"Mark I can't remember some things.Do you think I can ask you some stuff?"
"Where do we live?"
Mark reaches his arm up in the air and says "America!"
"Heh, okay well America is a big place. What state are we in, what is the name of this city."
"We live in Gardner, Florida. But its not a city there is no such things as citys."
"No citys?"
"Nope, they all exploded."
Exploded? Thinking this might be too much to talk to an eight year old about, I decide to change the subject.
"Can you tell me what todays date is Mark?"
"Yeah, it's the first day of July. It's going to be the 4th of July soon!"
"And What is the year?"
Just then Cid walks in "Mark!" he yells,"leave him alone he needs his rest."
"Sorry Dad." Mark looks down at the floor, "Can I talk to Alex later?"
"Alex, huh?" Cid looks up at me with a raised eyebrow.
"Yeah Dad, thats what I named him."
"Sure Mark you can see Alex at dinner time. Get your hat on, lets take our bikes to get some pineapple." Cid looks at me again and points, "Alex you better get back into bed and rest. We will come and get you when dinner is ready."
I climbed back into bed and laid down,before long I fell asleep.

-Act 2: New World.

I open my eyes and Sheila Is there. "Lets go eat. I bet you are starving."
I get out of bed and Sheila takes me into the dinning room. The dinning room is connected to the kitchen. In the kitchen I see a telephone, refrigerator and a wood burning stove. Next to the stove is a sink. Cid is busy at the stove frying up some fish.
"You guys sit down and start with the ambrosia." Cid looks really happy while he is cooking, he must really like it.
Sheila, Mark and I sit down at the dinner table. Four bowls with a fruit mix sit in front of us.
"What did you call this Cid?"
"It's ambrosia. It has oranges, pineapple, coconut, and sour cream."
"It looks great thanks."
"It's not bad, but I miss putting marshmallows in it."
"Oh? Is it supposed to have marshmallows too?"
"I haven't had a marshmallow in years. Food isn't mass produced like it was years ago, all our food is produced right here in the community."
"Well, this is delicious with or without marshmallows I'm sure."
The three of us finish our ambrosia and Cid places the fish on the table and sits with us.
"So you caught this fish your self then Cid?"
"No I bought it fresh from the market. Fish is a rare delicacy you know."
"Oh really?"
"Since Russia dropped the bomb on the cities much of the water has been affected by the radiation."
"Oh my... what do you do for drinking water."
"The community distills the water and then it is up to us to boil it so it is safe to drink. So don't drink from the sink. It is okay for washing but its not good to drink."
"Okay, thanks for the warning"
"Why were the Russians bombing us?"
"They weren't bombing us. They bombed our enemies in the citys"
Cid's story was cut short by someone shouting out side.

"That sounds like John!" Sheila exclaims.
We all get up and walk out to the house's entrance. It is a deck faced away from the river with a ladder going down to the ground. On the left side of the ladder is a wheel and pulley system.
"John, your back already?" Cid asked.
"Yes the mission was a success. I got what we needed."
"Thats good news buddy."
"I'm on my way to visit my parents house I just wanted to say hi."
"Okay John, say hi to your Mom and Dad for us."
"I will see you guys at the bonfire on the 4th."
We all go back to the dinner table and Cid tells me that John works with the military and is stationed out in Tampa. John's parents are highly respected members of the community.
After dinner we sat at the table for a short while. Cid and Sheila explain to me that as I am not from this community I will have to meet with the Council leader, Warrick Dunn. Warrick I'm told is an old hard ass war veteran. Cid says Warrick was one of the few soldiers who came home after the draft was reinstated. Warrick leads this community of 2500 people. It will be up to him if I can stay here.

Act 3: Warrick

It's July the 3rd today. Cid is taken me to see Warrick. Using pedal bikes it's taking us abut 20 minutes to get to Warrick's house. His house is far enough off the river so it was not built in the trees. In front of the house there was a parked car. Cid tells me that biking is the main way of getting around the community. Cars are mainly used for longer distances. Out from the front door comes this girl she looked tough but sexy. She had dark skin and long dark hair that was tied up in a pony tail. I absolutely had to talk to her. "Cid," I whisper, " who is that girl?"
"That's Warrick's daughter, Asha."
I jab my elbow into Cid's ribs. "Introduce me."
Cid chuckles out an okay and we walk up to Asha.
"Hi Asha."
"Hi Cid." She says with a smile.
"Asha this is my friend Alex."
"Hi Alex."
I reach out and we shake hands."Hello"
"You guys better go inside my Dad is waiting for you."
We head inside and Cid introduces me to Warrick.
Immediately Warrick addresses me "Alex I know of your situation. You may stay with us but first I must tell you about your responsibilitys to this community. Firstly you must work a job and also you are required to provide a period of time for community service."
Cid steps in and says "You can work for me on the hydro turbines."
"Alex, our laws are strict. Punishment for breaking laws take place in the public. I'm sure you will have no problems but you must understand the way of our people. We are a community of 2500 we must all do our part. We conserve water and electricity. Most of our energy comes from Tampa via Solar Cells. Locally we also depend on hydro
power. Distilling water for everyone is a hard process. Our resources are not that great and everyone must be responsible in using them. Do you have any questions?"
"No I don't. Thank you Warrick for letting me be apart of this community. I will do my best."
"I'm sure you will.Good luck. You will both have to leave now I have another appointment. I will see you both at the bonfire tomorrow."
On our way home Cid tells me how valuable clean water is. Before distillerys were built, clean water sources had to be guarded by gunmen. Clean drinking water is a privilege that many people still don't have.

Act 4: Fourth of July, 2036.

Today there is a big celebration at the center of the community.Cid, Sheila, Mark and I decide to walk since there isn't enough bikes for all of us. After 20 minutes we arrived. What a party! There was this huge bonfire. People were dancing around to live music. Booths have been set up that had fresh fruit and drinks. Everyone was having a great time.
Sheila pokes Cid, "Look hun, there's John. Lets go introduce Alex." We walk over to John who was in line at a food booth.
"John, Hi."
"Hi guys. This is great, huh?"
"Yes this is the best 4th of July ever. John let me introduce you to our friend Alex."
John reaches over to shake my hand. His hands were rough and he had a strong grip. He had dark hair but it was shaved short and built like you would expect a military man would.
"Heya Alex. Pleased to meet you"
"I'm pleased to meet you too. Cid tells me you are in the military."
"Yes I'm on leave right now. I have to go back to Tampa on Monday."
I look over John's shoulder and a few booths down I can see Asha.
"It's nice meeting you John but I got to go." With a big grin on my face I pat John's shoulder and walk over to Asha. Behind me I can hear Cid laughing about my exit.
Asha is in line at a different booth. She had her hair down and she was wearing a flowery summer dress. I can feel my heart pounding, she looks amazing.
"Asha!" I called out to her.
"Oh hi Alex" her smile is incredible.
"Asha, you look great, I love your dress."
"It's the first time I've worn it. It was my Moms actually. She...uh..we lost her in the war."
"I'm sorry." Thats terrible, I didn't want to make her sad.
"My father told me all about you."
"He did?"
"So, you can't remember who you are at all?"
"I don't remember a thing."
"Oh my God that must be so hard."
"I'm coping with it. I'm lucky to have some good people helping me."
From behind me I feel big hands grab my shoulder. "HEY! What are you doing talking to Asha?"
I turn around to see this mammoth of a man.
"Eric! Get out of here!" Asha yells.
Without another word the big guy punches me in the gut and I fall. Everyone turns and stairs at us. Asha starts freaking out, "Eric what the hell do you think you're doing!"
"Nobody talks to my girl!"
"I'm not your girl you maniac!"
I get back up on my feet and brush the dirt off my clothes. "Hey man whats your problem?"
"You!" he yells as he throws another punch. I quickly duck and his fist passes by my head causing him to lose his balance. Taking the opportunity I give him a little push in the ribs causing him to stumble and almost fall.
"What!?! Your going to pay for that!"
Maybe I shouldn't of pushed him. I guess I'm stuck in this fight now. He charges at me throwing punch after punch. Amazingly I dodge each one. I can't believe how fast I am.
Becoming over confident with my speed I become sloppy and the goon clobbers me in the side of my head sending me to the ground once again. Eric stands over me laughing but his mirth doesn't last long. I look over to my right to see John charging at him and he knocks Eric to the floor.
"Thats enough you psycho." John keeps him down with a submission hold until the authority arrives and take him away.

Cid, Sheila, and Mark run over to see If I'm okay.
Mark runs right up and yells at me "Wow, that was awesome!"
"You were pretty quick dodging those fists. That was incredible." Cid complements.
"Heh, I wasn't that fast" I reply as I hold the side of my head.
John explains to the authoritys everything that happened then he walks up to talk to me.
"Your pretty quick Alex.I've never seen anyone move like that. I wonder If you used to serve in the military."
"It's a possibility I guess."
"I think on Monday you should come to Tampa with me, maybe we can find out who you are."
"Really? that would be great!"
Asha runs up and gives me a hug, "I'm sorry Alex. Something is mentally wrong with that idiot. We used to date almost a year ago."
"Hey, it's not your fault."
"Listen, I heard what John said. Will you call me while your in Tampa."

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 07:47 AM
That was really fun to read and definitely makes you hunger for the rest of the story!!!!
I happen to be qualified to teach English so if ever you want a more detailed response you're more than welcome! A kind of free proof reading!!

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 09:45 AM
Thanks for the comment
I do intend to write a follow up to this story.
Also, thanks for the proof reading offer. This was my first time writing since High School. I hope I didn't make to many mistakes

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 11:15 AM
Really good short story, hope to read the rest.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 11:22 AM
First time since high school?! I take it that you are implying that was a while ago!

As for the proof, if you had made that many mistakes I might not have offered!!!

How would I send you the revised text, without posting here?

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 11:33 AM
Thanks niato007

Kupios, yes about 10 years now
You can send me an email if you like. I have a link below my signature.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 05:31 PM
hey love your story but it is short as the others say

You would really make a good chance for the ATS writing story


posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 08:38 PM
Thanks yavis.

This was my first short story on ATS and I plan to do a follow up. Maybe I will do a bunch of storys and make it like a serial. In the end It should read like one big story

Right now I'm working on the plot for the next one. While working on Alex Fleet: First Summer I felt like I spent too much time on the setting and not nearly enough time on the plot itself. For the next 'episode' I want to really produce a good plot.

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 11:12 PM
yours was the first story I have read here. I enjoyed it. I found myself anticipating just like a regular novel. I look forward to reading more.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 10:08 AM
Good work Umbrax! Looks like Cid and Sheila found Neo
BTW, are you an Atlanta Falcons fan? If you are, you'll know what I mean

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 11:53 AM
Great story, the people in the story remind me alot of Final Fantasy.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 07:38 PM
I love the futuristic stuff, probably why I enjoyed this so much. Your story was well written, dialogue between characters was excellent. You tell a good story and left me wanting more. I have questions that need what's his real name? where is from? what's gonna happen next? great job

posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 03:19 PM
Wow, thanks for the feed back guys

I've been offline since August 2nd. I just got my new computer today so this is the first time I've gotten to see this thread in about 6 weeks.

I'm not a football fan at all actually. But yes it is supposed to be that Warrick Dunn. I thought it was a cool name and since he was from Florida State University, I thought it would be cool to make him the Council leader.

I totally took the name Cid from Final Fantasy. I've been a FF fan since FF3 (or 6). The main characters in FF usually have no clue in what is going on, much like Alex. There are a few FF elements in my story.

I wish I got back to ATS sooner I think I could of fit the next story to fit the new Fragile Earth related Short story contest.

No one has mentioned this yet, and I'm surprised no one has noticed that this story takes place in the 'Titor future'. If you re-read the short story you can see clues everywhere.

posted on Oct, 7 2005 @ 04:07 PM
If you liked this story you can now see the next Chapter of Alex Fleet.

Alex Fleet: Sciaphobia.

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