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(STBSS) Catacombs

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posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 03:42 PM
Well this is my entry I hope it does well.

Claude descended through the narrow shaft into the catacombs. It was summer now and the summer heat made the spelunking increasingly uncomfortable. He had found the passage several months ago while repairing a water main. Ever since he had been returning to the secret crypt and raiding its treasures to sell on the black market. He hit the rock floor with a thud and flicked on the flashlight. The illuminated stone corridor seemed to go on forever. A moment later Guy hit the floor. Guy was the property’s owner. Claude suspected that he owed some debts and needed the money from this illegal endeavor to pay them off. But Claude wouldn’t let all these the riches go to Guy. Claude had blackmailed him with the knowledge of the crypt. Guy had unconditionally complied. What other choice did he have?

They walked through the narrow corridor. The humidity became increasingly uncomfortable as they continued. Their flashlights casted eerie shadows along the walls. Then they came to a fork in the path and saw a huge two meter high skull carved into the stone where the paths diverged. Thirteen smaller skulls were carved into its brow. On each of those skulls the words ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ were carved into it. Claude wished he paid more attention in Latin class so he could understand the meaning, but it wasn’t relevant to their operation.

“I think we should take a look at the west corridor tonight. We haven’t been over there yet.” Guy said.


As they started walking Claude started to feel uneasy. It was like someone was staring at him. But that was impossible he and Guy were the only thing alive here and Guy was in front of him. After a while the path turned intersected into another avenue. Then they found what they were looking for. A small hole in the brick.

“Do you have the hammer?” Claude said.

“Yeah, voila. Here it is.”

Claude took the hammer and started pounding the brick. In no time the rock crumbled and revealed an awesome chamber. There were precious jewels stacked along the walls, columns of gold coins and detailed relief’s carved into the walls. He kicked out a few more bricks and squeezed through the opening. Guy followed, smiling uncontrollably at all of the riches. They immediately started stuffing their bags full of gold coins, jade jewelry and diamonds. Claude saw a particular artifact that struck his fancy. A solid gold staff encrusted with rubies. He walked over to it and clasped it. He tried to pull it out but it was wedged between two stone tiles.

“Give me a hand with this, Guy.”

Together Guy and Claude tried to release it from the stones grasp. Their hands were too sweaty and they kept slipping off. Guy took off his shirt and wrapped it around the staff. Then with renewed vigor they pulled back as hard as they could. The staff broke loose and the floor collapsed beneath them. Rocks fell all around them. Then Claude suddenly hit the floor with excruciating pain. Large rocks continued to bombard his limp body. Then nothing.

He didn’t know how long he had been out for or how he arrived here. Claude was in a large room with a hole in the ceiling. He sort of remembered falling through. He looked around the room trying to regain his senses but he cringed when we tried to move. He figured he must have fallen some how.

“Don’t move, Young one you had quite a fall.”

Claude moved suddenly around surprised by the voice, then he immediately regretted it as the pain shot through him. He saw several hooded figures in red robes. Their faces were under the shadow of their hoods. Behind them was an alter beneath a mural of a cow being slashed in the throat. There were two tables next to each side of the alter. The one on the left had a skeleton in it. But it wasn’t an old skeleton this one looked like some one had picked the bones clean of the muscle.Oh my god, Guy!

“Who are you people?” Claude stuttered.

“None of you business.” the hooded leader said menacingly.

Claude tried to get up and run but the robed figures grabbed him and violently pushed him on the table. The table had a pentagram engraved in it. Then the robed figures shackled him to the table muttering something in Latin. They then unceremoniously ripped off his clothes. The leader of the group took a needle and shoved it in Claude’s arm. Then Claude saw the leader suck out his blood and spit it back into a goblet and gave it to another robed figure while murmuring something in Latin. He did this eleven more times. The group then took out forks and while speaking Latin jabbed out his flesh and at it. One had a bite of his calf, another his thigh, one ripped off his testicles, another ripped open his belly and ate an organ. Claude felt delirious from pain. He watched them as they ate him alive. Then when they ate his eyes he could still feel the forks rip through him and hear them chewing on his flesh. Then he died. He would never know the whole truth about this secret illuminati society.

The End

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 06:09 PM
Well, now that i'll never go spelunking again, I guess i'll just have to settle for reading scary stories on ATS. It's a good submission Vege, I wish you luck in the eyes of the judges.


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 03:22 PM
Thanks Wupy although I thnk It could have been better but I edited it for size

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